New Relationship Gift Guide

New Relationship Gift Ideas for Someone You Just Started Dating

Being in a new relationship is a beautiful thing. You’ve found someone you connect with on a much deeper level, so it’s natural to get the urge to surprise them with a thoughtful gift. But with new relationships, the art of gifting can be uncharted territory. Before you get carried away, we have some gift giving tips for someone you just started dating.  


Established couples often gift each other as a show of appreciation. They can also surprise each other on special days that mark milestones they've reached together. You're only just getting to know your significant other’s likes and dislikes. So, giving certain presents within the first few weeks or months is an absolute no-no. Without intending to, you could wind up sending the wrong message!


If you need to find something for a birthday, work promotion or other celebration, we’re here to help with new relationship gift ideas for him and her. Choose from lighthearted, inexpensive gifts that’ll strike a perfect balance of affection and fun for a more subtle gesture. 


When Are Gifts In New Relationships Acceptable?

Before you even start thinking of a present, you need to know when and why you'd like to give it. While you're still new to your relationship, consider yourself safe with gifting during public holidays. These include Christmas gifts for a new relationship, Valentine's day, and New Year's Day. Surprising your significant other with something small and sweet on their birthday can also have great results.


Beyond this, you'll need to gauge the type of person you're dating. For instance, if they like to mark occasions, something like a cute one month anniversary present would earn you points. An excellent way to test this is by giving a random romantic card first. This will show they’re in your thoughts, and how it’s received will be a clear indicator of whether you're on the right track or not.


Fun, Flirty Gift Ideas For Someone You Just Started Dating

Thinking of the very first gift for your new love can send you down a rabbit hole as you try to figure out what's best. It’s an unnecessary pressure as it should always be a joy to give and receive. So, here are some unique gift suggestions to help steer your thought process in the right direction.


Gifts Under $50

You don't need to splurge on a pressie for a new relationship to make a statement, so keeping things simple and pocket-friendly will go a long way.

  • If your partner likes to travel, let them track their adventures with a scratch map. You could also go for personalised luggage accessories, travel and camping books or useful tools and gizmos.

  • Put thought into your gift with pampering presents like a heat pillow or relaxing spa products for him or her. Whenever they need to de-stress after a long day, they can chill out while thinking of you.

  • Technology lovers will adore any cool new gadget from an iPad iBed to a rechargeable book light. To keep it light, you could even treat them to their very own Mickey Mouse AirPods case!

  • Barware and drinks are great 1st gifts for a girlfriend or boyfriend. You can stick with their favourite tipple or choose cool accessories like wine preservers, can holders or a stylish shot glass serving paddle.


cocktail set


Home & Outdoor Gifts For Men

What gift should I give to my boyfriend for the first time? If you bonded over the wonders of nature or your love of a cosy home, your inspiration for boyfriend gift options are plenty.

  • For someone with an outside space, cute organic growing kits are a good idea. Gardening books, tools and gloves are other options to give them ideas on creating the green spaces they love.

  • If you're in a relationship with a foodie, you can go for unique cooking utensils or recipe books. Cool barbie tools and fun aprons are perfect for chefs who like to get adventurous with their culinary skills alfresco.

  • For someone that likes chilling out with a cold drink, fun glassware, unique coasters, or a chic canteen are perfect choices. Craft beer or cider, wine or champagne hampers will all make great gifts too.

  • Gentleman’s organisers are fabulous for neat freaks and workaholics. Gifts like a wooden desk organiser, bedside pocket, stylish lunch boxes or a BBQ caddy show them you value just how neat and tidy they are!


pizza board


Games & Puzzles For Her

One of the best simple gifts for girlfriends are exciting puzzles, board games or card games. They offer endless party fun and will help you learn new things about each other.

  • Colourful jigsaw puzzles are a good choice, especially if they’re related to one of her hobbies or pastimes. You can choose the level of difficulty, and even join in to see how quickly you can get it done.

  • Perhaps you like indulging in mind challenges together. If they are logic lovers, IQ card games will keep her engaged for hours. There are even genuine Mensa genius tests to keep her on her toes!

  • Casino sets, drinking and party games are all excellent choices for ladies who like to laugh. Gifts like the Ridley's Casino Night Game Set will keep the fun and action going on any games night at home.

  • For movie buffs and trivia fans, options like after dinner quiz compendiums and music or movie memory games will test their skills. Or for naughty new girlfriend gift ideas, treat them to an adult party game for some extra hilarious fun.


after dinner quiz games


Humourous Quirky Gifts

If your new significant other loves extraordinary things, we've got you covered too. Venture into the world of unconventional gift options to find the right choice for them.

  • Brighten rainy days with a Colour Changing Umbrella or cheer up every workday with vibrantly coloured humorous socks. There’s everything from a Bullshit Button to Jesus Soap to make them smile. 

  • Fitness fans will enjoy a Glow In The Dark Water Bottle, but you could also gift them a Punching Bag Laundry Bag to stay fit at home! Or try the 30 Day Vegan Challenge to really see what they’re made of. 

  • 360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses are sure to be a hit for a partner who loves new gadgets. Perpetual calendar cubes, executive essentials or a Dual Weather Station all make great gifts for their home or office. 

  • For adventurous spirits, there’s a whole host of exciting, quirky gift ideas. Budding astronomers can name a star or expand the Marvel universe with a fun wall chart. They can even build their own stunning Nanoblock Titanic!


VR headset


Sweet Ideas For A New Boo From Gifts Australia

Even if you've only been on three dates so far, we've got sweet gifts for new relationships that show you care without overdoing it! Browse by category to find just the right thing for a new boyfriend at Christmas, or a one month anniversary gift for your girlfriend, no matter what stage your new relationship is in.


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