The Best Gifts For Every Kind of Traveller

Standout Gift Ideas For The Globetrotters In Your Life

Eternal travellers. We all know someone close who’s been everywhere, seen everything, and is constantly planning their next holiday or adventure. They can be a notoriously tough bunch to buy gifts for as they’re always on the move and don’t usually carry many things. No two wanderlust lovers are alike, so finding what excites them is the key to choosing the perfect travel gifts.  

The travellers in your life can always use some trendy new gadget or better gear, and the best travel gift ideas have mass appeal. They’re generally practical things or items that will add a touch of luxury to a long flight or impersonal hotel room. Whether you're searching for a little inexpensive something or an indulgent splurge, join Gifts Australia in exploring ideas for all budgets. 


What Do You Get Someone Going On Holiday?

Let’s start with friends and family who manage to go on more holidays than shopping trips. If you’ve ever struggled to relax on a flight or arrived to find you’ve forgotten your essentials, then you’ll know how important the little things are!

L’Occitane Skincare Kit 
A handy travel-sized set of skincare essentials that cleanse and moisturise is perfect for holidays and so much nicer than wet wipes! 

Chic World Globe
Any adventurer dreaming about their next trip will love to add a classy black and gold globe to their collection of mementos, treasures and trinkets. 

Silk Eye Mask
Pure mulberry silk is luxurious and lightweight, designed to feel smooth and soft - perfect for some recuperation during and after the journey. 

Mensa IQ Challenge
Travelling can often be boring, so this gripping game of questions and answers will challenge them to some brain-boggling fun on the way. 

Beach Tote
A carryall in an eye-catching design is a great lightweight gift to take abroad as it doubles for the flight, beach and holiday shopping. 

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The Best Gifts For Backpackers

Everything that goes into a backpacker's rucksack has to earn its rightful place and be functional, lightweight, and able to handle multiple tasks. The destination and season are the two most important elements in choosing your travel gift ideas.
Recycled Beach Towel
An eye-catching towel is ideal for travelling, beach, and camping - just be sure it's quick-drying and folds down to a compact size for packing.

Survival Tool Set
A fabulous 9-in-1 mini set that combines a knife, bottle opener, flashlight, screwdriver, butterfly wrench and other tools will be invaluable.

Leather Wash Bag
Even backpackers need something to carry their toiletries on their travels, so treat them to a lovely leather bag embossed with their initials. 

Emergency Tech Kit 
Of all the cool backpacking gadgets, this is one of the most useful and contains everything for tech emergencies, from cleaning stuff to charging cables. 

Cotton Hair Wraps
No girl’s packing is complete without some summery hair wraps - perfect for any hair type, soft, super lightweight and totally versatile. 

Gift Ideas For Gap Year Travellers

For many young people, a Gap Year is a rite of passage and something they long to do before entering the world of work. As they’re generally travelling light, many travel gift ideas will be similar to backpackers. Make "roughing it" less of a shock with practical essentials like sturdy rucksacks, guide books, chargers and water bottles.

Of course, your gap year travel gift ideas will also want to include some sentimental items to let them know they’re always in your thoughts. You’ll also want to help them record their unforgettable experience to share, with inspiring journals, maps, cameras or photo albums. 

What To Buy People Who Are Hiking

For outdoor lovers, the best travel gift ideas make their trips easier and more comfortable. These are small things that won’t break the bank and practical items that every hiker needs, whatever their level.  

Walk In Nature Book
Great for coffee table planning, let them discover the fabulous bush trails and unspoilt Aussie nature for their next weekend escape.

The Big Bottle
Perfect for staying refreshed on long hikes and camping trips, this is an XL bottle with a carry handle your outdoor enthusiast will love. 

Survival Tool Set
Most hikers adore gadgets as you never know what you’ll need, so this Tool Set with different screwdrivers and tools is sure to be a hit. 

Maggie Beer Cooler Bag
A handy-sized cooler bag is perfect for stashing away those picnic lunches or snacks and keeping cold beers cool on the move.

Cool New Socks
Socks are the perfect gift for hikers as they always need spare sets, so give them the simple and most satisfying pleasure in life! 


Gifts For Someone Who Travels A Lot for Work

We all have a tired business traveller in our lives. With long journeys and endless packing, it’s often far from a holiday and exhausting to balance. Gift ideas for frequent travellers can make life easier and connect them to home. 

Sleep Well Set
A lovely idea for restful hotel sleep, this combination of aromatic essential oils and a soothing eye mask will help them relax.  

Black Leather Pouch
To keep essentials safe and organised, a great travel gift idea is a beautiful leather clutch with an A5 pouch and handy zipper closing. 

Rechargeable Book Light
For loved ones who like to study late or love snuggling up with a book, a versatile book light is perfect for night flights and hotel stays. 

Leather Notebook Holder
A chic gift for the office and perfect for travelling light is a leather A5 notebook holder to hold all their important jottings with ease.

Travel Lipcare Kit
Any girl constantly on the move with work needs to look good, and this 3-step treatment makes lips look and feel fabulous.  


Travel Gift Ideas For Retirement

For some lucky people, retirement is the opportunity to travel the world, crossing things off their bucket list. For most of us, the wanderlust in our blood is relieved with smaller travel adventures and cosy weekends away.  

Weekender Travel Bag
A super travel gift for any retiree, add a touch of glamour and luxury to their weekends away with a soft leather overnighter.

Linen Heat Pillow
Perfect for all year round, a stylish therapeutic pillow will make travelling a breeze with its hot or cold soothing comfort. 

Large Picnic Rug
Every weekend away needs a leisurely picnic, so treat them to an extra large and extra comfy rug for their gourmet spread.  

Credit Card Tool
For unexpected challenges, this handy wallet-sized gadget has 15 different uses, including cutting, screwing, sawing and opening! 

Travel Journal
Share their journey with a unique travel journal so they can collect mementos, write notes and enjoy inspirational quotes along the way. 


Best Travel Gift Ideas Under $100

From beautiful travel accessories to practical travel gift ideas and useful gadgets, Gifts Australia has unique gifts of every kind. Now you can truly celebrate all those long-awaited trips, family reunions and backpacking adventures with loved ones. There’s a whole collection of practical, fun and luxurious choices for every budget and travel fan. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something fab while you browse!


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