I Miss You Gifts For Friends Far Away

Happiness Is ‘Just Because’ Gifts From Those You Care About

We all love unexpected gifts, especially if they arrive from an unexpected source or in an unexpected way! When you're missing a friend or are away from your partner, then there is no better way to reach across the miles than with a long distance relationship gift to let them know you are thinking of them.


It's human nature to want to treat the people we care about, whether there’s something to celebrate or not. Sometimes we really don’t need any excuse to surprise them with a beautiful small gift or something to make them laugh aloud. It shows we value that closeness and the shoulder they lend to lean on if things aren't going our way. But being apart on a special occasion like Valentine's Day or a birthday is even harder.


Life always brings about changes that separate us from our close friends or loved ones. It could be that your significant other is a FIFO worker, or a friend has moved away for a job or studies. Sometimes visiting them often is difficult, and other times you find yourself continents apart. So, how can you let them know they're still constantly on your mind? By sending them some thoughtful and exciting I Miss You gifts!


Love you to the moon and back

Send Spontaneous Gifts For Someone You Miss

You can always call or text the person you miss to catch up, but the perfect way to make your feelings known is through gifting. With a meaningful surprise present, they'll always think of you whenever they see or use the item. Plus, you know they’ll be smiling as they rip off the packaging. 


For your gifts to have the most impact, think about the things they enjoy or love the most. You could also choose something that reminds them of wonderful moments you've shared together. 'Just Because' gifts or 'I Miss You' gifts for your loved ones tell them you miss them every day in every way. Staying connected while you are apart will keep help keep your relationship alive.


What Are Just Because Gifts?

Getting presents for birthdays and other celebrations is easy since they're events tied to specific dates of the year. But missing someone can happen at any time. So sending gifts whenever you've thought of them are called Just Because gifts. They’re lovely little gestures for whenever you'd like to surprise the person you're missing just to let them know you are thinking of them. These kinds of gifts can be big or small, cute or quirky. Spontaneous just because gifts are especially important for a long distance relationship. Depending on your mood while you shop, you could get:


Fun gifts for someone you miss - give them an entertaining surprise or help keep their spirits up. Fun gifts are perfect when you’re missing a friend and times you shared together. It could be a comical new book, a trendy jigsaw puzzle, Mensa challenges, or even trivia games.


Something quirky to brighten their day - appeal to their unique sense of humour or make them guffaw out loud. Quirky gifts are guaranteed to get you remembered every day. You could send crew socks with funny messages on them or anything that appeals to their wacky side.


Something unique to remind them of you - share novelty items you've come across or send something you think they'll find interesting. From inspirational wall décor to a cloud weather station, there’s always an exciting accessory to add to their office desk or kitchen counter. When they look at your gift, they'll think of you.


Love plaque


What Are I Miss You Gifts?

Whenever you're in a sentimental mood, something more thoughtful will really get your feelings across. To achieve this, you'll need items that hold meaning for both of you. I Miss You gifts express what connects you, memories that you share, and the joy your relationship brings. It could be something homemade, a treasured keepsake or just a gift you know they’ll love to use. Here are some simple ideas to get you thinking:


Personalised missing you gifts - if you’re feeling sentimental, jewellery, leather bags, travel goods, and even BBQ tools can all have their initials added. Or go one step further by including a sweet message like 'Happiness is receiving a little gift on an ordinary day'.


Handy gadgets - as you know all their hobbies and pastimes, get them some on-trend items to pimp out their home. A stylish cocktail shaker set or an iPad iBed, for example, will ensure they always think of you as they tap away and enjoy a few late-night drinks. 


Pampering hampers - if enjoying some R&R was one of your go-to hobbies together, then a thoughtful hamper will go down a treat. A little of what they love, soothing skincare, drinks, sweets or delicious food, will ensure they unwind while thinking of you. 


pamper hampers


What To Do When You Miss Someone Like Crazy

Since the aim is to give them a wonderful surprise, you can get creative with your gift ideas when you’re missing a friend or for a long distance relationship. Why not prepare a fun I Miss You care package with instructions on what to do when you miss each other. Besides containing thoughtful gifts, you can add a to-do list or activity calendar. This way, you can indulge in similar things during your free time and share photos or compare experiences whenever you get in touch. 


For a special occasion, like being apart on Valentine's Day, you can plan a gift exchange in advance where you each choose a surprise present to have delivered. Make a virtual date, get dressed up, and then face-time to catch up. You can each unwrap your gifts so you can see their reaction to your surprise. Putting some extra effort into your long distance Valentines Day ideas makes missing your other half a little easier.


Whatever you choose, make regular times to catch up and share the little moments as well. Sharing thoughts throughout the day will feel like you're still a crucial part of their lives. Even if you're far apart, the distance won't hinder you from sharing fun, loving moments, or life-changing experiences. As a plus, you'll always know each other's schedules. This means you can also give them a surprise visit whenever you can. What could be a better I Miss You gift than getting to see them in person!


Sweet Just Because Ideas From Gifts Australia

Missing the people you care about can be painful, regardless of how well your life is going. The best time to surprise them with gifts that say I miss you is anytime! A box of incredible goodies, small gifts or fun items will all reinforce your relationship and send your love across the miles. No matter where they are in Australia from Perth to Melbourne gift delivery, we can help you send your love. 


There’s no better place than Gifts Australia to find the perfect I Miss You gifts for every type of personality. Show someone just how much you love and miss them with a sweet thought or a whimsical treat from our collection. From romantic or inspirational gifts to quirky varieties, we promise you'll never run out of things to send that special someone when you yearn for their company.




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