Ways to Make A Birthday Special For Adults

If There’s A Birthday On The Way It’s A Reason For Celebration!


Everyone adores a great birthday bash, even if they say there’s no need to make a fuss! So celebrating their day should be on the agenda. If it’s a milestone birthday, events need to be that extra bit memorable and extraordinary. Whether you plan to celebrate with small gestures or the ultimate blowout party, making any birthday special shows your loved ones just how loved and appreciated they are. 


We take birthdays seriously at Gifts Australia and have no shortage of thoughts when it comes to ideas for birthday presents. We know that celebrating a birthday is a unique occasion for everyone, so we thought it would be fun to look at different ways to make a birthday special for adults. Birthdays are not just about the kids, and these birthday ideas are strictly for grownups to enjoy. From simple to sentimental, there are small but meaningful ways to share some love and make their day incredible. It’s time to fill everyone’s birthday with friends, fun and laughter!  


Fabulous Ways To Make Someone's Birthday Special


The most successful way to celebrate someone's birthday is by knowing what they love. This is key to the whole celebration. Every tiny detail is important, from favourite drinks and snacks, to pastimes and wish lists. Birthdays are all about spoiling someone, so they need to spend their special day doing all the things they love. If they enjoy quiet time surrounded by close friends and family, then plan a casual birthday party at home. If they like surprises, then make sure to fill their day with surprises big and small.


A surprise birthday party is almost an essential when it comes to a big milestone like a 60th or 70th birthday. But every birthday deserves to be celebrated. A milestone birthday party is best held on the weekends but, if their birthday falls during the week, make sure they don’t miss out on celebrating on the day.


There’s something wonderful about waking up on any birthday morning, so try to make it magical from the moment they open their eyes. Start their birthday off on the right note with a special breakfast in bed, complete with candles! It’s also great fun to wake up to treats and surprises like balloons, champagne and cards. Nearly everything can be delivered, so why not choose some special birthday gift ideas to arrive on the big morning? Plus, don’t forget the cake!!


Birthday gift delivery


How Do You Make It A Fun Birthday For Adults?


Birthday mornings should be leisurely, and afternoons packed with fun and things they enjoy doing. Plan a family get-together, an outing with friends or a solo pampering treat. Whatever you know will leave them happy and smiling. If they’re not the party kind, then trying out a new restaurant, happy hour at home, or a romantic dinner for two is on the evening agenda.


Which are the best birthday gifts for an adult? For most, it’s the gift of happy time spent with people we care about. So when they say “Let’s just do drinks or dinner” there are lots of things you can organise to add an element of fun. Here are some of our ideas that are straightforward to plan and suit gatherings of any size. Balloons, games and champagne are compulsory!


  • Wine & Cheese - no cooking involved, an easy menu, and a perfect pairing for a relaxed birthday get-together
  • Bonfire Barbie - everyone loves an impromptu bonfire so dust off the barbie, set up the back yard or take off to the beach 
  • Murder Mystery - classic fun for small gatherings and an interactive way to make a birthday restaurant dinner memorable 
  • Afternoon Tea - an informal, cosy way to celebrate with friends and even more fun if everyone dresses for the occasion
  • Beer Tasting - roll out those craft beers for an adult event that’s an excellent soiree, or choose cocktails and champagne!
  • Casino Royale - an elegant and fun way to go James Bond style and enjoy some classic casino games and martinis on ice
  • Party Picnic - always lively with friends or family, pack up those tasty picnic hampers and find a local beauty spot
  • Activity Time - do something thrilling from their bucket list or try a new adventurous activity from rock climbing to skydiving


Adventure experiences for birthdays


Tips For How To Make Your Birthday Special For Yourself


If it’s your own birthday coming up, then be excited and get ready to celebrate like there is no tomorrow. Start with having a no-work day and choosing gift ideas for your birthday, including some of your favourite activities. Arrange a relaxing spa day, plan visits to your favourite places or order a hamper of decadent foods. 


You are never too old to treat yourself to some little indulgences either. Part of the fun is planning something interesting and new. Sometimes birthdays are also a great opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and be spontaneous or adventurous. It can turn the day into a memorable experience or give you an adrenaline rush to treasure. 


You may find yourself alone for some reason, or maybe your birthday falls in a busy week for everyone, but there’s no reason not to celebrate. There’s nothing to stop you from organising fun adult birthday ideas yourself. Do your own thing on the day and arrange a get-together for the weekend. That way, you get to celebrate twice!


Choosing The Best Birthday Gifts By Age For Adults


Gifts Australia makes it easy to shop for birthday gifts for men and women of any age. From an 18th to an 80th, we have dedicated gifting categories for adults to inspire you. If you're not sure what is a good 50 year old birthday gift, or you want to make a 30th birthday special, our curated gift ranges show you the most popular gifts for every age. 


What makes a birthday special are the thoughtful ideas behind the gifts we give and receive from loved ones. No birthday is complete without them. Some want surprises, some like planned gifts, and others just love tearing off the wrapping paper with glee. The joy of giving a perfect present is hard to match. No matter what you choose, here are handy suggestions for choosing adult birthday gifts at any age to help you on your way.


  1. Make a wish list for them with their wants and needs
  2. Choose something exclusive and significant to them
  3. Break with the stereotypes and experiment a little with something different
  4. It’s not about expensive gifts but about the way your gift makes them feel
  5. Add your individual touch of style and personal magic


birthday gift hamper


With our expert help, you can make the job of finding something that suits them perfectly even easier. Take a deep breath and browse. There’s something for every personality, passion and pastime. Celebrate those milestones with special birthday gifts by age, birthday year gifts or personalised items for him or her. There are thousands of fabulous birthday present ideas, from thoughtful and creative to quirky and fun! 




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