How To Help A Friend Through A Break-Up: The Dos & Don'ts

How To Mend A Broken Heart

Heartbreak might be a part of life, but getting through a breakup with your self-esteem, dignity, and sanity intact takes a little help from your friends. If your best friend has recently had a relationship end, it’s important that you be there for them while they heal. No matter why the breakup occurred, you will have a minefield of no-win situations to navigate in order to support your friend. If you have a friend who is going through a rough time after a breakup, we have some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help you both survive. To make it easier for you to help mend a broken heart, we also have some perfect ideas for great breakup gifts for friends. Because, sometimes, it really is the thought that counts!


The Dos & Don’ts of Helping a Friend Through A Break-Up


Do Listen


You might have already heard the rant about why the ex was a total loser, how her life is ruined, how he never deserved her, or how she’ll never love again... it doesn’t matter. Let your friend talk. Even if you have to hear the same conversation over and over again, clearly this is something your friend needs time to process. If talking out loud and having a sounding board helps her deal with the emotions of a breakup, then being there with an open ear and an open heart is the most important thing you can do.


If you’re looking for a way to make the process easier, journaling might be a good way for your friend to work through her emotions. A break-up journal or diary should be the first breakup gift you buy your friend – even if she just uses it to write letters to her ex and then burns the whole thing in a month’s time.


Diary Journal


Don’t Judge or Give Unwanted Advice


While you might be able to see the situation more clearly from the outside, it’s not your place to tell your friend how they should or shouldn’t be feeling or what she should do next. Maybe you always knew he was wrong for her, maybe you think she’s over-reacting (wasn’t it just a summer fling?) or maybe now that she’s single you think it’s the perfect time for her to go for that big promotion at work. Keep it to yourself. Offering logistical advice (like where to buy a new bed, or the best essential oil candles to get the smell out of the bathroom) is one thing, but leave the serious stuff for the professionals. You’re in the best position to cheer her up with sweet breakup gifts and hugs but encourage her to seek counselling if it looks like she needs more help.


inspiring book gift


Do Check-In


Be there for your friend. Being suddenly single, she’s probably feeling lonely and doesn’t know what to do without her SO by her side. Remind her that she’s not alone. From a simple text message to turning up with a bottle of wine – there’s plenty of simple things you can do to make her feel supported. Unless the ex is truly 100% out of the picture, don’t send flowers. While a gorgeous bouquet delivered to work might be exactly the right breakup gift to brighten your friend’s day, if there is even the slightest chance she might think your breakup gift is actually an attempt at reconciliation from the ex, you will only cause more hurt.


If she really needs pampering, splurge with a sparkling wine and chocolates hamper grab a movie, and spend the whole weekend in your pyjamas together on the couch toasting to solidarity. Make it fun and uncomplicated. The best breakup gifts for friends show that you’re willing to stick by them when times are tough. If you don't live nearby, then a hamper still works as a break up care package delivery that she can drown her sorrows in.


wine and sweet treats hamper


Don’t Joke About Her Pain


It can be tempting to want to distract your friend, or try and get her to see the funny side of things to encourage her to move on. Don’t. If you are still thinking of ideas for breakup gifts to help your friend, then it is too soon for humour. Novelty breakup books are fine once the dust settles. For now, stick with pampering gifts and ways to soothe: scented candles, a new body lotion, a box of new tea flavours to try, or a snuggly blanket (for cold nights alone on the couch – but don’t mention that part) are simple breakup gifts for friends that aren’t expensive.


candle gifts


Do Stuff Together


Make plans for next week or next month. Having something awesome to look forward to can make it easier to get through the day when you’re feeling fragile after a breakup. Sometimes the best gift is just the chance to spend some low-pressure time together with friends. Plan a girls’ weekend away or do something neither of you has ever done before! Head off on a motorbike adventure! Sign up for a pastry baking or cooking class. Or even a breakup cake making experience! Make great new memories to replace the bad. Shared experiences are perfect breakup gifts for friends.


Even Though, A Book Of Support


Don’t Go Overboard with A Make-Over


Often, a breakup is a time of self-reflection and looking at priorities. It’s a good chance to re-evaluate your current life circumstances and see what you really want from life. Your friend might decide she doesn’t like her current hairstyle, her wardrobe, the curtains, or the dog. It might be tempting to want to jump head-first into a plan to ‘start fresh’ or be ‘out with the old and in the new’. Self-care gifts should be a priority, but there is a fine line between rediscovering your sense of identity as a single woman and going overboard with a post-breakup makeover.


Definitely get her a gift voucher for a new haircut. But maybe suggest waiting a couple of months for a new tattoo. If putting on ‘his favourite’ perfume every morning makes her think of him, buy her something new, ASAP! Jewellery can also make a sweet breakup gift for a friend, especially if her old jewellery holds too many painful memories.


jewellery gifts


The Best Breakup Gifts For Friends


If you’re looking for the best gifts to cheer up your friend after a breakup, Gifts Australia has everything you need: pampering gifts, soul-soothing gifts, empowering journals, experience gifts, and plenty of wine hampers that we can get to you FAST! Show your bestie that you’re thinking of her with simple and affordable breakup gifts for your friend.


Simply being there and brightening her day with little reminders that she’s not alone will mean the world to your friend and is the best way to offer support in the aftermath of a failed relationship.


Money can’t buy love, and breakup gifts alone won’t mend a broken heart, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! If you can put a smile on your friend’s face with a simple but heartfelt breakup gift, then you owe it to her to try. After all, she’ll probably do the same for you one day.


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