Our Top Gifts For Tea And Coffee Lovers This Winter


Gifts to impress the fussiest tea and coffee drinkers


If you’re shopping online for the perfect gift for tea and coffee lovers, we have the gift inspiration you need. In our winter tea and coffee gift guide, we’ll share some great tips for finding essential tea gifts and quirky coffee gifts for Mum, Dad, or your better half.


Tea gifts for women are easy! Give her a gorgeous tea set she’ll love using. Or for a special birthday present, buy your Dad or husband something to start his morning the right way with the perfect coffee gift for him.


Gifts for tea drinkers


Winter is the time for cosying up with a cup of tea and your favourite book. Nothing says “Do Not Disturb” like a pot of tea next to your comfy chair as you kick back with the latest gardening guide (or a trashy romance novel–we don’t judge). If you’re looking for inspiration for great winter warming gifts for a tea lover who deserves to relax, we’ll help you find the best tea gifts to surprise them.


A stylish new mug and some fluffy socks make an adorable gift. Or a fun selection of tea varieties in a little wooden tea caddy paired with a snuggly throw rug is a cute gift for people who just want to be cosy. Choose a selection of different teas including green tea, Earl Grey, English breakfast, herbal tea, and rooibos for them to try.


Unique gifts for tea lovers make the perfect Christmas in July present. If your friend is missing the sun, bring spring back early with a fun floral teacup. Tea gift sets complete with a gorgeous glass teapot will turn their afternoon cup of tea into an occasion to enjoy.


Chrysanthemum Teapot with Filter


If you’re buying for a serious tea drinker who is fussy enough to put coffee snobs to shame, they’ll be impressed by a caddy to keep their loose leaf tea perfectly fresh. The best tea gift for true tea lovers is a quality glass tea mug with infuser that lets them steep a perfect brew and enjoy their tea all in the one teacup.


Leaf & Bean Glass Tea Mug with Infuser


Gifts for coffee drinkers


Walking into a friend’s house to be greeted by the scent of freshly brewed coffee is a treat for the senses. If you’re looking for coffee gift ideas with a difference for a serious coffee drinker, or you’re looking for the best gift for someone trying to perfect their coffee making skills, we have the inspiration to help you find a gift they’ll love.


For anyone who loves good coffee, there’s more to it than finding the perfect coffee bean. While every serious coffee drinker will favour what they consider to be the best roasted coffee bean, they’ll probably also have a ritual for the way to prepare the perfect coffee. If you want to buy a gift for someone who loves treating themselves to café coffee because they can’t manage to make their own coffee as good as a barista, it’s time to look at their coffee making process.


It might take some trial and error with your chosen blend of fresh coffee beans to get a perfect cup every time, but here are some tips for brewing a cup of coffee to die for.


Prickle Berry Cactus Mug


Tips for how to make the perfect cup of coffee


Measure your coffee. The average ratio is 2 tablespoons of ground coffee to 175ml of water. That’s around 11 grams of coffee to a small cup of coffee. Perfect for if your coffee lover drinks espresso or a short black in a demitasse cup. If your coffee addict loves a large coffee mug or takes their coffee to go in a stainless steel insulated travel tumbler, they’ll need more ground coffee! Most Australians like a good sized coffee mug with around 350ml capacity and prefer to use 25 grams of coffee. For a consistently good brew, a good set of kitchen scales left on the counter next to all the coffee making gadgets will be a lifesaver.


Davis & Waddell Insulated Stainless Steel Cup


The size of the grind is also hugely important to the taste of your coffee. If roasted coffee beans are ground too fine or are over-extracted, the coffee becomes bitter. A good quality coffee grinder is a great coffee gift if you’ve found your friend’s coffee tastes bitter.


Water quality also affects the flavour of coffee. Tap water quality in Australia varies. If the mineral content is high in your area, invest in a good water filter. Use fresh water each time rather than re-boiling water that’s been left sitting in the kettle.


Water temperature is easy to control to improve the final flavour. The best water temperature for coffee is 96°C. A lower temperature will extract less of the bean’s nascent flavour notes giving a more bitter taste. To get the water temperature right, after you boil the kettle, wait about 30 seconds before you pour.


Tea and coffee gifts for caffeine enthusiasts


A great coffee gift set should include all kitchen accessories a coffee lover needs. A French Press or stove-top coffee espresso maker with a quality coffee sampler gift pack is an easy coffee starter set for someone interested in making nice coffee at home. Choose an insulated travel mug or a stylish coffee cup to suit their personality to make your gift unique. Gifts for coffee drinkers are easy! If they already have all the coffee accessories they need, then anything coffee themed from socks to wall art makes a fun gift.


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