The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Perfect Hostess Gift

Get The Party Started With A Unique Twist On Hostess Gifts

Who doesn't love a cosy, casual get together or relaxed party? Some splendid drinks, delicious food, and the right crowd always ensure it’s an amazing event. But to get to this point, there’s a lot of hard work and stress for the organiser. Hostesses are the lifeblood of social gatherings. They put in a lot of time and effort to make sure everything goes smoothly, and they often go above and beyond to make their guests feel comfortable. So what do you give the hostess who has everything? The answer is a thoughtful, thank you gift that shows how much you appreciate all they've done.


So, what hostess gifts do you take along? As a rule, it’s always lovely to attend with a thoughtful little gift for the host or hostess. Many people choose to give their hostess a token of thanks, such as flowers or chocolates. Extra treats for the party, a bottle or two of bubbly, or a personal gift just for them are more popular choices. And while these are great options, there are more imaginative hostess gift ideas out there.


Luckily, the Gifts Australia team also have a bevy of unique hostess gift ideas suitable for any event. Whether it’s a work BBQ, a family event, a leisurely afternoon soiree with friends, or an overnight stay, we’ve got great hostess gift ideas to surprise and delight. There's no better way to say thank you and show them you appreciate the invite and all their efforts.


What To Get Someone For A Hostess Gift?

Choosing the right hostess thank you gifts is slightly more challenging than on other special occasions. You’re looking for just the right way to say how happy you are to be invited. It will depend on the event itself, but remember that it’s not about price or size but what that person will appreciate the most. When you can't think of something to enhance the atmosphere or add a fun element, then think about the hostess's needs instead.


If you've ever organised a get-together, you’ll know just how much running around is necessary to make it go without a hitch. However informal, once everyone's gone home and the hostess has finished clearing up, they'll be exhausted. So, easy hostess gift ideas are those that help them unwind with some post-party R&R. It could be a gourmet hamper they won't have to share with their guests, scented candles, rejuvenating bath salts, or gorgeous pampering products to enjoy before calling it a day. Gift hampers are always an easy option that will be appreciated.

Gourmet Hamper


What Is An Inexpensive Hostess Gift?

You don't need to break the bank to find ideas for cute, memorable or practical hostess gifts. After all, it's the thought that counts. Bringing a favourite bottle of wine, homemade goodies or mouth-watering chocolates is always appreciated. But if you’re looking for something creative or fun, there are plenty of inexpensive hostess gifts they’re sure to love.


  • Quirky cards or board games to help the hostess keep the crowd happy 

  • Simple seasonal bunch of colourful flowers in a beautiful little vase 

  • Cookbooks with simple party favourites and event-relevant snacks

  • Fun party or BBQ aprons - every host and hostess needs at least one!

  • Placecard set to help the host label up the serving dishes on the buffet  

  • Cheerful stemless glass tumblers so they never lose their own drink 

  • Quick-drying tea towels and your own hands to make washing up a breeze

  • Cute pom pom slippers to wear while they’re slaving away clearing up 


candle gift


What To Bring A Host Who Doesn't Drink?

With gifts for party hosts, it’s almost customary to bring alcohol when you need something on the fly. But what do you choose for someone that doesn’t drink? There are plenty of options! You can still make a drinks contribution to the day, but add a small gift that appeals to them. Any gathering centres around good food and great company, so here are even more hostess gifts - not wine!


  • Beautiful wax candles they can display on the table or keep for themselves

  • Wooden BBQ caddy or classy chopper and board to help them entertain

  • Picnic glass holder set so they can add their lemonade and put their feet up 

  • Fun cooler bag to use for drinks on the day and keep for weekend picnics

  • Chic mug and organic tea set to savour and enjoy the morning after the party

  • Stylish wooden desk organiser with phone stand for the home or office

  • Coffee table book packed with facts about one of their favourite hobbies or interests

  • Sleep well set for a thorough pampering and a great night's sleep afterwards! 


Tilted Self-Watering Glass Pot


Should You Bring A Gift When Staying At Someone's House?

Depending on how long you’re staying and what kind of activities you'll be having, you may not need to visit with a gift in hand. If you’re staying over for the weekend or even longer, you may want to treat them to something special while you’re there. When it comes to gift ideas when visiting friends, it’s very much a personal choice. If you do want to take hostess gifts for a weekend stay, then take the time to find out precisely what they need.


You can never go wrong with contemporary homeware gifts, especially if your host just moved and you've received an invite to look around. Handy kitchen gadgets, houseplants or any home bar accessories are sure to be a hit as hostess gift ideas for an overnight stay. Or you can swoop in with a gift you know they’ll personally adore and wouldn’t buy themselves. From a Berber rug yoga mat to a timber whiskey barrel, you can say thanks in your own unique way!  


Lounging In Luxury Hamper


Choose Hostess Thank You Gifts At Gifts Australia

Whenever you need something special to say thank you to that dedicated host or hostess, we've got your back. You don't need to get stressed over what to give; you can simply settle back and browse away. From baby shower hostess gifts to hostess gifts for Christmas, you’ll find them all at Gifts Australia. There are quirky, inspirational, and self-care choices to please every discerning hostess and options for those on a budget. 


If you still can’t decide, then take a long look at our collection of indulgent hampers for her filled with gourmet food and goodies. These are hostess gifts that will leave them in no doubt just how much you enjoyed yourself and loved sharing time together. Show your appreciation for the effort they've put into entertaining you and you're sure to earn an invite to their next event!  




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