Ideas For Fun Things To Do For Teenagers

Creative Ways To Pass The Time With Bored Teens And Tweens

Teens are notorious for getting bored quickly and being difficult to keep entertained. When they're not out and about with friends, glued to their phones, or the weather's cold and grey, it can be a real challenge. Teenagers crave constant interactive activities to keep them busy. So what do you do to entertain a teen? If you’re desperate for ideas for things to do at home when you're bored for a teenager, you’re not alone.


Teenagers love to have adventures, play, experience and laugh! If you can find a shared activity that includes some of these, boredom will be a thing of the past. We also have ideas for if your teen is home alone and looking for things to do. Creating new experiences for your young adult makes for moments of bonding, life-long memories and can even inspire them with a new hobby. 


Here are just a few ideas from the team at Gifts Australia for great gifts for teens and ideas for fun things to do for a teenager when boredom has set in. These interesting activities will help them to indulge their passions, enjoy new things, and have a great time while they do!


Things To Do During School Holidays For Teenagers

The school holidays can seem unbearably long if you have a teenager moping around the house all day. Giving them an endless list of chores for the holiday doesn't help the situation either. In many ways, they’re still reliant on their parents for a fun time when they're bored.

Instead of getting frustrated with them, look at some creative and fun things to do for teenagers to keep them happily occupied. While you can browse our complete range of gifts for teenage boys as well as our gifts for teenage girls to give them something new, we also have suggestions to help.


Movie and series binge-watching 

Reduce the monotony by leaving certain days or nights free for some entertaining screentime. Keep an eye out for series and movies that your teen would enjoy watching with you. It's a great way to encourage their interests while also spending time together. Plate up everyone’s favourite food and snacks, stay up late if you want, perhaps even do midnight movies. It’s a special event that can even turn into a lovely family tradition.


Play video games together

If your teen loves video games, then this is an excellent option for you. Stock up your gaming library with releases your teen will love. Also, invest in some multiplayer options that you can team up on or compete against each other. Scheduling family gaming time means they'll spend less time playing by themselves, and it’s interactive fun. Everyone will enjoy the competitive spirit and challenge, especially if you celebrate the wins with pizza! 


Start a book club

If you're a family that likes nothing more than delving into literature, then you can start a fun book club. Books connect us and can provide the whole family with a shared one-of-a-kind experience. You can choose a few fiction and non-fiction books to expand your teen's knowledge on different literary fronts or choose funny, lighthearted subjects. You could even invite close friends and extended family members to join in on the action.  


Organise cooking challenges

Cooking is one of our favourite creative things to do when bored for teenagers. Bonding over delicious food is the easiest way to get any teenager's immediate attention. Organise some cook-along and bakeoff challenges each week to help them improve their culinary skills. You could start with easy things to cook before progressing to more complex meals or family recipes. Spending quality time in the kitchen is great fun, and you can try anything from gourmet dinners to tasty gingerbread houses! 


Lunch Cookbook


Things To Do At The Beach For Teenagers

Teens have endless energy, so get active outside whenever you can. If ideas for hikes and days out have been exhausted, the beach offers endless possibilities to keep teens entertained. That's thanks to the expansive spaces, perfect weather conditions, and, of course, the water. Besides swimming and surfing, get creative with exciting activities you can do together as a family. 


Get scavenger hunting

Sand offers the perfect medium to help you bury some exciting treasures and cryptic clues for a scavenger hunt. You can go early to set up all your clue points or make it easy with a list of collectables like shells and coloured pebbles. A mouth-watering picnic basket will make this an enjoyable day-long affair for everyone.


Get artistic with sand and beach sculpture

You don’t have to be artistic to turn the beach into your private art studio. Whether it's a drawing competition, building a fortress or making sand sculptures, these are activities the whole family will enjoy. Your teen might like to try their hand at creating a perfectly balanced zen pebble tower for a fun way to enjoy nature while also calming their mind. 


Get sportingly competitive

The open spaces offer great opportunities for any number of fun sports or athletic pursuits. You can set up a game of beach skeeball, bocce or volleyball. Beach relays, a friendly tug of war session, and even frisbee is super fun. When teenagers are really bored, nothing beats burying a person for bringing out their competitive spirit! 


Outdoor games for teens


Things To Do At A Sleepover For Teenagers

Whenever your teen can't head out with friends, then a sleepover will add some excitement. Call a few of their best friends over for a fun-filled evening. It's great to choose a theme for entertainment and activities, but most teens adore sleepovers, so anything will hit the spot!  


Have a themed dinner party

The sleepover can have a country or holiday theme that the youngsters need to decorate and dress up for. Create a dinner and snack menu around it, too, and everyone can bring a course or nibbles. This way, everyone comes early and starts getting settled in. Don’t forget the pancake breakfast bar for the morning!


Host an indoor campout

If you’re wondering what things to do for a teenage girl sleepover as a change from spas and makeovers, try camping. It’s just as much fun inside as outside, especially if you hire some colourful tepees. Then let them gather around the fire, turn out the lights, roast marshmallows and swap spooky stories. They’ll love it!


Play puzzles and board games

Instead of leaving your teens to their own devices or videos for the night, have some exciting board games or challenges ready. For younger teens, you could participate in a few games to get them going, then leave them to enjoy the rest in peace. It will not only be fun, but it also helps them learn more about each other and build stronger friendships. For older teens, set them up with snacks and a variety of games and they’ll be entertained for hours.

Board Game For Teenagers


Productive Things To Do For A Teenager

Things to do at home for teenagers can also go beyond fun activities. Use their free time as a way to help them grow in other ways as well. It's never too early to get your teen involved in community initiatives in your area by volunteering. Besides this, there are many worthwhile environmental causes that might spark their interest. For fun things to do in Sydney, Melbourne, or Newcastle for teenagers who might be in lockdown for a while, they might enjoy learning a musical instrument, a new language, or stocking up on books, art supplies, or STEM activity kits.


Free time is a fantastic opportunity for your child to learn new skills and experience life. Help them sign up for relevant virtual classes or look for short introductory lessons that will help them try out a new pastime. If you’re searching for inspiration, take a wander through the Gifts Australia collection. It’s packed with inventive ideas, from games and books to educational STEM toys to help fire their imagination and creativity. Your teen will certainly never be bored again! 


STEM gifts for teens




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