Ultimate Gift Guide For Every Personality Type

Your Myers-Briggs MBTI Guide To Inspired Gifting

Have you ever heard someone say they’re an ESTP or INTJ? If you’re wondering what these intriguing letters mean, then read on. You’re about to discover a whole new way to choose the right gift! We all know personalised gifts are a great way to make someone feel special, and with this technique you can really be sure your gift suits them to a 't'. You'll have more fun shopping for friends and family when you use their personality type to inspire you!


Maybe you think you know them well enough already. But with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) tool, you can have their personality down to an exact science, along with all their little quirks. Pinpoint their personality traits with a simple quiz. Then use it as a handy tool for tracking down the ideal gift for everyone on your list. The gift ideas below are guaranteed to surprise them and have them saying, “You totally get me!”


What Is The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)?

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator provides accurate insight into personality types and has become a hugely popular psychological instrument. The real test is administered by qualified practitioners, but you can find lots of fun and informal questionnaires on the internet (like this one). So, why not have fun and send them to your loved ones? It indicates your personality preferences across four different ranges:


  • Where your focus is - Introversion (I) or Extraversion (E) 
  • How you make decisions – Feeling (F) or Thinking (T)  
  • How you process information – INtuition (N) or Sensing (S)
  • How you see the world – Perceiving (P) or Judging (J)


Choosing Gifts To Suit Every MBTI Personality Type

Shopping by personality is a great strategy for choosing the right gift. You can browse our most popular gifts, but it's always nice to know you've tailored your choice towards something that suits them. MBTI identifies 16 different personality types, making it a breeze to decide on gifts for each type of personality. Even without taking the test, you’re sure to see some of the main traits in people. You can easily research a particular one in-depth online, but here’s a quick rundown to get you started! 


Gifts for ENFP - The Campaigner

ENFPs are dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic, and are often the life and soul of the party. ENFPs love positive affirmations, they are not materialistic, and do enjoy meaningful discussions, so gifts need to be a mixture of heart and humour. New experiences, new hobbies to try, symbolic jewellery, and playful gifts are on top of their gift list. 


Gifts for ENFJ - The Giver

One of the more emotional personality types, ENFJs are understanding, warm and responsible, with a flair for encouraging the best in people. They are highly engaging and adore anything that has an individual touch. A guided journal, yoga gifts, indoor plant pot, personalised toiletry bag, or doing something together would be ideal choices to impress.     


Gifts for ENTP - The Inventor

Any ENTP personality is an inventor at heart, loves versatility and always has exciting ideas. They can be easily bored by routine, so gifts need to stimulate and challenge them. Anything innovative, on-trend or inventive will be the perfect gift for this fun personality. A sleek leather wallet, desk organiser, or clever multi-tool are things ENTPs will appreciate.


Gifts for ENTJ - The Commander

Ambitious, innovative, and logical, ENTJs are strong-willed extroverts who are often results-oriented and like strategy. These goal-setters adore anything efficient and like to be in control, so practical gift ideas that help in their everyday life or things to increase their knowledge are a perfect choice. Non-fiction books, a chess set, climate clock or BBQ tools are gifts ENTJs will love.


Dual Weather Station


Gifts for ESTP - The Entrepreneur

ESTPs love spending time with others. Above all, ESTPs are charming and confident, go-getting organisers, and flexible problem solvers who are extremely style conscious. Great gift ideas are on-trend, flashy or make work fun, especially when they cater to their spontaneous side. A travel manicure kit, inspirational travel book, or handy tech gadgets would all suit ESTPs.


Gifts for ESTJ - The Executive

Your ESTJ loved one is determined, resourceful and goal-oriented, working hard to get things done. They usually know exactly what they want, and like improving efficiency, so gifts to improve organisational skills or their lifestyle are appreciated. Creative ideas for ESTJs are fitness gifts, a journal, cooking accessories, or new recipe books. 


Gifts for ESFP - The Performer

Flirty, friendly, enthusiastic and outgoing, ESFPs enjoy making things fun for everyone around them. They love surprises and any gift that helps them enjoy life to its fullest, try out new things or entertain other people. ESFPs enjoy unique and out-of-the-ordinary gifts, inspirational books, something a little sexy, or fun board games to play with friends.  


Gifts for ESFJ - The Carer

One of the more frequent personality types, ESFJs are easy to shop for. Easygoing, helpful and all heart, ESFJs are natural carers and hosts, and love nothing more than being with family and friends. Anything practical, homely or sentimental that helps create harmony and togetherness will be a surefire hit. Candles, a gorgeous teapot, photo string lights, and stationery are all nice ideas.




Gifts for ISFP - The Artist

Compassionate, caring and passionate, ISFPs love beautiful things and take pleasure in the beauty of the world around them. Choose a unique, creative gift that reflects their personal values and appeals to their artistic side, like beautiful artwork, stylish homewares, natural wooden products, craft kits, or cosy slippers.  


Gifts for ISFJ - The Protector

One of the more common personality types (matching about 12% of the population) ISFJ’s are committed to love and harmony, are loyal, remember everything, and usually adore nostalgia. Something which helps them contribute to other people’s well-being or a meaningful gift from the heart will make them smile. A retro film camera, classic teddy bear, scrapbooking accessories, or pampering treats to share will all be appreciated.  


Gifts for ISTP - The Crafter

Your ISTP loved ones quietly observe and then step in with adaptable and practical solutions. Any gift for their favourite pastimes that involves logic and problem-solving or lets them tinker away for hours is guaranteed to be a winner. ISTP's appreciate a gift voucher, but you can buy things like tech gadgets, bluetooth speakers, or tinker kits.


Gifts for ISTJ - The Inspector

Quiet and matter-of-fact, ISTJ personalities are pragmatic, grounded, loyal, and logical. They love anything practical, so something timeless and useful is perfect. Gifts for organisation and planning or tools to improve their space at work or home are ideal. Try gardening gifts, jigsaw puzzles, or recipe book holders, or storage accessories.  


gardening gifts


Gifts for INFJ - The Advocate

One of the rarest MBTI personalities (around 3% of the population), INFJs are generally idealistic, insightful, compassionate and quite deep about their relationships and life. Choose something uplifting and practical that contributes to their values, or opt for a small sentimental gift that invokes happy memories. They love to make a difference so sustainable gifts, uplifting biographies, or a donation to charity are all good INFJ gift ideas.


Gifts for INFP - The Mediator

Wonderful idealists and open-minded, INFPs are connected to their values, emotions and ideas. For INFPs, the meaning behind the gift is as important as the gift itself. Something handmade will make an impact, alternatively, something beautiful or poetic will set their heart on fire. Make sure your gift is handpicked and connected with their values. Art kits, journals, and scented candles are good choices.


Gifts for INTP - The Thinker

INTPs can be extremely curious, a little bit quirky and adore anything abstract and analytical. Try gifts that are thought-provoking, indulge their geeky side and provide the challenge of learning. The more random, the better! Trivia games, quirky books, and collectibles are good INTP gifts.  


Gifts for INTJ - The Architect

Another rare personality type, your INTJ is logical, visionary and usually interested in competence and efficiency. They're sure to be into life hacks, cutting-edge tech, original gadgets and gizmos. Try something innovative to streamline work, home or leisure time. You could buy your INTJ a nice chess set, tech gadgets, desk organiser, or intellectual book.  


Chess Set


Gifts For Every Personality Type From Gifts Australia

So now you’ve had a little taster, we hope you’re inspired to take these handy tips and find those perfect gifts for all your favourite people. Bear in mind that everyone is unique, and no two people with the same MBTI personality will be precisely the same. Pay close attention to their interests, pastimes and passions, and you won’t go far wrong. Browse the fabulous collection at Gifts Australia and pick out the gifts they'll be raving about for months to come!


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