Ideas For Celebrating Your One Year Anniversary

1st Anniversary Gifts And Celebrations Your Sweetheart Will Adore 

Time flies when you're having fun. You found someone special, started dating, got engaged and finally, wedding bells marked the day you became one. Before you know it, a full year will soon have passed since the day you said, "I do," to your soulmate. 


So how can you mark the special occasion of your one year anniversary as you wait for more years of wedded bliss together? There are plenty of romantic anniversary ideas to make the day memorable, depending on what you both enjoy. So, roll out the red carpet, put on your thinking cap, and prepare to have some fun!


And, in case you need gifts for a special couple or your sweetheart, the team at Gifts Australia have been brainstorming. We have a few creative ideas for anniversary gifts to surprise them with to show your love and support their first exciting marriage milestone!


1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas That Stick To Tradition

Traditionally, the very first year of marriage is marked by paper-themed gifts, and more recently, clocks! So if you need a handy guide on paper anniversary ideas, our tips should prove helpful. Once you’ve got some inspiration, you can even tie them into the next wedding celebration with cotton anniversary gift ideas. Choosing a memorable theme to run through the milestones is a surefire way to show your love! 


Send Love With Wonderful A Card Message

Any kind of sentimental anniversary card idea is sure to please, as long as it has a sincere message with all your happy wishes for the future. You can choose a romantic anniversary card with a stylish his or hers theme if you're gifting your spouse. Alternatively, you can make it unique by writing a poem, quoting a song they love or even sharing a joke. To make the moment even more memorable, take one-year anniversary ideas to a different level by sending a replica of the wedding invitation card and frame it as a surprise! 


Inspire Them With Books

For many, a beautiful book is one of those enchanting wedding anniversary ideas that will never be forgotten. If you know your spouse's favourite author, try and get them the first edition and help them start creating a lifelong collection. Anything goes for the love of your life, from cherished childhood books to travel books for their next adventure. To gift a couple, focus on what they like doing together. For instance, if it's sports or gardening, you can treat them to a book full of ideas on what they can indulge in and enjoy as a team. If you were lucky enough to marry your best friend, the gorgeous I've Been Meaning To Tell You is a wonderful paper anniversary gift to share with a soulmate.


Soulmate book gift


Choose Uplifting Artwork

When it comes to artwork, prints and posters, the paper anniversary ideas and possibilities are endless. Whether it's a gift for your other half or a gift to the lucky couple, you can choose from:


1. Framed portraits - This could be an artistic representation of their favourite wedding photo, a treasured photo of them together, or an image of either one of them. Choose a gorgeous large frame, create a photo collage, or opt for a smaller version that fits nicely on a desk.


2. Sentimental quotes - Find a quote that reflects your feelings and journey together, with your hopes for great times in the future. You can get it written in calligraphy to make it stand out, or have it encased in a double-sided glass frame with a photo on the other side!


3. Poster signage - Ensure everyone that visits your home or the happy couple is aware of their blissful union. Signage for the door or mailbox is a cute idea and can include their names, wedding date and a warm quote. Have it in a house-shaped frame to give it a homely feel!


4. Travel maps - For a couple that believes in shared adventures, a travel map is a great 1 year anniversary idea. You can mark it with memorable events like where they met, their first holiday together, or even their wedding venue. Then let them fill in their ongoing travels on life’s journey. 


If you prefer to go with clock-themed gifts, which signify the passing of time, there are ways to ensure you gift something unique. You can gift a vintage watch, a limited edition, or even a slate or crystal clock. Make the gift more meaningful by engraving the clock face or the back of the wristwatch or adding a photo as a beautiful memory. 


You Only Live Once book


Fun And Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas To Celebrate Life

As well as looking for gifts for your loved one, you can’t let this special day pass without some unique activities. Start your celebration early with a delicious breakfast or perhaps a lie-in with sparkling champagne. Then arrange some cute anniversary ideas, from watching the sunrise together to anniversary dinner ideas that add a splash of romance. 


Recreate your first date - Try and include as much detail as possible, from the venue to the meal and any other activities you enjoyed during your first date. It will be fun to explore how far you've come together from that very first time together. 


Make an anniversary journal - Use a lovely journal and detail every significant event you've been through since marriage. You can add photos and memorabilia so you can remember every tiny detail over the years to come.


Get some R&R together - Your anniversary is a great time to unwind, relax, and bond with your partner. So, go ahead and arrange a relaxing date that ends with you spending the night at a luxury hotel or a cosy bed and breakfast.


Set up a scavenger hunt - Use cryptic clues from milestone events throughout your first year of marriage. Set up a fun scavenger hunt indoors or outdoors with lots of hidden treasures, small anniversary gifts and tasty treats.


Set up a candlelit dinner - Anniversary ideas at home aren’t complete without cooking up a gourmet meal together. Once all the courses are ready, arrange a romantic candlelit setting, either indoors or outdoors. Then pop open the champers and raise your glasses! 


Plan a second honeymoon - Arrange a mini-vacation that you can count as a second honeymoon. You can pick the same location as your original honeymoon or arrange something similar at a different destination. You can even go on a road trip, a camping adventure or just a weekend excursion to get away together.


Camping Cook Book


Whether you’re searching for 1-year anniversary gift ideas for boyfriends or inspiration for milestone weddings, Gifts Australia is here to help. With hundreds of thoughtful and unique options, there’s a gorgeous choice for every celebration. You’ll even find something quirky and funny to share a smile with your soulmate. 




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