Gifts To Thank Essential Staff During COVID-19


Best Staff Appreciation Gifts For Essential Workers


Staff appreciation gifts are a good way to reward, thank, and motivate your team at any time of the year, but especially at the end of the financial year. While most businesses tend to give employee appreciation gifts at special occasions, like a company anniversary, or they give Christmas gifts to their staff as a holiday bonus, there are sometimes one-off occasions that deserve special attention. If your staff deserve special recognition for going above and beyond, it’s nice to find a way to say thank you.


Lockdown gifts for employees working from home during COVID can make all the difference when it comes to feeling like part of the team or for a much-needed mental boost.


Popular Thank You Gifts For Essential Staff


Employee recognition gifts let your staff know they’re appreciated, especially during these uncertain and challenging times. While the efforts of front-line staff and healthcare workers are obvious, there are a great many businesses whose staff have rallied behind the community and their workplace to ensure that customers get served in the best way possible, and clients continue to get the service they need to keep operating. Often, these hard-working staff have put in extra time or gone to extra efforts even knowing that their job future is uncertain.


Many small businesses have managed to keep operating thanks to the efforts of their staff, who have pulled together and adapted to the necessary changes due to Coronavirus. For some staff members, it’s enough to know that someone has noticed their hard work. But it certainly helps to give a gift to show you really appreciate them. If your business provides an essential service and your staff have had to work under increased pressure, a gift basket is a nice way to say thanks. An employee gift hamper and a personalised thank you card is often the best way to acknowledge your staff’s dedication and to inspire continued hard work.


Employees who feel appreciated by their team leaders and co-workers have greater job satisfaction and are more productive. But it’s often easy to forget how important it is to acknowledge the continued performance of those regular, daily work routines. Consistent, hard-working staff that get in and get the job done can feel overlooked, especially in comparison to front-of-house staff or management. And, often, it’s these essential workers that keep the business running. A simple 'thank you' and a small gift to say, 'job well done' can go a long way to making your staff feel genuinely valued and part of the team.


Glass Cocktail Shaker Set

Show your gratitude with the Glass Cocktail Shaker Set


Boost Office Morale With Staff Appreciation Gifts During Covid


Thoughtful staff appreciation gifts are also a great way to boost morale around the office if things have been a little hectic and staff are feeling frazzled. While premium staff appreciation gifts for EOFY after a great year of increased turnover are one thing, it’s entirely different for businesses on a budget who want to thank their staff. Your team might be worth their weight in gold, but if the business is feeling the pinch with social distancing and reduced sales, finding an affordable way to show staff appreciation can be an additional challenge.


A budget-friendly gift hamper for employees is often cheaper than a cash bonus or other financial reward. Plus, they look impressive! A gourmet food and wine hamper is an especially great way to thank staff. A bottle of award-winning wine and selection of chocolates or sweet and savoury nibbles feels decadent. These little luxuries are things your staff may not buy for themselves, so they make the perfect gift to reward their hard work.


Personalised gifts for your staff make any thank you present even more special. Choosing unique gifts for the office that you know your staff will love is easier than it sounds. Cute kitchen gifts, pamper gifts, bar glassware, and homewares all make wonderful staff appreciation gifts. For staff working long hours, they might like a vase or photo frame to decorate their office. For others, an activity gift for them to share with their family will be of more value. BBQ gifts or a wine and beer hamper are also ideal gifts for staff.


Red Wine and Nibbles Hamper

Say 'thank you' with our Red Wine & Nibbles Hamper


End of Financial Year Gifts for Staff


If your business has managed to continue operating thanks to your staff, then the end of financial year is the perfect time to celebrate your business success. As well as giving a gift to thank your clients for their support, it’s important to choose gift baskets to reward your staff for the hard work that has made your success possible.


If the traditional EOFY staff party is cancelled this year, a celebration hamper and the afternoon off is the perfect way to thank your staff. Get the team something special that they can share together with a luxury hamper full of nibbles, chocolates, and wine. If you usually like to get together with staff and clients, you might need to get creative with ways to foster good client-staff relations. Corporate hampers with personalised goodies make a memorable gift to thank clients for continued patronage and encourage them to keep in touch. Wine hampers and drinkware are affordable corporate gifts that your clients will love.


Sweet Bites Hamper

This Sweet Bites Hamper makes a memorable corporate gift.


Shop Online For Staff Gifts and Corporate Hampers


If you’re looking for gift inspiration to thank your staff this year, browse the range of staff appreciation gifts online at Gifts Australia. You don’t need to spend a fortune on staff gifts. As well as premium corporate hampers, Gifts Australia has a range of great gifts you can send during lockdown that are perfect to give as a token of appreciation for essential staff who continue to do a great job. Impress your staff and clients with personalised gifts they’ll love. Or give heartfelt teacher gifts to thank your child's teacher.


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