Gifts for Each Of The Five Love Languages

The Secret To Choosing Meaningful Love Language Gifts

Nothing makes a sentiment more personal than choosing something that speaks right to their heart. When you want your gesture to be meaningful, a gift tailored to their love language is the best way to make an impact. It’s easy to think everyone expresses love in the same way when the reality is we all have different needs and wants from those around us. For your next gift giving occasion, use these love language gift ideas to choose gifts for husbands or heartfelt gifts for a wife to really connect.


Understanding the five love languages can help to make your gift choices much clearer. Identifying your partner's love language - and your own - can improve your understanding of each other. Love language gestures can also be used to maintain healthy relationships with close family and friends. If you sometimes feel you are talking in different languages, it’s because you probably are! People are more closely connected when they speak in each other's love language, so learning what makes your other half tick is an easy way to give your relationship a little boost.


If love languages isn't something you know much about, then choosing gifts for the different love languages probably isn't something you've thought of before. Don't worry, the team here at Gifts Australia have all taken our love language quiz and been busy studying. The concept is actually quite simple, and we’ve had fun finding love language gifts that will resonate with each personality type and language. So, read on!


How Loved Ones Give And Receive Love In Different Ways

If you’re yearning for joy and harmony, the five love languages are handy for your relationship toolkit. The idea is that they let you in on the secret of what makes your partner tick. This can really help when it comes to choosing the ideal gift for Valentine's Day or your anniversary. Understanding how someone gives and receives love is helpful in any personal situation, too, not just for a romantic relationship. Whether you live alone or with roommates, or are happily married with kids, understanding how to show love to the people around you will be an eye-opener. 


When we can identify another person’s love language, we can choose precisely the right gestures to make. Our actions and the best gifts for different love languages will vary and resonate in a new way. For a new relationship, your partner, bestie, parents or kids, it unlocks a whole new world. Plus, when we understand which language speaks to us and can ask others for exactly what we need, we are more likely to feel loved and appreciated in return.


The Five Love Languages Summary

Recognising a person's love language is about knowing what makes that person feel connected and loved. Here’s a quick look at the five ways everyone gives, receives, and understands emotional love. You may actually relate to all of them, but most people have a couple that are more important than the others. Can you spot yours?


1. Quality Time Love Language Gifts 

People whose love language is quality time need to spend meaningful time with others. They are always ready to hang out, whether it’s chatting over lunch or going for a long, leisurely walk. Partners feel the most loved when you actively want to spend quality time with them and give them your full attention. That includes active listening, eye contact, and no mobile phone! 


Making them feel special and loved also means sharing quality activities. So, if you’re wondering what to get for someone whose love language is quality time, think creatively. They’re excited by shared memories, not the gifts themselves. A picnic date with a gourmet hamper, fun games for extra family time, or a travel inspiration book for planning a holiday are all great gifts of quality time they will love. 


gourmet picnic hamper

2. Receiving Gifts Love Language Ideas

Anyone with receiving gifts as their love language “speaks” love and friendship through tangible symbols of love. It can be any kind of small tokens to surprise gift deliveries that make them feel loved. It’s not about monetary value or having to give an extravagant gift but the thought and sentimentality behind the gift that counts. They recognise the true value of gift-giving with all its reflection and emotional benefits, particularly if the gift represents the relationship.


Those overjoyed with gift giving are actually quite tricky to buy for and to impress. So, be sure to surprise them with regular little treats from a spontaneously picked wildflower to lavish champagne. For special occasions, gifts need to be carefully chosen or from their wish list. Beautiful jewellery, personalised accessories, luxury barware or unique homewares are all super receiving gifts love language ideas.


Candle With Hidden Jewellery


3. Acts Of Service Gift Ideas

This love language is used by people who firmly believe that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ They give and receive love by helping out, like cooking a delicious meal, picking up your shopping or cleaning out the garage. With acts of service as your love language, you value it when anyone goes that extra mile to make life easier and put a smile on your face. 


Handling daily chores and treating them to breakfast in bed will prove your love to any acts of service love language partner. Special occasions call for something more indulgent. Treat them to a candlelit meal or handle the logistics of a secret weekend away. Or why not delight them with their favourite beers or whip up some classy cocktails as perfect acts of service gift ideas.


breakfast tray


4. Physical Touch Love Language Ideas

The roots of this love language probably go back to our childhoods. Anyone with physical touch as their language adores any kind of physical display of affection. They give and receive love through touch and intimacy, which includes all their close relationships. It can be anything from kissing and hugging friends to holding hands or cuddling on the sofa with their partner.


Physical touch love language ideas for gifts are terrific fun as they can be romantic and sensual, or comfy and practical. Think creatively when gift-giving and remember to create an intimate or cosy mood. Pamper gifts, luxury spa products, bath bombs, scented candles, and massage vouchers will all be appreciated. So will books you can read together, cuddly throws and anything involving kissing!


pamper hamper


5. Words Of Affirmation Gift Ideas

This love language means people like using praise, appreciation and compliments as expressions of their love. They highly value declarations of love, expressing affection verbally, including frequent ‘thankyou’s’ and ‘I love you's.’ When your love language is words of affirmation, you treasure encouragement and engagement, and are often frequent users of digital communication.


Writing a song, poem, or sweet love note are words of affirmation gift ideas that will never be forgotten. Words mean everything. For anyone fuelled by affection, a beautiful diary or journal, inspirational artwork, photo albums or meaningful books will all make their mark. Remember to add a loving message to treasure. Or why not frame your words in a beautiful picture frame or make a grand declaration by naming a star in a way to symbolise your love?

Name A Star

Love Language Gift Ideas From Gifts Australia


Now you know all about the 5 love languages, it’s easy to put theory into practice. Study your loved ones closely, and then choose something you think will resonate with them. You’ll find plenty of fabulous ideas in the collection at Gifts Australia. From words of affirmation gifts for him to physical touch gifts for her, there’s a world of inspiration. Express your love in this unique way and see if their face lights up!




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