Small Gift Ideas For Everyone & Every Occasion

Thoughtful Little Gifts That Will Have A Big Impact 

Are you looking for ways to express your love and gratitude or show you’re thinking about someone special? Sometimes the smallest gifts are the best. Small but sweet gifts are perfect for any occasion, are fun to shop for, and don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Plus, little gifts can be sentimental or practical, quirky or humorous! 


Small gift ideas can reflect your one-of-a-kind relationship and brighten someone’s day. You just need to give some time and thought to picking them out. Not only do you want to choose something that reflects their personality or interests, but it also needs to be good quality. A little gift may be a simple surprise and inexpensive, but the thought can mean the world to loved ones. So, here are our suggestions for sensational small gifts that will instantly raise a smile. Remember, it’s always the little things that matter the most!


What Can You Give As A Small Gift?

If you're looking for a small gift that will stand out from the rest, explore the Gifts Australia range for a unique choice of cute little gifts that cater to everyone’s taste. They’ll love these simple classic mini gifts, from creative and crafty to practical and posh. Before you settle back to search, browse through our roundup of the best small gift ideas for different people to make your shopping experience even more straightforward and fast! Our small gifts under $50 are both thoughtful and budget-friendly.


Small gift ideas for adults

1. Picnic Wine Holder Set

There's nothing better than combining wine and picnics! This three piece set makes a great inexpensive couples gift or small wedding gift idea. Pair with an inexpensive bottle of wine for that little extra.


2. Beer Bottle Wooden Caddy

Your beer-sipping loved ones are sure to adore this handy wooden drinks caddy with a built-in bottle opener. Just add some premium craft beers!


3. Everywhere You Go Travel Journal

For friends who are adventurers, this unique journal and guide is overflowing with uplifting ideas and insights to add to their fabulous memories.  


4. Campfire Call The Shots Dice Game

For endless competition and laughter till they cry, try this cool campfire cup and dice game with shot glasses and a boozy theme. 


5. Maggie Beer Cheeseboard

For anyone who enjoys entertaining (and cheese!), this small gift makes the ideal serving and sharing board for cosy get-togethers.  


Maggie Beer Cheeseboard


Small gift ideas for kids

There are so many occasions where you just need a little gift for kids, from stocking stuffers to that drawer full of smalls gifts under $20 for those last minute birthday invitations from school friends. 


1. Giant Sunflower Growing Kit

A bright, summery little gift for green-fingered family, this kit is complete with everything they need to grow beautiful sunflowers indoors or in the garden. 


2. Easy Fly Jelly Kite

For an inexpensive family gift idea that's not just for kids; a kite is for all fun-loving friends who love nothing more than a long tail of colourful streamers on a blustery day.  


3. Rainbow Jumping Putty

This little gift is big on fun! Stretch it, bounce it, snap it! This colourful putty can be moulded and even bounces for endless fun and laughter.


4. Make Your Own Doggy Treats

What could be better than a little gift to share with the family pooch. Kids will love cooking up some doggy treats with these recipe ideas and dog shaped cookie cutters.


5. Mini Vending Machine

Your sweet-toothed buddies will be excited about this tabletop lolly dispenser which you can fill with all their favourite sweets and candies.  


Sweet Treats Mini Vending Machine


Small gift ideas for friends

This selection of little gifts for friends could work as going away gifts, pick-me-up gifts for a get well present, or small birthday gift ideas.


1. Amber Water Carafe & Tumbler Set

For lovers of on-trend homewares, this is practical and stylish gift idea. It would work as a small housewarming present or hostess gift.


2. All-In-One Vlogging Tripod

Fun and functional, this is a small gift winner that's perfect for creating great videos, hands-free chatting, live-steaming, and travel vlogging.


3. Mensa Genius Test

Ideal for puzzle and game lovers, this Mensa quiz is a great way to challenge their minds and give them hours of fun and entertainment.  


4. Felt Bedside Pocket

Small useful gift ideas will always be appreciated, and this little organiser is something practical you can give to friends and coworkers.


5. Mug & Organic Tea Set

Perfect for any tea lover who needs a comforting big hug, treat them to this gorgeous mug and premium organic tea set. 


Robert Gordon Mug & Organic Tea Set


Small gift ideas for men

We love these budget-saving gifts for men. We've chosen a selection of lighthearted, small gift ideas for boyfriends, husbands, and coworkers.


1. Pocket-sized Insult Book

Every man in your life should know the world's finest insults, along with a fun commentary and the top insulting gestures.    


2. Cloud Weather Station

Small gift ideas for boyfriends or husbands don’t get any better than this whimsical (but useful!) desk or bedside table ornament. See what the weather is doing outside...


3. Daily Desk Plaque

The perfect small gift for any awesome business workaholic who likes to make the headlines every day around the office.  


4. iPad iBed

A versatile, nonslip lap pad with a soft microbead cushion that will make working and playing alike a comfy, relaxed affair. 


5. Classic Multi-tool Pen

Your favourite handyman will always have the tools for any job on the move with this pocket-sized, stylish black, easy-grip pen. 


Classic Multi Tool Pen


Small gift ideas for women

For a birthday or Christmas, it's easy to keep it budget friendly with these suggestions for little gifts for women to show appreciation. 


1. Luxe Pom Pom Slippers

Every woman needs at least one pair of cosy, fluffy slippers to pamper her feet and make a statement when relaxing at home.  


2. Buttons the Bunny

For a small cute gift for a girlfriend, Buttons is the most adorable and huggable plush toy she’ll never want to let go of.  


3. Spring Blooms Wine Tumbler

For a touch of glam, treat her to an eye-catching picnic and travel tumbler with a colourful flowery design for sipping on her favourite choice of wine (or coffee).  


4. Silk Eyemask

Pure Mulberry silk is the ultimate luxury, and this is an accessory she’ll love to use for some relaxation or uninterrupted beauty sleep.  


5. Personalised Heart Keyring

Perfect for any girl on the go, this gorgeous leather keyring in a heart shape means she’ll be thinking about you wherever she is. You can be sentimental without spending a lot of money.


Personalised Blush Leather Heart Keyring


How Can I Make My Small Gift Special?

You can make even the simplest gift extra special by including a heartfelt message. Have your present professionally gift wrapped and include a card with your message. Once you’ve found your cute small gift ideas, the little finishing touches in how you give them can make all the difference. It’s worth trying to show the thought you’ve put into personalising each item. It will make the moment extra special. 


Here are just four tried and tested ideas from Gifts Australia:

  • Connect your small gift to a shared memory or love, or something you laugh about whenever you’re together. 

  • Personalise cute little gifts and boost their charm by adding a handmade touch or engraving them with initials or a fun quote. 

  • Wrap it with love in beautiful gift wrapping and colours you know they’ll adore - make them excited to open it!

  • Include a personal note with your small gift that tells them why you’re sending it and just how special they are to you. 


Whatever the time of year, it’s handy to have a selection of small gift ideas up your sleeve. They’re also super for stocking fillers, birthdays, anniversaries and completely random occasions when you want to cheer someone up. Explore our gift collection for inspiration. We can even gift wrap them, add your message, and have them delivered to the doorstep!    


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