What Gorgeous Baby Gifts are Available from Gifts Australia?

Author: Nicole Adler   Date Posted:12 April 2016 

Are you looking for a special way to congratulate the new parents? Do you want to welcome the newest addition to the family? Shopping for baby gifts need not be a complicated task especially if you go to Gifts Australia. Here, you can find presents for babies at friendly prices.
Baby Gifts Shopping Tips

Surely, when you go shopping for baby presents, you will be confused with a lot of choices. If at first you know what to buy, and then everything becomes puzzling as you select from many gift items available, especially if it’s the first time that you are getting a baby present.
Consider this: when choosing the right gift for a baby, you don’t just pick an item for the little one. You also have to consider the parents because sometimes, the best gifts for a baby are those items that will make the lives of the parents easier. You think the task becomes harder now. No, it shouldn’t be. To help you out with your shopping, here are some tips to consider:
1.    Check if there’s a gift registry. If you’re attending a christening or first birthday celebration, chances are there’s a gift registry, which will definitely make everything easier. However, just because there’s a registry does not necessarily mean that you have to buy the exact items listed there. Instead, you can use the registry to give you an idea of what the parents want to receive for their baby.

2.    Consider the baby’s age and gender. You can narrow down your choices if you know how many days or months old that baby is and whether you’re giving the present to a boy or a girl. You sure wouldn’t buy something that can no longer be used just because you bought an item smaller than the baby’s size. Worse, you wouldn’t want to get a cute little dress for a baby boy. Make sure you check the baby’s age and gender before buying.

3.    Know the parents. If the parents are sports fans, then you can purchase something related to the sports that they love. If they’re into music, then you can buy classical albums for babies or onesies and shirts with the logo of their favourite band.

4.    Think about practicality. Babies grow fast so you don’t need to buy something very expensive that the baby will eventually outgrow after a couple of months. There are high quality items that you can give as baby gifts without requiring big money.

5.    Safe toys for the little one. The last thing that you want to do is to buy a gift that can put the baby in danger. If you’re buying bottles and zippy cups, check if they are BPA-free, which means they are not made from harmful plastic.

6.    Personalised gifts are a great option. You can get a blanket, pillow, bathrobe, or any baby cloth and have it woven with the baby’s name or initials to set it apart from the rest of the blankets that will be given to the newborn.

7.    Pick something unique. Pick something entirely different or out of the ordinary if you want to give baby gifts that will stand out from the rest.

8.    Ask the parents. Although you really want the contents of your gift box to come as a surprise, and although it sounds a little outrageous having to ask, if you really can’t decide what to get for the baby, then ask her parents what they want to help you select a gift item for the baby.

Gorgeous Baby Gifts at Gifts Australia
Don’t look farther when shopping for baby gifts. Check out Gifts Australia online specialty store and pick any of these exquisite and charming gift ideas:
1.    New baby hampers.
Hampers from Gifts Australia are lovely and colourful. They contain various high quality baby items that parents will definitely love. The hampers for boys come in blue, red, or black and white themes and filled with various baby boy items like growsuit, mittens, knitted cap, and a cuddly stuffed animal. Meanwhile, the hampers for girls have pink, yellow, or purple themes with cute cardigans, blanket, singlet, and soft snugly teddy. Plus, there are items for new parents like wine, books, or cookies, which add to the allure of these baby gifts items.
2.    Sofie La Girafe ‘My First Hours’ Gift Set. This is a perfect welcome gift for a newborn, containing everything that the baby needs to make her feel comfortable during the first few hours after she was born. From Sofie the giraffe collection, it contains the adorable Sofie the giraffe toy, slippers, blanket, comforter, and bib.
3.    Baby Therapy Nourishing Gift Set. The gift set contains natural baby products that are perfect baby gifts for the new baby and her parents. For new parents, getting enough sleep for them and the baby is a luxury. With this nourishing gift set, the smell of pure lavender essential oils will definitely soothe and calm the baby, lulling her to sleep, thanks to the sweet and relaxing aromas of the therapy baby diffusion set.
4.    Bambino Linen Baby Album. A photograph can mean a thousand words and parents definitely want to keep pictures of a baby’s first few months and years. This album is so special because of its detailed covering page and with pram, teddy, and rocking horse icons on the from cover. It’s a sweet and lovely present for the newborn and her parents.
5.    Marquise Knitted Grey Baby Cardigan. There can never be too many cardigan for a baby. This knitted cardigan is perfect to keep the baby warm on a cold day. It is made of 100% cotton and because it’s Marquise, it’s one of those baby gifts that definitely be treasured for years to come.

Shop with Style at Gifts Australia
As one of the leading online gift specialty stores in the country, Gifts Australia is the place to go when shopping for baby gifts. It is one of Australia’s largest online stores specialising in gifts for all ages and occasion. Because we have been around for over 15 years, we have gained a lot of experience when it comes to gifts and gift shopping. There is a great range of high quality items at low prices, giving more than enough options even to the most demanding customer.
If you’re looking for baby gifts, there are definitely a lot of choices from baby hampers to blankets, books, albums, and photo frames. Check out our latest selection, featuring colourful, adorable, and charming baby items and products. All are made of high quality materials that are safe and enjoyable for the babies and their parents. Browse the latest collection to find the baby gift that fits your choice and preference.
Gifts Australia offers free delivery of items worth more than $99. The gifts are wrapped in a beautiful package and come with a free gift card. Whether you are looking for practical, unique, fun, or adorable gift to babies, you are assured that you can find what you need at Gifts Australia.


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