15 Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas For 2023

Weddings are an important milestone in a couple's life. They're the start of a brand new adventure, as well as an opportunity to throw the party of a lifetime for the bride and groom's family and friends.

Unsurprisingly, the stakes are pretty high with wedding gifts, and it's difficult to find that perfect wedding present idea that sticks with the couple for years to come.

At Gifts Australia, we're experts in finding gifts that make people giggle with excitement and smile with joy. So, in this blog post, we'll share our fifteen best wedding present ideas for 2023.

Best wedding gift ideas for couples 2023

The best wedding present ideas meet three key criteria: they're memorable, they're practical, and they're sturdy enough to last a lifetime.

Unlike presents for other occasions, the aim isn't just to bring the gift recipient happiness now, but to enrich their life long-term. This is a high bar to clear – though we have plenty of great ideas to help you find their perfect present.

So, without further ado, here are our top 15 best wedding gifts for 2023:

#1. Maggie Living Baker's Teak Rolling Pin

Maggie Living Baker's Teak Rolling Pin

This is a particularly thoughtful wedding gift because a couple who bakes together stays together. Trust us; this baby is built to last. This rolling pin is crafted from responsibly harvested teak wood, and it uses carbon steel ball bearings to do an effortless and thorough job of rolling out any type of dough. Each of Maggie Beer's rolling pins has her signature etched into it.

Buy the Maggie Living Baker's Teak Rolling Pin.

#2. Davis and Waddell Electric Fondue Set

Davis and Waddell Electric Fondue Set

A fondue set is a memorable wedding gift because they'll think of you every time they pull it out. It's perfect for celebrating a special occasion in style or holding cosy and intimate date nights. This fondue set includes eight forks, an electric fondue burner, and a 1.3L stainless steel bowl. It's perfect for sweet and savoury fondues of all flavours.

Buy the Davis and Waddell Electric Fondue Set.

#3. Waterford Markham Crystal Bowl

Waterford Markham Crystal Bowl

This fine crystal bowl is a traditional wedding gift for a good reason: high-quality glassware never goes out of style. Premium crystal glassware from Waterford is a really nice gift because it's classy, and people almost never buy themselves glassware. This Markham bowl is 23cm wide and 13cm tall – so it can hold fruit, vegetables, meals, or salads with ease.

Buy the Waterford Markham Crystal Bowl.

#4. Laguiole French-made Cheese Knife Set

Laguiole French-made Cheese Knife Set

Entertaining loved ones in style is one of the highs of married life, and this cheese knife set will help the happy couple do just that. It's durable, gorgeous, and dishwasher-safe, so it's a very thoughtful gift. It's perfect for special occasions, celebrating the holidays in style, or simply enjoying a moment together with some gourmet cheese.

Buy the Laguiole French-made Cheese Knife Set.

#5. Glass Cocktail Shaker Set

Glass Cocktail Shaker Set

This cocktail shaker set is the perfect gift for a classy couple who loves to create their own gourmet cocktails and mocktails. From espresso martinis at home to mojitos on the beach, this cocktail shaker set will make your giftee a master of the finer things in life. It's also crafted from high-quality glass, so it's sure to last for decades to come.

Buy the Glass Cocktail Shaker Set.

#6. DOIY Designer Cheese Board Set

DOIY Designer Cheese Board Set

This awesome pressie will help the happy couple spend quality time together. It comes with an acacia wood board and two stainless steel cheese knives. The cheese knives attach to the cheese board with magnets, so your giftees won't lose them anytime soon.

Buy the DOIY Designer Cheese Board Set.

#7. Wedgwood White Folia Rose Bowl Vase

Wedgwood White Folia Rose Bowl Vase

This gorgeous vase will never go out of fashion. It's made from pure, white bone china and has an intricate British-nature-inspired pattern. It comes from the world-renowned English ceramics company Wedgwood, so it's sure to impress the newlyweds with its pedigree.

Buy the Wedgwood White Folia Rose Bowl Vase.

#8. Maggie Living Italian Olive Wood Salad Servers

Maggie Living Italian Olive Wood Salad Servers

You don't need to be a fan of Maggie Beer to know that serving up gourmet salads in style is her thing. This stunning set of salad servers dresses up any salad, whether it's a simple side salad or a delicious vegetable medley that dominates the main course. Crafted from olive wood, this fine pair is sturdy, naturally beautiful, and low maintenance. It's a gift the happy couple will treasure for years to come.

Buy the Maggie Living Italian Olive Wood Salad Servers.

#9. Aery Living Charcoal Candle Holder

Aery Living Charcoal Candle Holder

This moody charcoal candle holder is ideal for dinner parties, date nights, special occasions, or any get-together that helps people create memories. It's a stunning piece of home decor that adds class and sophistication to a space. It's crafted from matte porcelain, and it can hold medium-sized pillar and taper candles.

Buy the Aery Living Charcoal Candle Holder.

#10. Maggie Living Measuring Cups Set and Maggie Living Measuring Spoons Set

Maggie Living Measuring Spoons Set

Maggie's measuring cups and spoons are great gifts for a couple who love to create magic in the kitchen. Crafted from olive wood, stainless steel, and brass, these cups and spoons are naturally stunning and low-maintenance. They're sure to impress your giftee and add a touch of natural elegance to their kitchen.

Buy the Maggie Living Measuring Cups Set and Maggie Living Measuring Spoons Set.

#11. Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes

Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes

Wine glasses have been a classic wedding gift for generations, and this stunning set of crystal champagne flutes puts a fun twist on that tradition. These flutes are crafted with crystal and 24-carat gold, so they're perfect for fancy toasts of all types. This gift pairs well with a bottle of fancy champagne.

Buy the Palermo Home Stemless Champagne Flutes.

#12. Long-lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet

Long-lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet

Fresh flowers are gorgeous, but they aren't the best choice for a wedding gift. Often, the couple jets off on their honeymoon long before they get to enjoy them, so while they look lovely at the wedding reception, the enjoyment stops there. This preserved bouquet from Everbloome is the perfect solution to this problem. It lasts for up to seven years, so the couple can enjoy it at their leisure. It's one of our more unusual wedding gifts, but it's definitely a crowd-pleaser with the right couple.

Buy the Long-lasting Everbloome Floral Bouquet.

#13. Maggie Living Olive Wood Wooden Spoons Set

Maggie Living Olive Wood Wooden Spoons Set

Many wedding gifts are designed to be enjoyed in life's big moments. This wedding gift is more of an everyday gift. These gorgeous olive wood wooden spoons will be there for the little moments in every marriage – Monday night dinners, Sunday morning meal prepping, the "lamb was on special" roast, etc. This set is one of the most meaningful wedding gifts, in our humble opinion.

Buy the Maggie Living Olive Wood Wooden Spoons Set.

#14. A Touch of Luxury With Chandon Hamper

A Touch of Luxury With Chandon Hamper

This delectable hamper comes with everything the newlyweds need to celebrate their future with hope, sweetness, and a bottle of something delicious. It comes with honey-roasted peanuts and French vanilla almonds from Morgan's, caramelised peanut brittle from The Woods Farm, cocoa-dusted roasted peanuts and almonds and Belgian wafers from Maggie Beer, two stemless champagne flutes, and Chandon Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir NV 750ml. It's simply unforgettable.

Buy the A Touch of Luxury With Chandon Hamper.

#15. Ceramic Elephant Sculpture Set

Ceramic Elephant Sculpture Set

This stunning set of elephants represents the happiness, protection, and luck that love brings. It's perfect for adding a touch of warmth to kitchens, sprucing up a bookshelf, or decorating a cabinet. The elephants themselves are crafted from white ceramic, and they can be displayed together with their trunks intertwined or separately.

Buy the Ceramic Elephant Sculpture Set.

FAQs about our wedding gift ideas

Finding the best wedding gift for the happy couple is no easy task, so in this section, we'll answer your most common questions.

What is the best gift to give on the wedding day?

If the newly married couple has a wedding registry, it's always best to buy something from it. You can find the registry on the wedding invitation.

If they don't have a registry, homewares, home decor items, and kitchenware are all great gifts. A gift box or hamper is also a great gift. Hampers ensure that the bride and groom get a nice selection of gourmet goodies to enjoy together.

What are some common wedding gifts?

Wine glasses, glassware, wine, kitchen appliances, gadgets, gift cards, bath towels, and fresh linens are some of the most popular wedding gifts. Contributions to the honeymoon fund are also very popular – especially for a couple that already lives together.

What are some small gifts for a wedding?

These days, many couples ask for no wedding gifts or small wedding gifts. If you're hunting for great wedding gift ideas for such a couple, we can help. Here are five small but memorable ideas:

  1. A Name a Star Gift Set
  2. Oversized Wooden Dice
  3. Love You More Couple Mugs
  4. Midnight Luxury Soy Wax Candle
  5. How it Works: The Husband Ladybird Book

What to give as gifts for a wedding?

If there's a particular item that you were glad you received for your wedding, that item will make a great gift. Otherwise, homewares, home decor items, kitchenware, and linen are all popular gifts.

If you're looking for unique wedding gifts, gag gifts and experience-based gifts are good choices.

How much money should be given as a wedding gift?

It's customary to give between $50 and $250 to the happy couple, depending on how close you are to them. If you already gave them an engagement gift, it's okay to give them a smaller cash gift or a more affordable wedding gift.

What should I give my best friend on their wedding day?

Your best friend's wedding is a momentous occasion. The perfect wedding present, of course, is your underlying support and the promise that you'll step in if anyone dares to take the attention off of your bestie and their bow.

Aside from that, we recommend personalised or engraved items, as these are truly unforgettable wedding gifts.

Do you offer any personalised wedding gifts?

Yes! We offer pouches, bags, wallets, sets of cufflinks, and pieces of jewellery. Depending on the item you select, you can get it engraved or embossed with the couple's names, initials, or wedding date.

Best wedding gifts 2023

Weddings are a momentous occasion that deserve to be celebrated with quality time with family members, special moments with friends, and luxurious presents that truly spoil the happy couple. The best wedding gifts are high-quality, thoughtful, and practical.

In this article, we shared 15 unique wedding gift ideas that the happy couple will enjoy for decades to come. To wrap things up, here are our top five suggestions:

  1. Maggie Living Italian Baker's Teak Rolling Pin
  2. David and Waddell Electric Fondue Set
  3. Waterford Markham Crystal Bowl
  4. Laguiole French-made Cheese Knife Set
  5. Glass Cocktail Shaker Set

If you choose to order from Gifts Australia, we can gift wrap your present in biodegradable wrapping for free, plus provide a free card. We also offer free shipping on orders over $99.

Shop our range and make their wedding day grand.




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