Nostalgic Gift Ideas For Old-Fashioned Fun

Enjoy Living In The Past With These Nostalgic Gift Ideas

Do you love those wonderful old memories or have a flair for all things vintage? Whether you adore the 70s, 80s, or 90s it’s great fun to start up your time machine and enjoy all the things you loved from that era. There is something undeniably charming about retro style gifts. Whether it's their nostalgic vibe or simply their retro appeal, old-style gifts have a way of capturing our imaginations and tugging at our hearts. We bet your friends and family love them too (and old fashioned, retro toys are not just for the kids)!


Retro gifts and nostalgic toys are just one sweet way to transport everyone back to those heady times they fondly remember. If you, or someone you love, adores old school and vintage, you’re destined to make any special occasion even better this year. 


Surprise them with something unforgettable from this collection of timeless retro gift ideas. A handpicked vintage gift is so much more personal than something you found at the shops. It’s a world of endless possibilities that will, quite possibly, have them crying tears of joy.


7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Retro Gifts

All it takes is a little careful planning and thought, and you’ll be guaranteed to find the best vintage gift ever. Whether their passion is books, watches, antique jewellery, vintage homeware or collectible trinkets, you’ll discover something perfect. From practical homeware items like funky retro utensils, to classic toys that never lose their charm, these retro gift ideas offer a fun and entertaining way to brighten up any day. Aside from these gifts becoming meaningful keepsakes, here are even more reasons to choose them:


  1. Unique retro gifts make the perfect conversation starters for friends and loved ones

  2. You can start a collection and never have to worry about what to buy as a gift again

  3. Even new retro collectibles can increase in value over years if they’re well-cared for

  4. There’s something for everyone to suit their interests, hobbies and passions

  5. It’s highly unlikely that anyone else will buy exactly the same gift as you - ever!

  6. Vintage and old fashioned gifts help to preserve our wonderful culture and history 

  7. They conjure up the fondest of memories and those uncomplicated days of youth


Traditional teddy bears


What Are Good Nostalgic Gifts For A Birthday?

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to take your favourite people back in time with some nostalgia. Find out their favourite era or their geeky hotspot, and you’ll find modern vintage, kitschy retro and everything in between. There’s something for every personality, from cheeky novelty nostalgic toys to unique retro gifts. Choose something extra special like vintage jewellery, a fun retro game or super-cool gadgets for the office or home. You really can’t go wrong!


What Are The Most Nostalgic Toys?

Old fashioned toys are timeless gifts to entertain all ages and are guaranteed to be cherished. Often passed down, the best retro toys are likely to bring joy for several generations to come. Toys made our childhood filled with wonder, hope and excitement, so they make perfect nostalgic gifts. 


  • Tilly the Notting Hill Bear - inspired by vintage English design for the perfect heirloom

  • Hoppit Bounce Seat - a classic, colourful memory of those fun days spent bouncing

  • Pull Along Rainbow Snail - an adorable retro reminder of childhood for the nursery

  • Rainbow Bead Abacus - stylish old fashioned toy for retro educational play sessions

  • Paddington Bear Sitting Plush - an iconic 50s cute character everyone will adore  


Retro toys


What Are The Most Nostalgic Games?

For games, retro gadgets or video game nerds, there’s an absolute haul of throw-back gifts and goodies. Geeky gifts can often be a great place to start lookiing for insiration for retro games. These vintage gift ideas are designed for happy hours and having great fun. They’re ideal nostalgic gifts for dad and sure to please those games-obsessed loved ones at any age.


  • Mini Arcade Machine - quirky portable 80s nostalgia gift for some great reminiscing

  • Retro TV Games Controller - video games that celebrate history for any gaming fan

  • Retro Racing Game - the thrill of the old school arcade in a cool tabletop format 

  • Dinosaur Pinball Game - classic handheld pure retro fun hailing back to the 1930s

  • Retro Punch Machine - a mini finger-flicking version for vintage tournaments anytime 


Retro Arcade Machine


What Are Good Nostalgic Gifts For Vintage Lovers?

Friends who love great old fashioned things are usually a dream to buy for. Any vintage gifts will be a sweet surprise, and they don’t have to be expensive or collector's items. There are lots of ideas with the utter charm of times gone by that don’t have an eye-boggling price tag.


  • Katalina Pearl Set - old fashioned necklace and earrings for the vintage fashionista

  • Flower Press - a traditional nostalgic childhood activity to help preserve those beautiful memories

  • Train Set in Tin - a fabulously retro reminder of childhood updated with batteries!

  • Hardwear Survival Kit - one for adventurous gents complete with a vintage style tin

  • NASA Digital Watch - a modern watch with fabulous retro design makes a favourite nostalgic gift from the 70s


Retro Train Set In Tin



What Are Good Retro Gift Ideas For The Home?

For loved ones born in the wrong era, nostalgic gifts will add a heart to their home. These people love timeless style, so choose vintage gift ideas to bring memories to life. They’ll appreciate anything from a retro photo frame to a splash of colourful old-style storage. 


  • Fridge Lunch Box - retro-inspired metal fridge to fill with old fashioned lunches

  • Wedgewood Money Box - for when Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail are favourites

  • Mini Vending Machine - a sweet taste of nostalgia to dispense retro treats

  • Beer Bottle Caddy - an old fashioned wooden design with a modern twist 

  • Peter Rabbit Books - one for their retro collection in a classic boxed set   


Columbus Black & Gold Globe


Go Back To Simpler Times At Gifts Australia

Why not travel down memory lane with one of our unique retro gift ideas? You’ll find an exciting range of old fashioned wooden toys, vintage gift ideas and quirky accessories sure to conjure up happy memories. Ignite their senses with the sights and sounds of those heady childhood days. You can’t beat a bit of nostalgia for bringing people together and sharing fun and laughter as they reminisce.


Take a leisurely browse around the past, get ready to smile, and see what nostalgic memories these retro gifts conjure up!

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