Gift Ideas To Celebrate Their New Job

Say Congratulations On Their Promotion

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of landing a fantastic new job or promotion. It’s a new adventure with a world of new opportunities, new challenges and new colleagues to meet. When it’s your close friend or family member who’s scored their dream job, or you need a gift for a coworker who is moving on, it’s time to roll out the red carpet and party to celebrate their new job and new opportunities.  


Celebrating someone else’s professional success is a fabulous way to show them you support their ambitions and are always there for them. If you want to say a hearty “Congratulations” to someone you care about, then read on. The team at Gifts Australia has brought together our best ideas and unique new job gift options that are sure to make for an extra special day.  


How do you congratulate someone on a new job?

It’s so exciting when a loved one or bestie finally gets the perfect job or promotion they’ve been after. A congratulations gift is your chance to show them exactly how proud and happy you are and share their joy. Before you start shopping for new job gifts, it’s time to congratulate them and put your feelings down on paper with a thoughtful message. Even simple words are the sweetest when they come from the heart. Here are some ideas for what to write to congratulate a colleage or friend who has scored a new job.


  • Congratulations on landing an amazing first job - you’re the best!  

  • I knew you could do it! Can’t wait to hear how your first day goes!. 

  • Congratulations on your promotion. A fab achievement and I’m so proud of you.

  • I’m so excited about your new business venture. You deserve it!

  • Congrats on the new gig - try not to miss me too much!

  • Have fun at your new company - they’re so lucky to have you.

  • I’m so sad to see you go but congrats on your great success!

  • Congrats on achieving your dream job - I love you! 


What to gift someone who is starting a new job?

If you know someone who has recently landed a new job, then you'll want to say, congratulations! Landing an incredible new job is a thrilling moment, whether it’s their first job or the start of a new career path. Giving new office job gifts is a fabulous way to make sure they will always be reminded of you. From useful desk accessories to funny new job gifts like crazy socks, there’s something to add a nice touch to their first day. Here are some gift ideas to celebrate their new career.  


  1. If they are starting a new job that's active or outside, they'll need a big water bottle or insulated lunch bag to eat on the go.

    The Big Bottle

  2. If they are staring an office or desk job, they might want to share lunch with co-workers. Give them a handy office lunchbox or coffee mug.  

    Really Useful Mug

  3. Something for their new desk, like perpetual calendar cubes or a wooden desk organiser, is a special thought they’re sure to treasure and use every day. 

    Perpetual Calendar Cubes

  4. Anything crafted in leather will go down as a real treat. From notebooks or business card holders to a chic iPad folio case, they will feel like a million dollars.

    personalised leather gifts

  5. Treat them to a new job gift box filled with fun and funky essentials. From invisible ink pens to a set of happy socks, they’re sure to make their mark.

    novelty socks


How do you celebrate someone's promotion?

We all spend a large chunk of our time at work, so it’s an important part of our lives. Nothing beats having hard work and success acknowledged by friends, family and co-workers. There are many simple, sweet and elegant ways to make merry after a win at work and give them a celebration to remember. Congratulation gifts for job promotion don’t all come in a box!


  • Whisk your colleague away for a delicious lunch, brunch or happy hour drinks. Add in an element of fun like karaoke for some laughter they will love.

  • Celebrate with other team members outside work hours and plan something memorable like a hike, paintballing, mini-golf, go-karting or team bowling.

  • Throw a fabulous, fun office party complete with crazy games, a theme and decorations. Order in gourmet hampers and drinks for the ultimate congratulations. 

  • Organise a cosy, intimate dinner with their family or personal friends. Choose a favourite restaurant and order fine champagne to toast to their ongoing success. 

  • Treat them to a night or weekend away to relax for a while before their big day. Make it a celebratory trip with their bestie or loved ones or a fun time with close friends. 

  • Plan a relaxed get-together at home and share a spread of goodies. Whether it's a barbie, a cheese platter, or afternoon tea, it’s a celebration in their honour!  


What to give someone who got a promotion?

Getting promoted can often require many sleepless nights and hardcore dedication. If someone close has accomplished something big, it’s time to reward them with an exceptional job promotion gift. They don’t need to be expensive, but they do need to be unique and genuinely thought through.


  • Start their new journey in the right way with a heartfelt toast. Their favourite tipple, from premium cognac to sparkling champagne, is guaranteed to thrill.

  • For every job, there are tools of the trade. Find something that’s the perfect fit, from a cool iPad iBed to a stylish desk organiser or chic coffee machine stand.

  • Ensure they start their promotion on the right foot with gorgeous personalised leather. Choose the latest travel accessories, overnight luggage or messenger bag. 

  • Find something inspiring to bring luck and positivity to their new role. Uplifting books, travel journals, wall art or even a climate clock, are all super ideas. 

  • For wackier loved ones, it’s fun to add a little quirkiness. Perpetual calendar cubes, Mensa genius tests or a daily desk plaque are sure to make them grin every day.


Chandon With Australian Sweets & Nuts Hamper


Say Congratulations With New Job Gifts Ideas From Gifts Australia

Marking the occasion with congratulations on new job gifts is always a great way to celebrate. Check out our range of awesome gift ideas that will make them feel like they’ve really earned that raise. Treat them to something fun, unique, useful in their new position, or helpful for unwinding when they get home. It’s a little something to commemorate a new chapter in life that they’ll never forget. If you don’t know exactly what they need for their new job, let them celebrate in style. A gift card will give them the freedom to have some fun looking around. 




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