Inspiring Baby Books With a Positive Message

How To Choose Books For Tiny Hands And Pass On Your Passion

Do you adore reading books and want to pass your passion on? Or maybe you know it’s important to introduce reading to babies but aren’t sure how to go about it. Whether it’s your own cuddly bundle or a friend’s babe in arms, it’s a bonding experience not to be missed.


Reading to babies is actually a vital developmental experience for any little one. Books designed for babies are a building block to language, learning and brain development. There is a vast choice of fun, engaging, cute and colourful books to read for babies that parents will thoroughly enjoy.


Here at Gifts Australia, we love adding inspiring children's books with a positive message to our gorgeous baby hampers and range of books for babies. We know that during the day or at bedtime, nothing is quite as magical as snuggling up and reading baby a cute story. It will always leave you both smiling and wanting more!


Baby hampers with books


The 5 Big Benefits Of Reading Aloud To Your Little One

Babies are never too young to enjoy the soothing sounds and reap the many rewards of reading. According to research, they can respond to your voice even before they are born. So it’s never too early to start the daily ritual of enjoying books with your newest addition. The first few months can be fraught, but if you can start after three months, here are just some of the long-lasting benefits!


  1. Babies love to be held, cuddled, and spoken to gently all the time. Reading together is a wonderful opportunity for beautiful extra bonding sessions and sharing some extra quiet time.  

  2. Little babies love to watch and eventually imitate you. When you read to them, they slowly learn the basic reading concepts, like following pictures and text from left to right and turning pages.

  3. Reading aloud every day means they are continuously listening and learning about speech. It’s very soothing for little ones and helps with how to make sounds and basic speech patterns. 

  4. As they grow day by day, reading aloud will teach them many much-needed life skills. From language, colours, and counting to emotions, friendship and love, books hold many keys.  

  5. Reading babies stories will also help teach them about the world and, most importantly, stimulate their imagination. Fantasy and adventure are the most beautiful gifts you can give them! 


Little People, Big Dreams: Muhammad Ali


What Are The Best First Books For Babies To Enjoy?

Newborn babies don’t actually need any words in their first books, and you can just explore, play, and describe the pictures together. The best books for newborns to 1 year have high-contrast images and bright colours, faces and fun. As they focus best from about a baby arm's length away, reading is perfect for a big cuddle and plenty of entertainment. 


  • Choose baby books with large pictures or bold illustrations with a sharply contrasting background. Keep it simple and fun with just one inspiring illustration on each page.

  • Newborns will love picture books without any text or just a single word. But, you can also use books with short sentences so that they hear you using everyday language. 

  • Baby books should be appealing and interactive. Think about colourful board books for babies or cute cloth books that they can touch and feel as you read aloud. 

  • Your bundle of joy will always want your full attention, so reciting traditional songs, verses or nursery rhymes while they look at pictures is a lovely way to bond.

  • Keep it simple for the first few months and stick to their favourites. Reading familiar books with positive messages is reassuring, and they’ll soon get to know and love them.


What To Look For When You Select Inspiring Baby Books

Indestructible pages 

Paper is pretty sure to be destroyed or eaten, so select chunky baby books made from indestructible materials like cardboard, plastic, or tactile fabrics. Babies can then enjoy gripping and bashing the pages or even putting them in their mouths! 


Familiar images

Books with simple, well-known, positive images will encourage babies to remember and promote cognitive development. If you have a furry ginger cat or their favourite toy is a stuffed bunny, then choose a book with similar pictures.


Books with cute faces

Newborns and small babies love nothing more than staring at and watching the movements of your face. They often connect by gazing into your eyes, so try to find books that are beautifully illustrated with pictures of baby or animal faces.


Interactive fun

Babies, however small, all love interacting, and interactive books will allow them to develop manual dexterity. Go for books with texture to feel and touch, flaps to lift or holes for little fingers. These are always great fun, and let them actively be part of the inspiring story.


Travel time

Always have a few favourite baby books that are small and portable with not so many pages. These will be your travel companions and can easily be packed in your baby tote. Then you are ready for some bonding entertainment for family and friends wherever you are. 


Books with positive messages

Baby books with positive, life-affirming and inspiring messages will be read and re-read throughout their lives. They’re like warm security blankets and often stay with us well into adulthood. Starting early can make a profound difference to children’s mindset and wellbeing.


Classic & modern

All those gorgeous classic baby books are loved for their superb storytelling. Their timeless nostalgia deserves a place in your nursery as the foundation for their new collection. Mix them with vibrant new titles for a modern outlook, a quirky twist, or fantastic illustrations. 


Playful Baby Books


Give The Gift Of Reading With Positive Baby Books From Gifts Australia

Inspire a love of reading with stories you adore, like Jemima Puddleduck or Peter Rabbit, that are as wonderful now as when they were written. Some of the best baby books 2021 include new titles like Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls and High Five to the Boys, making great gift books for baby showers.


The team at Gifts Australia always love adding new baby books to our range, like the Little People: Big Dreams range of inspiring books for growing minds. These heartwarming books share the lives of young children who had big dreams. From designers and artists, to scientists and activists, the Little People: Big Dreams library of baby books tell the story of everyday people who became well-known for following their heart and their dreams. A wonderful message for any young baby to hear again and again.


For a wonderful gift basket for a christening or to welcome a baby, we've also created newborn baby hampers with books for that extra sprinkling of wonder and joy. Our baby book gift baskets are packed with carefully selected choices of essential soft babywear, the very cutest cuddly toys and delightful accessories, plus you can personalise a hamper with your choice of baby book. The beautiful books in our baby hampers are all specially chosen to delight, engage and encourage reading from baby’s first days.


Our new range of baby hampers with books are beyond beautiful so take a peek! Or explore the full range of book for babies at Gifts Australia.  




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