Mindfulness Gifts For Wellbeing & Calm

Wellbeing Gifts That Encourage Mindfulness

We all need to take a break when we can and learn to breathe and administer some much-needed TLC. So many of us are busy with life’s daily demands and run from moment to moment. We simply forget about making time for self-care and how vital it is for our wellbeing. It’s time to connect and take time to smell those roses! 


Pausing to relax and completely clear your mind can do wonders for stress. It’s one reason why relaxation, self-care or mindfulness gifts are such a fabulous idea. From meditative gurus to newbies starting to explore mindfulness, there are a range of different wellbeing gifts for anyone who needs a moment to chill. 


Remember, there’s no “right” way to calm your mind or develop those daily little self-care rituals. Becoming more mindful is a journey, and will be a different process for everyone. From meditation to journaling or just escaping with a long bath and a good book, mindfulness should be something pleasurable to each individual. To help, we’ve curated some inspirational ideas that will surely boost anyone's journey to inner peace.


What Is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is about focusing on your feelings and using all five senses at that moment in time. It’s about slowing down and relaxing your mind and body with techniques we can all practice daily. With a focused effort, we can reap the benefits of mindfulness, including finding more happiness and meaning in our lives. It’s a habit that can quickly develop if you follow these five simple tips on ways to be more mindful. 

  1. Start mindfulness meditation as every new day begins when it’s quiet and peaceful. Don't immediately start rushing your morning routine. If you have a few minutes to yourself, focus on being thankful for the day ahead. 

  2. Take time to fully experience something with all five senses. For instance, when you’re preparing dinner, choose an array of colours, flavours and textures. Chew slowly, savour each mouthful, and enjoy the culinary experience.  

  3. Spending time in the beautiful outdoors is a great feel good gift you can give yourself. Taking a gentle stroll around your neighbourhood or exploring green spaces is the perfect way to get in touch with nature and connect. 

  4. Everyone has a hobby or something they love doing, so do more of it. It’s another excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness. Whether it’s gardening, painting or photography, connect with your creative side and enjoy those moments!  

  5. Being mindful means not avoiding your feelings and being in the moment exactly as it is. You might feel joy, but sometimes, you might experience sadness or other emotions. Learn to accept the moment fully and also to love yourself.  


Candle gifts


What Is A Good Mindfulness Gift?

Gifts to inspire mindfulness can be anything that draws attention to the present and helps someone to centre themselves in the moment. Good gifts to help practice mindfulness might be meditation gifts, journaling tools, or sensory products. Once mastered, mindfulness meditation can be a powerful technique that helps reduce anxiety and increase joy. Wellness boxes, self-care treats and mindfulness gifts can all help to create those special moments every day. Choose small indulgences or practical items that will motivate and inspire.  


Journaling tools

Create the mood for mindfulness meditation with a lovely guided journal. Choose a mindful journal with engaging activities to encourage positivity. 


Inspiring thoughts

To get them started on mindfulness, begin with inspirational gifts like empowering books, cute quotes or artwork that will inspire optimism and happiness.


Relaxing products

Try a cozy heat pillow, aromatherapy candle, or other relaxing gifts to encourage beginners to take time for themselves. Even a simple clay face mask can encourage stress relief and promote mindfulness. 


Zen treats

For zen experts who already practise mindfulness, something like a lovely meditation oil burner or 30-day yoga challenge will help them embrace life to the full. 


Meditation Hand Oil Burner


Hobby crafts

Let them take a break with something they love. It could be a creativity book, fun art supplies, their favourite gardening gloves or even funny stress relief gifts.


Self-care boxes

Pampering self care gifts with tea, a candle, bath salts, and a journal are wellness in a box and guaranteed to encourage them to take that mindful moment and focus entirely on themselves.


What Do You Put In A Mindfulness Box?

The idea of a mindfulness box is that it inspires mindful moments with its thoughtful contents. You could choose sensory items, practical mindful meditation gifts, favourite trinkets, or stress relief treats. Anything that changes the pace, soothes, or de-stresses is perfect. Aromatic scents, relaxation aids, bite-sized treats, a journal and pen, arts and crafts, soothing tea, and mindful reminders are all fabulous ideas. 


Luxury Tea & Relaxation Hamper


What Is A Mindfulness Journal?

Mindful journaling is the art of thoroughly examining what’s in your heart. It’s a valuable tool to ensure you check in with yourself every day and set some goals. It’s asking you to put the spotlight on yourself and get to know exactly who you are: personal values, your motives, why you think something. Mindful journaling makes you process emotions, explore why you feel a certain way and then let it go by writing it down. 


Why You Should Keep A Mindfulness Journal

It’s easy to spend too much time worrying about the future or obsessing about something that’s already happened. We can lose sight of small pleasures and what each new day has to offer. When you put it all down on paper, it helps to free your thoughts so you can move past them. Mindful journaling encourages exploring your quirkiness and facing feelings head-on. A mindfulness journal prompts you to stay focused and in the present moment. 

A Guided Journal

How Do I Create A Mindfulness Journal?

Starting a mindfulness journal is super fun and doesn’t need much time or effort. Start small with just a few minutes, morning and evening, to jot down a few notes. Reflect on challenges, what went well and things you’re grateful for. Practice gratitude, bring in positive energy and keep the big picture in mind.  


  • Invest in a beautiful journal and pens you love. Large pages let you write freely, and you can even find journals with inspiring little quotes to provoke thought. 
  • Find your cosy space and free some time. Choose somewhere you feel safe and comfortable - think good lighting, cushions or scented candles
  • Express yourself creatively and write what you feel. You can add doodles, sketches, photos or poetry - whatever helps you express your feelings. 
  • Try to focus using all 5 senses and write about a small detail you notice. It could be the rain, the steam from your coffee cup or an unusual sound.


Uplifting Wellness Gift Ideas From Gifts Australia

Unique gifts for mindfulness can touch your loved ones and provide comfort and cheer. They’ll always be received with joy, which is why our inspiring collection is brimming with ideas. You can spoil them with meditation gifts for mindfulness to suit each fabulous new day. There are truly pampering treats and unique mindfulness gifts that are perfect alone or as the creative contents of your very own mindfulness box. 




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