Weird Gifts You Didn't Know You Needed

Weird Gifts To Buy For Weirdo Friends

We think life gets a whole lot more interesting once things get a bit unusual. That goes for gifts too! Take away the hassle of finding that perfect present by giving your crazy friends something just as adorably weird as them. It’s true flattery.


These wonderful people are usually so particular or unique that getting them a normal gift just doesn’t seem right. You want your weird gifts to be extra wacky, a little bit ‘off the wall’, and yes, totally quirky. Turning to weird and unusual gifts will get an immediate reaction when they’re opened. They’re just so much fun to give and receive.


Unusual and unconventional gifts come in all sizes and shapes, but they’re all guaranteed the element of surprise. Quirky weird gifts are also bound to cause laughter and become the focal point of some memorable fun. So, here’s our ideas on some of the best weird novelty gift ideas out there for every kind of weirdo!  


What should I get my weird friend?

Embrace their quirky side with weird but useful gifts. Just because a gift is weird and wacky doesn't mean it can't be practical too. We love shopping online and discovering all the weird gifts we didn't know we needed in our lives! Here is a list of some weird gift ideas for friends who like strangely functional and fun items.


Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume

On top of our list of weird things you didn't know you needed, this sumo wrestling costume is an absolute winner. There is no gathering with friends that would not be made 100% better with the addition of this weird but brilliant adult sumo suit.


Inflatable Sumo Costume


Punching Bag Laundry Bag

Instead of heading to the gym to release some steam, they can simply take things out on their laundry pile. Thanks to this quirky laundry bag, all they need are some boxing gloves to be set for some boxing practice. It’s a good excuse not to do any washing too!


Novelty Punching Laundry Bag


McLovin Bottle Opener

This sexy gift is a winner! Who wouldn't enjoy popping a cork with this stud muffin!? They will be the talk of the evening when they whip this little beauty out and let Mr McLovin do his thing with the perfect twisting and grinding action to get the party started.


McLovin Bottle Opener


Cloud Weather Station

This genius scientific marvel is a fantastic way to keep track of the weather. For someone who can't leave the house without knowing the day's forecast, this cloud-shaped storm glass is exactly what they need. They’ll always know what to expect, come rain or shine. 


Fun Weather Station


Perpetual Calendar Cubes

Some people just can't keep track of the days and dates, so this cool calendar cube is a useful addition to the home or office. It doesn't take up much space and ensures your pal is always ‘in the know’. Colourful, quirky and eye-catching, they even last a lifetime.

Quirky Perpetual Calendar Gift

Tiny Hands

They may be tiny, but when it comes to weird gifts, these little novelty hands will be a big winner. From hand shakes to silly costumes, there are so many weird things your weird friends could do with this gift.

Tiny Hands

Weird And Funny Gifts With Giggles Guaranteed 

For anyone who loves nothing more than the sound of laughter, these weird gifts for friends options are also great fun to have around. You'll love these cool weird gifts for guys and gals who appreciate odd and interesting things. 


Comical Crew Socks

Would you like to send a message to your wacky friend without speaking? Do it with some quirky and humorous crew socks. You'll come across plenty of colourful designs with funny messages like 'Worst gift ever', 'I don't care’, and 'Love who you love’ printed on them.

Silly Socks

Swear Words Adult Colouring

Some people always have a way with words. Help them make their favourite swear words more colourful with this fun adult book featuring several insults that they can colour in. Perhaps it'll also teach them a few new ones to help expand their expletives vocabulary!


Quirky Adult Colouring In


What Do You Meme? 

Set aside the board games and treat them to the weird and wonderful world of memes. Get them guessing with this meme card adult game. It's a great gift for a party since everyone gets the chance to match a picture with the funniest caption. Non-stop laughter is on the cards. 

Quirky Card Game

Cool Condiment Gun

When you buy weird gifts for food freaks, help them out of their hosting comfort zone with this novelty condiment gun. It can be filled with two of their favourite sauces, ensuring they get a shot of the right condiment with their meal or snacks. Take aim and fire it on the barbie!


Quirky BBQ gift ideas


Wooden Drinkopoly Game

Drinking games are some of the best weird gift ideas around. So ensure they can host a laughter-packed party with this fun board game. Every player gets beer caps to mark their progress and the instructions are on the board. All they have to do is drink. 


Quirky Games Night Ideas


Weird Novelty Gift Ideas For Memorable Moments

As you're looking for a weird and wacky gift for your loved ones, you can also get something they will always remember you by.


Work Tends To Ruin Your Day Book

It's no secret that having to work every day can sometimes suck. Brighten up your friend's day with this funny picture book about exactly why work is boring. They're sure to relieve the day's stress with a few good laughs whenever things get a bit too hectic in the office.

Weird and Humorous Books

Little White Lies Movie Memory Game

For any movie buff, test their knowledge by giving them this quirky memory game. The box comes packed with trivia on famous movies spanning decades. It also comes with a movie guide of interesting facts, so your pal can learn more about their favourite films.


quirky games to play


Revolving World Globe

A stationary globe is always nice, but one that revolves on its own is definitely a centrepiece.  With this battery-powered revolving globe, you're always going around the world. It's the perfect weird gift for kids to enjoy, and also to give that friend that likes to dream about travelling.


weird gifts for kids


The Wine Bottle Glass

We all have friends who just can't stop at one glass of wine. In such a case, it's always best to get the right kind of glass for them. Rather than having them walking around clutching a wine bottle, get them this fun wine bottle glass, so they don't have to wait for those refills.


novelty wine gift


Millennium Plasma Ball

For spiritual gurus, enhance the aura in their home or office with this incredible plasma ball. It has different settings enabling the perpetual lightning bolts to react to both sound and touch. Beautiful to watch, it makes a fantastic novelty gift for both kids and grownups.


Cool weird gifts for guys


Get Weird & Wonderful Gift Ideas From Gifts Australia

Gifts Australia is the ideal place to find inspiration for weird and wonderful gifts for those loveable quirky friends and family. If you know an adventurer, you've come to the right place! From weird gifts for cat lovers to crazy accessories for beer fanatics, you’ll find something uniquely fun. They’re sure to make their day just a little, errrrm, weirder!




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