Traditional Gift Ideas for Milestone Birthdays


No matter whether the birthday is their 1st or 100th…


Milestone birthdays are those special landmark ages which are deserving of a little more attention than a simple card and cake. They are a time to celebrate a loved ones’ life so far and look ahead to the future. They're a wonderful occasion to reflect on what they have achieved, overcome and enjoyed since the last milestone—certainly not a time to lament growing older.


How can you make the approaching milestone birthday one to remember? What presents are stand-out gifts to make the recipient feel extra special so they will have fond memories of this day?


Scroll further to find the ultimate guide to classic birthday gifts for milestone birthdays.


1st birthday party and gift ideas


A first birthday party is always an extra-special and emotional milestone as parents reflect on how quickly the year has gone (and how little sleep they have had). Family members come to help celebrate the little one that has already achieved so much in their first year. Having developed their own little personality by now, each 1 year-old loves the thrill of a party just for them, full of balloons, cake and cuddles. It is a wonderful way of bringing everyone together.


Presence counts more than presents here, but showing some love through a gorgeous gift will also be appreciated. Anything that can bring joy to the toddler will bring joy to the parents.  Our range of books for babies are the perfect gift for a 1 year old. The 'Guess How Much I Love You: One More Tickle' hardcover book with a fuzzy puppet will bring hours of tickling fun and put a big smile on the child’s and parents’ faces.



16th birthday party and gift ideas


Sweet 16 means the freedom of driving themselves everywhere from now on. This is a big step in a teenager’s life and being there and supporting them is a great way to create a bond. Celebrate their milestone 16th birthday with these ideas.


With the personalised tan leather heart keyring to attach to the car keys, you not only give them a unique present but you also show deep affection. She can carry your love with her wherever she goes from now.



18th birthday party and gift ideas


This big milestone birthday is often their first and perfect occasion for a big party. Becoming an adult is a huge reason to celebrate with a massive amount of fun. The 18 and Awesome’ Bottomless Birthday Wine Glass a not only a fun 18th birthday gift but also a wonderful keepsake after the party is over. You need the best ideas for ways to celebrate an 18th birthday. 



21st birthday party and gift ideas


School’s over, adulthood has well and truly started and the world is their oyster. They may want to go on a big adventure before life's responsibilities set in. Plan the best 21st birthday party to help them celebrate!


Help the birthday girl (or boy) to find their first travel destination by gifting The Ultimate Travelist from Lonely Planet and the gorgeous 21st picture frame to display those memories. Even while on the road, this birthday keepsake gift can be carried along, full of pictures and messages from family and friends.



30th birthday party and gift ideas


Many feel really old when their 30th comes around and they have to wave their adventurous 20s goodbye. But life still has so much in stock, no matter where you want to head. Marriage, children, career, more travel—life is exciting and definitely never boring. Celebrate a 30th birthday with the best gift ideas.


Inspirational books for a 30th birthday he hardback You Only Live Once’ is the perfect reminder to friends and family to make every moment last. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, not spent being wasted on a mindless routine. There's 336 pages of reminders to travel, learn, and never let a moment go by unappreciated. After all, life is too precious to let it go to waste.



40th birthday party and gift ideas


Turning 40 is a great time to relax, reflect and regroup. The best years are yet to come, and it’s time to celebrate that. Have the girlfriends over for a rosé birthday catchup and enjoy the Summer Wine Pack together. By now, you are wise enough to know yourself really well and what you like and where you want to be. To make a friend’s 40th birthday the best it could be, give them the hardback book THE BIG 40 full of interesting, funny and wise quotes.



50th birthday party and gift ideas


Are the kids starting to leave the house? Is work winding down a bit more? Are you finding yourself having more free time? Glorious. The 50s are your decade, and you deserve to explore what else is out there. Plan the best 50th birthday for your partner or parent.


Celebrate this big half century milestone by exploring 50 Places to Camp Before You Die. This glorious book is filled with breathtaking photos and exotic destinations to get you started on your next life adventure. And why not surprise the birthday gal or guy with an experience of a lifetime. Something they might have always wanted to do—like hot air ballooning, a Japanese cooking class or a stunt driving experience. Here at Gifts Australia we offer gift vouchers so the recipient can make their own choices.



60th birthday party and gift ideas


It’s time to have a laugh. Birthdays don’t matter much to you anymore, but you have become wiser and better with age. Show off what you've got and enjoy a lovely party for yourself. The ’60 and Sexy’ Bottomless Wine Glass is a hilarious novelty gift that will have any birthday recipient in stitches. They will never forget their special celebration.



70th birthday party and gift ideas


This will be the first birthday milestone after or around retirement. That means it’s time to relax and unwind! Celebrate their achievements with epic 70th birthday party ideas.


Spoil him or her with a beautiful gift hamper. The L’Occitane and Mulberry Silk hamper is a gorgeous pamper hamper full of sweet delights, French skincare and beautiful treasures. This is also the time to reflect and look back at old memories. The Smartphone Projector is the perfect birthday gift for those who like to kick back on the sofa with some whiskey and enjoy either a Hollywood classic or a family home video.



80th birthday party and gift ideas


This age group can be hard to buy for, but showing your love is simple. A stunning gift for him could be some unique cufflinks or a personalised leather wallet. She will love the versatility and simplicity of this beautiful and chic Audrey Hepburn inspired handbag by Louenhide. What to buy for someone turning 80 who has everything?



90th birthday party and gift ideas


Look back at a life well-lived and wonderful memories made. If you are lucky enough to have your friend, mother or grandfather still with you at the beautiful age of 90, make sure they can see their family every day.


Personalised photo books and picture frames are fantastic gifts. The Happy Birthday Large Signature Frame is a 40x40cm message of love to those people dearest to you—especially when you can’t be with them all the time.



100th birthday!! Plan an epic celebration


This is most definitely the biggest milestone there is! Not many are lucky to celebrate it or have a loved one still with them at that age. On a day like this, presents really don’t matter anymore, the room should just be filled with laughter and love. Get the best gift ideas for someone turning 80.


Why not get a beautiful foodie hamper for the family to enjoy while you reminisce and recollect? The Ultimate Foodies with Moet Hamper is a luxury way to celebrate and indulge in the most exquisite gourmet treats and nibbles there are in the world. Milestones or not, all birthdays deserve celebrating.



Here at Gifts Australia, we love birthdays


Our birthday gift catalogues are filled with present ideas to suit every age group and all milestone birthdays. We are here to help you spoil your loved ones and we understand that everyone has different tastes, styles, wants and needs. That is why we have so many amazing gifts on offer.


Whether it's a novel, funny, personalised, romantic, knowledgeable, chic or trendy gift you're after, we can't wait to help you make a gesture that's truly unforgettable. We love making their milestone birthdays special!



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