Rainy Day Crafts and Activities To Do Indoors

Rainy Days Don't Have To Take The Fun Away!


When the weather forecast is cold and grim, it's easy to feel down, especially if your weekend or holiday plans were all about heading out to meet friends and family. Rainy day things to do are often backup ideas when plans change, but it really doesn't have to be all doom and gloom! There's plenty of things you can do for fun over the winter holidays or when you're stuck inside at home on a rainy day.


You can get cosy with a good book or binge-watch your favourite series, but sometimes you're looking for something more captivating. The good news is we have several fun indoor activities to do at home you can indulge in to help the time pass. And if you have a family, we know you need a long menu of creative choices for ways to entertain kids at home on a rainy day!  


So, whether you've got small kids, roommates, family members, or you're living by yourself, we've got plenty of new suggestions to help you stay entertained this winter. Let the rain pour and stay snuggled with these activity ideas! 


Fun Activities To Do Indoors With Toddlers And Tweens


Have you got little ones or youngsters nagging you to let them go outside in the mud or rain? Unless you want to be washing all day, don't give in to them! If they're bored with the usual rainy day games, here are just a few ideas that will keep them happily occupied.


1. Create a lovely storybook

This is a fantastic way to keep toddlers upbeat and get them to enjoy being in your company. Let them narrate a fantasy story to you as you record it! You can replay the story as you draw fun illustrations for it and keep them busy colouring in your artwork. They'll have their very own storybook at the end, and you can even bind it and add it to their storybook collection.


2. Set up a scavenger hunts

For activities that get the kids moving, you can organise an indoor scavenger hunt. Set up clues that cleverly lead from one area of the house to the next. You can even use some of the clue destinations as checkpoints for snack breaks and rainy day games. That'll ensure everyone stays engrossed for hours in solving each clue and finding the final treasure.


3. Build a blanket fort

There's nothing quite as good as staying snug and warm on colder days when you're stuck at home. So, create a blanket fort with your child where you can snuggle and watch movies, read books or play games. Setting up is easy since you'll only need seats to work as the support frames and some blankets to throw on the top. Then add some throws and pillows for extra comfort as you relax.


4. Interactive craft activities

All kids love doing things with their hands, so help them pass the day with some creative craftwork. Whether messy or clean, there are several fascinating rainy day crafts for 4-year-olds that everyone can enjoy. You can tie-dye handkerchiefs, make your own slime from YouTube tutorials, create cardboard coasters, or even paint on household items like old mugs! We have a whole range of wacky science kits for messy fun and easy arts and crafts activity kits for kids.


Craft activities for kids

Fun Things To Do At Home With Family And Teenagers


For rainy day crafts for 12-year-olds and teenagers, painting projects and inside crafts are unlikely to hold their attention for long. Get creative with fun games, obstacle courses and activities to do indoors for kids and adults to share. They're guaranteed to grab their attention.  


1. Play a round-robin game

Ideal for any age, you can narrate a story in a round-robin format. Get everyone to sit in a circle, then start a story by giving the first one, or even five sentences. The person next to you then adds their own sentences to build on the idea you've started. You can have as many participants as you want for this game since it's all about new ideas. Having all the family involved means the story can take on hilarious scenarios based on everyone's creativity. If the teens aren't into improvised games, there's plenty of casual family games that are easy to play for all ages.


2. Make a home movie

We live in a digital age. So when you're wondering what to make on a rainy day, crafts should include creating a fun movie. The more people you have around for this, the better. Some can work on the script, while others look for costumes and set up props to enhance the movie. Film the entire thing, then hold a movie night at the end of the day where you all watch the premiere of your blockbuster movie. Make sure there are some snacks to munch on as you giggle away. 


3. Create an escape room

Have an exciting bonding session for the entire family with an escape room adventure at home. You can buy or download them or come up with your own logic games, riddles and puzzles. Of all the fun things to do at home when bored, this is sure to excite everyone. It's an engaging and rewarding family activity where everyone works together to solve the riddles so they can reach the next clue. Celebrate the final escape together with their favourite takeaway!


4. Cook creatively together

Making food is one of the best activities to do with kids indoors and a great way to turn a gloomy day bright again. Between the enticing smells and the anticipation of the upcoming feast, the fact that you're indoors will soon be forgotten. You can all share in preparing the family meal or choose to make snacks like cakes, cookies, or pizza. You can even let younger children decide on something fun to make or turn it into a major cooking competition for all the family. There are a whole range of recipe books for things to cook with kids and you can even bake snacks for the family dog!


Cooking with Kids


Find Rainy Day Activities From Gifts Australia


Board games, jigsaws, and fun family card games are always a hit for things to do on a rainy day. If you’re looking for fun things to do at home by yourself, it’s the perfect time to do the things you love. Plump up the sofa, order your favourite meal, or even start planning your next vacation. If creative things to do at home are more your thing, then teach yourself something new like mixology. Gain some valuable skills and have fun along the way. The possibilities are endless.


Whoever you’re with, forget about everything and ignore all the work you could be doing. Put on your cosiest ‘relax’ clothes, browse through Gifts Australia, and get inspiration from the many engaging ideas. From simple crafts for a rainy day at home with the kids to novelty adult games, there’s something for everyone. Embrace the day fully. It’s a time to recharge your batteries, connect with the people you love and laugh until it hurts. 




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