Special Isolation Birthday Party Ideas For Kids


With the #isobirthday tag trending around the world, you know you’re not alone in looking for ways to celebrate a birthday while in isolation. As social distancing restrictions and the lockdown period is set to continue for some time, many children will find their birthday in 2020 isn’t what they were hoping for. If your child will be having a birthday during the coronavirus lockdown there’s still plenty of things you can do to make their day a special one.


While a birthday in isolation is something your child has never done before, go with it and create an eventful day full of ‘firsts’. Come up with ideas for original things to do with your child on their special day. To help inspire you, we share some of the best memorable birthday ideas for your kid’s isolation birthday party.


Our Favourite Ideas for Isolation Birthdays for Kids


We’ve seen some wonderfully fun and creative ideas from around the world as people find ways to make birthdays special for their loved ones while we are all physically distant during the coronavirus lockdown. It’s heartwarming to see friends and family finding ways to share their love and make a fuss of the birthday kid while keeping everyone safe by not gathering for a party. The best ideas we’ve seen include:


Drive-By Birthday Beeps


Kids in Australia are loving their Drive-By Birthdays! This is a simple way for your child to see their friends and family on their birthday (and maybe even still get a present) while following important social distancing rules. Families are tying balloons to their mailbox to let other street residents know that someone at that address is having a birthday! If you mention it to local friends, the birthday child can stand outside on the driveway soaking up the attention. Your kid will love waving to a procession of their friends as they drive by beeping their car horn and waving out the windows.


Celebrity Birthday Messages


If your kid is a huge fan of a popular celebrity, they’d love a personal birthday message from their favourite TV celeb, sports star, or popular gamer. Covid-19 has seen some weird and wonderful new online antics, but the celebrity streaming platform, Cameo, now gives you the chance to arrange a personal shoutout. If their friends can’t visit on their birthday, a personal birthday message from Esther the Wonder Pig or The Backpack Kid might be the next best thing!


Virtual Disco Party


You could organise one yourself, but we love the way Australian company Bop Till You Drop has launched a new Virtual Disco Birthday Party plan in response to coronavirus restrictions. Check it out if a virtual social distancing kids’ birthday party sounds like something your child will love. All their mates will be able to log in to the special birthday event and share birthday songs online with disco lights and a professional disco entertainer who will teach the kids a bunch of funky dance moves.


Fun Ways to Make your Child’s Isolation Birthday Special 

On top of these great isolation birthday party ideas we have more suggestions for things you can do at home during lockdown to make your child’s birthday memorable.


Wake Up Birthday Surprise


Most kids just love being made a fuss of on their birthday. They’ve been counting down the days until their all important birthday! So, starting the day with a fun birthday surprise right from the minute they wake up is a simple way you can make their isolation birthday fun. Decorate your child’s room while they are asleep. Balloons, hand-made signs from family and friends, and birthday cards are all fun surprises to wake up to.


Birthday Treasure Hunt


Plan a mini treasure hunt to lead your child straight from their bedroom to their first present of the day. It doesn’t have to be a big present. In fact, it’s better if you start the day with a simple gift just to say Happy Birthday! Make a trail of letters that spell out the words ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ or, if you are feeling creative, you could plant a series of cryptic clues for your child to solve to find their first birthday gift. This would be lots of fun for an older child or if you want the birthday fun to last a little longer.


A Special Birthday Breakfast


Does your child have a favourite birthday breakfast treat for special occasions? Plan ahead to make sure you can find your child’s birthday treat at the shops. If not, you might need to order something online. Pancakes with syrup or waffles with ice cream are guaranteed winners that will make any birthday morning special. Go big and make waffles for all the family to share. A celebration birthday keepsake glass with a golden crown to wear all day will make your child feel special.


Waffle Maker

Make the most delicious birthday breakfast.


Creative Homemade Birthday Cake


While many professional cake makers and takeaway shops are still open, this might be a chance for you to stretch your creative cake making muscles. If you usually don’t have time to make a fancy birthday cake for your child, this would be something fun you can do together in the lead-up to the special day. Having all the kids help in the kitchen to create a birthday masterpiece is a fun way to build anticipation and make the birthday child feel special.


Make the birthday cake even more impressive with some unique birthday candles. A flashing lights birthday cake topper will light up even the most boring birthday cake! And a glittery Make A Wish birthday cake set with candles, a glittery cake topper, and a wishing wand will make their birthday cake special.


Birthday Cake Topper

An unforgettable addition to their birthday cake


Isolation Birthday Online Party


Being stuck at home doesn’t mean being stuck alone. There’s a range of apps that make it easy to see a group of friends online at the same time. Apps like Zoom and Houseparty make face to face interaction online heaps of fun. Even if your child’s friends just video call for a sing-along round of Happy Birthday and to blow out the candles, this is a great way for loved ones to be present and share the event. Take a screenshot or use a second device to record the birthday catchup – it will make for once-in-a-lifetime memory for your child.


Virtual Slumber Party


A great idea for a way to make an isolation birthday party fun for older kids is a virtual slumber party! Decorate the lounge room with balloons, move a mattress in front of the TV, pile it up with pillows, and charge your child’s device! They can connect with their best friends and watch a movie together on Netflix or chat with some face-time. There’s no regular school hours, so the kids can stay up talking all night long!


Best Isolation Birthday Gifts Online


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