Instant Gifts When You Can't Be There In Person

Make Their Day Special With Creative Instant Gifts

There are countless reasons why you might need a digital gift or an instant gift card ordered online. From celebrating a birthday long distance, to forgetting an important date, or a surprise snap lockdown! While Gifts Australia offers fast delivery, sometimes you don’t even have a day to spare! If you need a virtual gift or want to surprise someone special with a present that doesn’t look like you just grabbed something last minute, you’ll love our fantastic range of digital gift cards that can be ordered online for instant delivery so they can choose their own present.


Fun Online Gift Cards For A Birthday

Send them on a virtual shopping spree with an instant online birthday gift voucher. Let them choose their own present, or even send them links to a few of your favourite ideas as recommendations. With a range of different value gift cards, you can find something to suit your budget, and the birthday boy or girl can shop online to pick a gift they really want.


Our gift vouchers all arrive as digital gifts sent to an email address, so they are perfect for last minute gifts for someone far away. If you can’t be there in person, sending your love with a gift card so they can choose the perfect present is a sweet way to celebrate their birthday. For something even more impressive, get a bunch of friends or family members to all chip in and get a high value gift card so they can buy a gift hamper or a whole range of fun things they really need. Instant gifts sent via email will be a nice surprise even if you live far away.


What Do You Get A Distant Friend Last Minute?

Gifts for distant friends are so important. Whether it’s your old school friends, your BFF who has moved away, or for a long distance relationship, sending a gift is a wonderful way to remain close. When you don’t get to spend time face to face, it’s easy to let the distance separate you. If you can’t be there in person to celebrate good news or to mark a special occasion, an instant gift card delivery is a simple way to say you’re thinking of them.


A gift voucher is a thoughtful gesture if you know there is something in particular they need but you’d like them to choose it themselves. For something a little different, long distance friendship gifts can be chosen to suit their personality. We have lots of great gifts under $50 so you know they'll be able to find something they will love at various price points when you send a special digital gift card.  


Instant Gift Voucher


Instant Gifts For An Anniversary Last Minute

Good instant anniversary gifts still need to look like you spent time choosing something just for them. While a monetary gift voucher is completely fine for an instant online birthday gift, the bar is a little higher when it comes to choosing a present for your partner on your anniversary.


Pampering gifts or romantic hampers are winning gifts you can order online with a gift card. You could have the voucher sent to your husband or wife’s email address, but it’s a nice touch to print out the voucher and give it to them in a card. If you’ve left it too late to even get an anniversary card, all is not lost! Make a special breakfast in bed and present them with a handwritten message inviting them to join you on a romantic picnic at a location of their choosing and present them with a range of gift ideas to pick from.


Creative Long Distance Relationship Activities

Experience gifts make wonderful long distance relationship gift ideas. When you miss your boyfriend or girlfriend, sending a gift for their birthday or your anniversary while you’re apart can be bittersweet. Even though you want to send an amazing gift, not being there in person can make the day difficult. Rather than sending a physical gift, it’s a fun idea to plan something that will make it possible for you to be together even while distance keeps you apart.


While regular online chats and phone calls are wonderful, shared experiences give you so much more to talk about. It’s easy to keep the romance alive with creative activities you can share even while apart. Planning something you can do together just requires a little creativity. Arranging something extra special for your long-distance love is actually quite easy if you’re prepared to think outside the box. There are so many great gifts you can choose to share remotely with your long-distance partner. 




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