The Best Educational Toys For Kids Of All Ages


Learning can be fun


Toys can be a fantastic gifting option when you're shopping for children. They're fun, adorable and bound to be a success with your little recipient! But with all the endless options out there, how can you be sure you're choosing the right gift? A child’s development is important, so take a little time to think about the toy you are choosing for them. Educational gift ideas can contribute to helping with hand-eye coordination, motor skills and problem-solving skills.


Toys help children develop social learning skills, express creativity, nurture their imagination, and learn how to share. They can even help with conflict resolution! To choose a toy that will not only delight a child but also contribute to their development, read on. We've chosen our favourite educational toys for little ones of all ages.


Toys for babies


Play is essential to a baby's overall development. That's right⁠—all those cuddles, smiles, tickles, and songs are helping them grow! This also extends to bub's toy collection. Here at Gifts Australia, we have a range of textured and soft toys that are perfect for tiny humans. One of our favourites is this fabulous Sophie La Giraffe Teething Comforter. It not only soothes baby's sore gums but doubles as a super soft blanket for them to cuddle with at nap time.


Soft books are also fabulous gifts for the littlest humans. They can discover the joy of storytime in a way that engages and stimulates their minds. This sweet Night Night Peter Rabbit Cloth Book has a soft cover and fantastic crinkly pages. Introduce bub to the magic of an age-old favourite, Peter Rabbit and his adventuring friends.


Peter Rabbit Night Night Book


Toys for toddlers


These little rugrats are inquisitive and curious. Everything is interesting to a child at this age! They especially like noises: drums, pianos, pots, pans and more! Their tunes might not sound like what we hear on the radio, but they sure are creative. We have a selection of musical toys that will fascinate your budding musician.


It’s never too soon to introduce your little ones to their ABCs (while making it fun of course, of course). Take a look at the colourful Uncle Goose ABC Wooden Blocks And Wagon. These are wooden blocks that children will have hours of fun with as they both build and demolish their marvellous structures. This playtime favourite can help hone their fine motor skills, too! Another engaging option is the Where's Bear? Hide-&-Find Block Game. It's interactive, fun, and encourages logical thinking.


Reading is particularly important to this age group. Choose a popular classic like The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a fun interactive story for kids to enjoy. Bathtime books are also a great way to play and read with kids, as are bathtime toys that encourage dexterity and hand-eye coordination.


Where's Bear? Game


Toys for children aged 5-7 years


At this age toys and games are about encouraging creativity, curiosity, and further developing social skills. That can all be achieved in a fun way. Gifts Australia has age-related sections for both boys and girls. Here, you can find fun games that they can play with each other and friends or toys that educate when playing on their own. Choose from a pirate skipping ropes or chess for beginners to games that introduce them to the world around them, like inflatable globes or Life on Earth Matching Game.


Maths and science can also be introduced in a fun way with educational toys. Creative fun can be had with a range of construction kits like the Strawbees Maker Kit. The set includes connectors, construction straws and instructions for sixteen different projects. Introducing science in a fun way can also encourage problem-solving skills, like sustainability and electric with The Green Power Kit.


Strawbees Maker Kit


Toys for children aged 8+


Stimulating a love of science technology engineering and math can be done through play from an early age, but this age group can benefit from some of the STEM learning toys that are both educational and fun. Take a look at:



Wild Science! Crystal Geode Factory


Give the gift of education

If you're looking for the ideal gift that kids will love and parents will approve of, an educational game will cover all your bases! For a vast range of toys for babies and kids, browse the collection online at Gifts Australia. Your gift will be beloved for many years to come. 


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