Gorgeous Galentine's Day Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your BFFs

What Is The Meaning of Galentine's Day?

Galentines Day is a chance for every woman to send a hug, a high five, or hearts and candies to the women who have our backs, build us up, are good for a laugh, and are there to share the journey. Galentine's Day is all about celebrating sisterhood, the true importance of friendship, and acknowledging our love for our BFFs. If you are surrounded by the best bunch of female friends, this is the day to let them know.


You’ll love the idea of Galantine’s Day whether you're married, in a cosy couple or blissfully single. We can all strengthen these friendships and share our love and affection with those around us. It’s not about romance, so your Galentine's gifts for friends and shared activities can include all those you consider cherished friends, mentors and family.


When is Galentine's Day 2022?

Mark your calendars with 13 February for Galentine's Day and prepare for friends celebrating friends! This year, Galentine's Day is on a Sunday, so it's the perfect opportunity to make a fun friendship weekend. Yes, finally, February is no longer a month to dread if you’re not in a relationship! The day before Valentine's Day is the day to celebrate the love you have for your female friends, so get ready to leave partners at home, kick back, and gather all your platonic pals.


Who Invented Galentine's Day?

Galentine’s Day started life as fiction in the long-running American sitcom series Parks and Recreation. In a 2010 episode, it was introduced by Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope and has since become increasingly popular. Leslie’s fun and creative character invented the surprise bash as a way to officially celebrate the joys of platonic friendships. She decided that festivities would bring together her BFFs for a long, leisurely, and boozy brunch. And before long, Galentine’s Day became an internet buzzword that has since united women of all ages worldwide! 


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The Best Galentines Day Gift Ideas

Galentine's Day gifts should focus on fun but still express how important the friendship is. In the busyness of life, women often don't take time to tell our closest friends how important their support is. While it often goes unspoken, a little token to acknowledge the love we have for our best friends can mean the world. 


Empowering gifts with words of affirmation, inspirational books, and pamper packs all make great gifts for women to give each other. A cocktail shaker set, new jigsaw puzzle, beach towel, bath soak, candles, yoga mat, earring gift set, or a picnic blanket are all fun gifts that will make your friends feel loved. 


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What's A Good Way To Celebrate Galentine's Day?

Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for gifting your friends and celebrating special friendships, so there's no wrong way to do it. It's as simple as showing them you love and appreciate them, but why not have some fun at the same time?  


Do something your pals will enjoy, like a wine and chocolate evening, a spa day or a cosy sleepover. Traditionally, a breakfast-style brunch is the order of the day, but you can be as creative as you want. If you can’t be together, send a gift from afar. Surprise them with a chocolate hamper and share a rom-com movie night from the comfort of your sofa. If a Galentine’s get-together is firmly on the calendar, then start planning now for a party to remember!

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How To Throw An Awesome Galentine’s Day Party

Taking a break and sharing a moment of joy with all the lovely ladies in your life is well worth some effort. Follow our tips for décor, menus and activities to help you host a fun, girl-powered Galentine’s Day soirée your entire squad will love complete with a friendship gift exchange.


Choose a theme

A great themed party will always be remembered and make the get-together that much more fun. You can choose a colour scheme or give friends a specific creative direction to go in and add a G-Day twist to the occasion. Maybe you’re hosting a brunch and everyone dons fun costumes or a cocktail party where everyone wears their best dresses. You can even choose another country, an iconic movie or characters from a famous book.


Shop fun decorations

Décor always sets the tone for any celebration, and as Galentine’s Day is about showering friends with love, you can always use classic V-Day decorations. Red hearts are a must-have, and streamers, lights and banners will add colour and cheer to your space. Heart-shaped balloons, vibrant tablecloths, flowers and candles can help you create a fabulous atmosphere. Enlist some help before the event to make decorating easier. 


Exchange secret gifts

Galentines Day gifts are a lovely idea, and nothing says celebration quite like a pile of exciting presents. You can set a small price limit and ask all your guests to bring fun gifts wrapped in red paper. Alternatively, treat all your besties to something sweet and personal, from homemade items to expensive goodies. Remember, the true gift of this special day is your enduring friendship and having fun with each other.  

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Make party favours

Goody bags speak the language of love, and they’re easy to fill up with small things your friends will love. It’s the perfect way to say an extra thankyou to your favourite squad. They don’t have to be stuffed with lavish gifts, just something to show you care, like sweets, candles, notebooks or even socks! A mix of practical and fun items all create a special Galentine’s day thought that raises everyone's spirits after the party’s over. 


Plan Fun Activities

Spending quality time with besties is always fun, but games and activities will keep the energy high. Most of the best Galentine’s Day activities involve alcohol, so drinking games are usually a good choice. You could plan a photo booth, paint and sip, themed craft event or even a mini scavenger hunt. Mind-bending games, quizzes, puzzles, cards and board games will all add raucous laughter to your Galentine’s Day party. 


Sip signature cocktails

Whether you're planning a sleepover or afternoon party, no Galentine’s Day is complete without savouring a signature cocktail. You can all have a giggle together mixing and shaking recipes or stick with a tried and tested favourite. Not only is it fun to try new things, but everyone will remember the flavour of this G-Day time spent together. So, say cheers to your best friends with a delicious recipe for the best party ever!


Go heart shaped 

Your friends will fall in love with your party menu if you serve a selection of heart-shaped foods. If you’re hosting a traditional brunch, turn your waffles, hash browns, bacon and eggs into a feast of hearts. If it’s a get-together later, heart-shaped pizza and buffet dishes look awesome or use red peppers to decorate with little hearts on top. Then treat friends to heart-shaped cookies, cakes and choccies for a Galentine’s Day menu to remember. 


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Thoughtful Galentine’s Day Gift Boxes & Fun Goodies

The very best Galentine’s Day celebration will show your incredible friends just how much you appreciate them. Treating them to something sweet is more about finding thoughtful gifts and fun things to make them smile. You can share Galentine’s Day cards and quotes as well as heartfelt handwritten notes to remind them they have a special place in your life. 


Spoiling them with Galentine’s Day gift boxes is easy when you browse the collection at Gifts Australia. You’ll find host-worthy homeware, beauty and self-care products, must-read books, gorgeous friendship jewellery, and gourmet food and wine. You’ll also love the range of novelty and quirky gifts, games and accessories. There’s a thoughtful gift for every BFF on your list.


So, start spreading the love this Galentine’s Day and begin a tradition you’ll all want to enjoy for years to come! Boyfriends come and go, but true friendship lasts forever.  




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