Your Bougie Gifts On A Budget Guide

A Taste Of High-End Luxury For $50 & Under


There’s always that special someone in our lives who loves the finer things, from gourmet dinners to the best hotels. You might think it’s impossible to find a unique gift that doesn't come complete with an unaffordable price tag. The thing to remember is that upwardly mobile high-end tastes aren’t really about money. They’re simply searching for unforgettable stuff beyond the ordinary.


Most people have an obsession or hobby, so invest in their favourite pastimes. Give them a little taste of luxury or innovation and elevate their leisure experience. Whether it’s high-tech gadgets or pampering goodies, there’s a whole bevvy of indulgent bougie gifts on a budget to delight them.  


We’ve rounded up some exciting options for interesting gifts that really won't break the bank. From awesome accessories that look expensive to delicious drinks with a twist, this list has affordable, budget-friendly gifts for everyone. They’ll definitely be ripping off the wrapping paper with childish glee!


Top Shelf Gifts For Bougie Friends


If you're gifting bougie besties, any new gadget, gizmo or accessory will serve you well. It’s about finding a unique little something that will fire their imagination. Pick posh top-shelf accessories, like a Smartphone Lazy Arm, to add to their collection. Tickle their high-class tastebuds with the finest sweet nibbles in a Maggie Beer gift pack. You’ll find everything from a Chocolate Fondue Mug to the Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel list and Darth Vader cufflinks!


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Gift ideas for your bougie friend are easy if they like relaxed entertaining at home too. While alcohol is always lovely to receive, take it up a level with ingenious ideas. Treat them to an innovative Shot Glass Serving Paddle, Timber Whiskey Barrel or an impressive Air Wine Chiller and Aerator. If they like to share their luxury tastes around, a superb Typsy Tower Drinking or Shotglass Basketball Game will make for some unforgettably entertaining evenings.


Chic & Classy Bougie Gifts For Him


Make any bougie man feel like a million dollars with a one-of-a-kind gift they can proudly put on display. Look for something classic and practical that will also stand the test of time. There’s a whole host of cool coffee table books and intriguing retro table games to explore. Choose an accessory to suit any pastime and personality, like a luxe BBQ Smoker, a Cloud Weather Station or a classy set of Whisky Glasses for entertaining friends. 


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For jet-setting men who love nothing more than travel, quality leather goods can be personalised or monogrammed. They’re the ultimate bougie on a budget gift ideas. Don’t just kit him out with luggage or travel sets; go upmarket with an eye-catching Keychain Charging Cable or leather Photo Keyring. Then upgrade his next travel experience with handy gadgets he’ll adore like a gorgeous iPad iBed, Selfie Golf Stick Clip or Vlogging Tripod.    


Cool & Cultivated Bougie Gifts For Her


Luxurious lifestyles for ladies usually mean pampering and pleasure, but you can choose practical gifts too. Indulge her favourite pastimes with stylish accessories like a glass Teapot With Filter, deluxe Diamond Glasses or a chic Cocktail Shaker set. If she loves tech, kit her out with a Rechargeable Book Light, Mini Bluetooth Speakers or even a set of VR Glasses! Whatever her high-end tastes, there’s something to make her feel extra special. 


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Alternatively, give bougie gifts for her that comfort, satisfy, indulge or create a zen space. They can be self-care ideas, simple pleasures or something that makes her smile with excitement. Spoil her with a soft Lounging Robe, Luxe Cosy Slippers or a beautiful Silk Eyemask. Tempt her taste buds with Australia’s Finest Sparkly or gourmet Fruit Paste from Maggie Beer. They may not be the most expensive bougie gifts, but they’re certainly luxe and inventive. 


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On-trend Gifts For Your Boogie Boss 


Buying a suitable gift for your bougie boss comes down to tact and diplomacy. It’s ideal if you can reference something unique about them, but it’s fine to celebrate their hobbies outside work. High-flyer gift ideas just need to be functional, funny or stylish. Think of interesting accessories like an Outdoor Survival Kit, Selfie Golf Stick Clip or a book about Australian Walks In Nature. Whatever their favourite pastime, they’ll love showing them off to their friends.


The best gifts on a budget for bosses are heartfelt without crossing that invisible line or looking cheap. If you don’t know them well outside the office, choose a stylishly unique item they can use daily at work. A Marble Tablet Stand, Perpetual Calendar Cubes or Climate Clock is sure to take pride of place on their desk. Or how about a Desktop Newton’s Cradle to really impress them and add a high-style touch of bougie boss class?


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From Bargain To Bougie At Gifts Australia


Take a leisurely tour of Gifts Australia whenever you need some bougie gifts on a budget inspiration for any special occasion. We’re sure you'll find some unexpected and totally cool top-shelf gifts for all your high-flying friends and family. There’s everything from classic elegance and pampering treats to quirky bespoke items and personalised presents. 


From wallets to jewellery and everyday items made classy, there’s a huge collection of high-end picks, whatever your budget. We even did all the hard work and shopped around for you. You’ll find stylish selections of irresistible gift ideas under $50 just waiting for you. Pamper your bougie boss and loved ones with exactly what they want - or even treat yourself. They’ll definitely make a big impact on a small budget!




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