How To Buy Gifts For Dad That He Will Love & Actually Use

Useful Tips For Buying For A Dad Who Has Everything


Dads can be spectacularly difficult to buy presents for. They usually have everything they could possibly need, and if they do want something, then they will go ahead and treat themselves.


Your time and love is generally the only thing any Dad will ask for when you try to probe them for ideas. But, even someone who has everything is sure to covet certain things. It’s just a question of finding their personal obsessions and choosing great gifts for men that will hit the spot for your Dad.


Milestone birthdays and Father's Day are especially tricky occasions to shop for a dad who has everything. So, instead of panicking and buying him a gift that will gather dust, try out our creative ideas. From BBQ or whisky gifts to personalised cufflinks, these idea will undoubtedly brighten his day!


4 Tips For Choosing The Best Gifts For Dads


1. Less can be more, so try not to overthink. Dads are straightforward in their needs and will love anything from you. They are unlikely to analyse your gift, so you don’t have to invest a lot of time personalising it unless you really want to.


2. He’s the man that you adore most, so understanding his needs should be easy. These could be gifts for Dads that help him with his work or perk up his favourite sport. What are his hobbies and could you take them in new directions?


3. How does he spend his time and what does he like to buy for himself? If your Dad buys books regularly, then find something related to this theme which is a unique idea. It’s guaranteed that he’ll fully appreciate your gift!


4. Focus on what he needs, even though he doesn’t know it yet. It could be something to pique his interest or take it right up to the next level. If it’s a subject you know little about, do some research and impress him with your thoughtful gifts for Dads.


What to buy a dad who wants for nothing?


Our lovely Dads come in a multitude of sizes, shapes and quirky personalities. So, here are some of the best gifts that might provide some inspiration for your own darling Dad. They are tried, tested, loved by many and sure to keep him happy; from the extravagant Father's Day gift to the practical present for his birthday.


Alcohol enthusiast


There is no better sensation than that first sip of cold beer or a sensational wine. A whole range of useful or fun accessories is available, whether he likes to brew his own or just enjoys a tipple. Choose from a fabulous timber whisky barrel to gifts for Dads like novelty corkscrews or an epic beer tower to dispense his favourite brew.


Beer Tower


Sports loving dad


If you’re buying for a sports fan, the scope is wide and buying gifts for Dads relating to favourite teams or players can be a winner. If he is a keep-fit fanatic or plays sport, then why not try signed memorabilia, tickets to a game, a sports book, the latest equipment, or even a novelty gift related to his favourite sport!


Golf Ball Finder Glasses


Aspiring chef


If your Dad is really handy in the kitchen, he probably has exacting standards and firm preferences for equipment. So why not treat him to something unusual like a Japanese square omelette pan or natural stone mortar and pestle? If his forte is firing up the Barbie, then you can’t go wrong with a fabulous Maverick barbecue toolset.


Maverick Barbecue Tool Set


Tech-savvy devotee


When it comes to the latest technology, there are always unique ideas for gifts for Dads. Gadgets and gizmos are sure to make him smile, from an Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speaker to some totally cool 360' virtual reality glasses that connect to his phone. You can even find retro arcade games to relive his youth.


Original Stormtrooper Mini Bluetooth Speake


Brainy book worms


Finding the perfect book can be tricky, so some bookish gear is a great option. A personal library organiser or bookends, a reading light or a reading pillow are some creative ideas. For Father's Day, books for dad are always a popular idea. There are some great sports, travel and hobby classics to be found and heaps of brain teasers or mensa challenges for Dads who are mental athletes.


The Ashes: 140 Years


Green-fingered dads


If there’s a green-fingered gardener in your life, then you really can’t go wrong by making their jobs a little simpler. What about the newest compost bin, garden kneeler or a trendy potting station? Try a Groovy Greens grow kit or a tabletop garden if Dad is happier pottering on the balcony or in the kitchen, or get him outside learning how to Garden Like A Nonno!


Garden Like A Nonno


DIY fanatic


It can be a challenge finding the perfect gifts for Dads who make everything themselves! But new tools or supplies needed to create those wonderful works of art are always a good solution. Add a personal touch with a hand-lettering set, or clever multi-tool pens, screwdrivers, and other gadgets. Treat him to something from our Father's Day tools and gadgets range so he's always prepared to cut, saw, fix, and measure for his next exciting project.


Gentlemen's Hardware Everyday Survival Tool Set


Humour addict


Exchanging gag gifts with your Dad is likely to get a huge laugh and pull on his heartstrings. Choose his favourite pastime or treat and add a comical note; from beer socks and French baguette slippers to a Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump.


Beautiful Poetry Of Donald Trump


Gourmet food lover


We know Dad thinks he can never have too much yummy food or fine wine and spirits to enjoy. We have a range of fabulous hampers for men including beer, wine, and whisky. Our spirits range includes both tasting gift sets and full size bottles of alcohol. If it’s for a special occasion, like a Father's Day Hamper, then go all out and treat him to a selection of gourmet treats he'll never forget!


hampers for men


Special sentiments


For those extra special celebrations, gifts for Dads deserve some individual attention and personalisation. Whatever you choose, whether it’s a new leather toiletry bag or some fancy new cufflinks, be sure to have them personalised. A man’s leather overnight bag as an extra special gift would just not be the same without a personal monogram!


Men's Leather Overnight Bag with Personalised Monogram


Let your imagination run riot when shopping for Dad


Your Dad has supported you through many challenges in life and mended broken hearts. The most important thing is simply to show him how much you appreciate him and how much you care.


The perfect gifts for Dads will be personal, meaningful and practical. He will hate to think that you spent too much of your hard-earned cash, but do it anyway! For fresh and unique gift ideas, you can check out our full range of gifts for men. You are sure to find some thoughtful or fun options that will steal his heart all over again.


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