Start 2022 Off The Right Way With Self-Care Gifts

Great Ideas For Self-Care In 2022

If ever there has been a year that needs a determined focus on taking care of our mental health and happiness, then this is it. Heading into 2022, many of us are looking for ways to balance health, fun, fitness, and self-care with the challenges of a limited budget or social distancing. If you'd benefit from slowing down or finding new ways to take care of yourself, or you have a friend with a stressful job who deserves a thoughtful relaxation gift, it’s time to get inspired. Treat yourself and loved ones to inexpensive self-care gifts that promote a sense of wellbeing.


You don’t need New Year’s resolutions to make self-care a priority. Mention your plans to a friend and see if they also have mental health or self-care goals for 2022. You might find it easier to stick with your lifestyle changes if you cheer each other on. A self-care gift swap is one way to encourage your friends and motivate yourself to add a little R&R to your daily routine. Set yourself up for success with a DIY self-care gift basket with everything you need to de-stress. Your wellness and relaxation gifts to yourself might be as simple as some rejuvenating bath salts and a candle gift, or you might have bigger plans for looking after your mental health in 2022 with specific fitness goals or fun plans to focus on a new hobby.


Finding a work-life balance

We each have aspects of our lives that we are inclined to let slip when things get busy or we find ourselves juggling too many responsibilities. For some, it becomes a battle to stay on top of the housework, for others it’s letting our skincare routine slide, skipping out on our regular fitness class, cancelling coffee dates with friends, or eating poorly. If taking a break and ignoring the washing and grabbing a few takeout meals is what you need for your mental health, then don’t feeling guilty. Self-love is all about knowing your limits. But if ignoring these aspects of your regular routine just leads to more stress, then it’s time to hit the reset button and start 2022 with a focus on self-love and self-care.


Don’t be afraid to say no. There’s nothing wrong with maintaining healthy boundaries. Especially when it comes to taking on extra responsibilities. If staying home for a relaxing night in is exactly what you need to recharge, then create a pampering evening for yourself. Self-love starts with making yourself priority. Book yourself in for a soothing massage, or treat yourself to scented oils and a candle and ask your partner for a quiet evening with a massage at home. Start 2022 the way you mean to continue and kick off your year of empowerment with a luxury pamper gift basket with soothing hand cream, perfumed soap, relaxation bath salts, a silk eyemask, personal journal, and sweet treats. Our L'Occitane & Mulberry Silk Hamper has all this and more.


Self-care pamper gift basket


Mindfulness and daily self-care

Mindfulness is a mental health care and relaxation technique that involves taking time out to be intensely aware, without interpretation or judgement, of what you are sensing and how you are feeling in the moment. You can practice mindfulness at any time, but if you’re new to the idea it might involve making yourself a relaxing cup of tea and then creating a cozy corner to sit and focus your attention. If you want to start practicing mindfulness as part of your daily self-care routine, the best way to start is to set the scene with a guided mindfulness meditation. A great mindfulness gift idea for your self-care gift basket would be our Florence Glass Tea Infuser Flask. Perfect for a hot tea or a refreshing cold water fruit infusion, it will help create a sense of calm at home or when out and about, and is suitable for a refreshing summer drink or a warming tea in winter.


Tea gifts for relaxation


A journal can be a powerful self-care gift idea. Daily journaling is a great way to gain clarity and remind yourself of your achievements. A wellness journal would be a great positive mental health gift idea for anyone who loves writing in a journal or who would benefit from documenting their wellness and self-care journey. You don’t necessarily need a special diary or wellness planner for a daily journal for self-reflection. The journal notebooks in our pampering hampers are perfect for journaling your thoughts and decompressing at the end of the day. But if a planner to keep track of appointments and your wellness goals is more your style, then the Weekend Planner By Yes Studio is the perfect addition to your self care gift box. For more inspiration, the Little Bullet Book: Be Gorgeously Organized is a great beginners’ self-care journal for teens and young adults.


Self care journal


Setting aside time for daily or weekly body care can be the best self care gift for stress relief and relaxation. There’s nothing better to restore a weary body than a long candle-lit bath followed by a decadent moisturising body cream before slipping into a bed with freshly washed sheets. We recommend pairing the Clementine Honey Highly Scented Candle with the L'Occitane Shea Butter Value Pack for the ultimate relaxation body care gift for someone who needs help to de-stress.


relaxation body care gift


Ideas for new hobbies or getting active in 2022

You don’t need to join a gym or take part in boot camp fitness classes or other group activities in order to maintain your health and fitness. There are plenty of great ideas for ways to stay active either on your own or with a friend. If your self-care priorities for 2022 involve improving your health then daily walks (or daily jogging if that’s your speed!) and drinking more water is a great place to start. Invest in some comfy joggers and a handy sports drink bottle and head outside. Corkcicle have a range of great insulated water bottles designed for sports with an easy sip straw and carry handle. The 600ml Corkcicle Gun Metal Sports Canteen is our top pick.


sports water bottle


If you prefer your fitness to be more indoors, then yoga has many physical and mental health benefits. Joining a yoga group can be a great social activity, but you can also go it alone. If learning yoga sounds like something you’d enjoy, we have a new range of yoga mats for 2022. The Persian Rug Yoga Mat and Terrazzo Yoga Mat are both perfect for a home exercise studio. You'll love the gorgeous prints to add some style to your yoga workout.

New Yoga Mats


Starting a new hobby or expressing yourself with a little artistic creativity can be a powerful way to boost your own happiness. Get creative with a self care package that includes the 365 Days Of Creativity Book and some art supplies. This would make a great self care gift idea for mums who’d love to get back into their creative pursuits.


Creative hobbies for self care


Self-care gift ideas for friends

If a close friend needs a pick-me-up or a little reminder to look after herself, then a self care gift hamper is a great idea. You don’t need a reason to send a gift to friend who needs a little TLC. A surprise ‘just because’ gift with an encouraging message to remind them how fabulous they are is great way to boost their self-esteem and remind them that they are loved.

Good self care gift ideas for friends include wellness gift baskets with her favourite things and a few little pampering essentials. Choose a bottle of wine, aromatherapy candles, a gardening gift, scented skin care, a good book, or anything else she'd love. If your friend needs an excuse to get out and enjoy herself, you could choose a nourishing experience gift voucher as part of your care package. A revitalising Yoga & Wine Experience would make a great wellness gift to share with a group of friends.


yoga and wine experience gift


Get creative with self-care gifts for her from Gifts Australia

Do something special for yourself and your loved ones with these gift ideas to promote relaxation and mindfulness. Make yourself a priority this year with a self-care gift basket, or encourage your friends to do something nice for themselves with these wonderful self care gift ideas for friends. Gifts Australia offers free delivery on all orders over $99, so you can buy something to treat yourself as well as special relaxation gifts to share with your friends and family. Browse our full range to find the perfect gift to inspire self love. Make 2022 a year of wellness with nourishing gifts for self care from Gifts Australia.


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