Tips & Ideas For Planning The Perfect Picnic

Our Secrets To Putting Together The Perfect Picnic

Planning the perfect picnic can be a lot of fun, but it's important to keep things simple. The best thing about picnics is that they are a fun and relaxing way to spend a day, so you want your picnic planning to be equally hassle-free. Putting some thought into what you need for a picnic and even keeping a bag packed and ready to go means you'll always be ready for an impromptu picnic.


From planning a romantic picnic date to fun family picnic ideas, we have suggestions for putting together the perfect picnic. We also have ideas for fantastic picnic gifts to make outdoor entertaining fun.


What are some tips for having a successful picnic?

There are a few things to keep in mind when packing for a picnic:


  • Bring along plenty of food and drinks, as well as plates, cups and napkins.

  • Make sure to pack foods that can be eaten without utensils, like sandwiches and fruit, sliced cakes, or nibbles.

  • Pack a blanket and pillows to sit on, and don't forget sunscreen and bug repellent!

  • Bring a ball or other games and activities.

  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the beautiful weather!


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How to choose the perfect picnic spot

When it comes to picnics, one of the most important things to consider is finding the perfect spot. After all, you want somewhere that’s both scenic and comfortable, with plenty of room to spread out your food and relax. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect picnic spot:


  1. Consider your surroundings. You’ll want to pick a spot that’s pleasing to look at, so take into account the scenery around you. A beautiful view can make your picnic all the more enjoyable.

  2. Make sure there’s plenty of space. You don’t want to be cramped up in a small area or surrounded by people – make sure there’s plenty of room to move around and set up your picnic blanket.

  3. Consider the weather. If it’s a hot day, you might want to pick a shady spot to keep cool. Or if it’s windy, you might want to choose a more sheltered location.

  4. Think about accessibility. If you’re picnicking with small children or elderly people, you’ll want to make sure the spot is easy to get to and that bathroom facilities are nearby.

  5. Make sure it’s clean. You don’t want your picnic to be ruined by rubbish or opportunistic wildlife, so take a look around before you set up and make sure the area is clean and safe for the kids to run around.


How do you pack for a picnic?

Well, it depends on what you're packing. If you're packing food, you'll need a cooler or insulated bag to keep it cold. If you're packing drinks, you'll need a way to keep them cold, too. Putting food in individual bento boxes or tupperware containers that double as storage and serving containers makes setting up and packing away a picnic a lot easier.


You'll also need a basket or backpack to carry everything in. And don't forget the blanket! If your picnic location is some distance from the car, make sure you pack everything so it's easy to carry. When you pack everything, make sure to put your picnic blanket on top where it's easily accessible. You'll want to spread it out first when you arrive and then arrange everything else on top.


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Games to play at a picnic

A good picnic is about more than just the food; picnic activities are just as important.


Games for a picnic can be as simple as tossing a frisbee around or as complicated as playing a full-blown game of soccer. It just depends on what you and your friends are in the mood for. If you want something that will get everyone up and moving, try a scavenger hunt or a giant game of tag. If you have a lot of people picnicking with you, you could also try silly races or a game of cricket. Make the most of the weather. If it's hot, pack water play games. If there's a breeze, bring along a kite. And don’t forget to bring a card game or quick-play board games – there’s always time for some good old-fashioned classics like Banagrams or Go Fish!


What are the best picnic gifts?

If you’re shopping for a picnic lover, there are so many things you can buy that they will love. Gourmet food gifts for a picnic will always impress. Creating a DIY picnic basket gift is a great way to create a gift specific to them.


Popular camping and picnic gift ideas can include anything from a picnic blanket to a cheese board or fun outdoor games. More expensive ideas for picnic lovers include portable camping BBQ, esky, fold-out picnic table, or quality picnic basket set.


If you’re buying gifts to bring to a picnic, you could also bring along snacks and drinks, or a game to play once you've settled in for the day. Whatever you choose to bring, make sure it's something that will make your picnic experience more enjoyable and more comfortable! 


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What is the difference between a picnic basket and a hamper?

A picnic basket is a container made of wicker, straw, or some other lightweight material, often with a handle and sometimes with a lid. It is designed for packing food and drinks for an outdoor picnic. While a hamper is traditionally a large basket used for storing clothing, linens, or other household items. It is more common these days for people to use the word hamper to refer to a collection of foods or other items presented as a gift. 


If someone has asked for a picnic basket as a gift, they are likely to mean a portable container to store a selection of plates, tumblers, cutlery, a blanket, and other essentials to take on a picnic. While a picnic hamper is more likely to refer to a gourmet gift basket of foods to take on a picnic like biscuits, cake, crackers, dips, and sweet or savoury snacks to share. If you're looking for picnic basket gift ideas, a picnic food hamper is perfect.


What makes the perfect picnic?

A picnic doesn't have to be an impeccably well-planned gourmet affair. Some of the best picnics are spontaneous affairs with good friends, good food, and lots of laughs. The secret to creating the perfect picnic is simply to share it with those you love. Keep your picnic planning simple with easy finger foods and ready-to-go picnic accessories and you will soon be enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the sun every weekend.


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