Gardening Gifts In Time For Spring

What To Get For Someone Who Likes Gardening

These days, exciting DIY garden designs are the very latest trend. Any size yard or balcony can be turned into a verdant oasis without hiring professionals by using a little bit of imagination. These green-fingered projects not only keep you occupied but can also light up your garden for entertaining. 


You may not want to become a grandmaster, but we can all grasp the basics of container gardening or creating an indoor herb garden. The vertical garden craze means even the smallest apartment or balcony can have a fresh, modern makeover with greenery and flowers.


The team at Gifts Australia have pooled our horticultural enthusiasm in the lead up to spring. You’ll find ideas for planning a floral makeover and inspiration for gardening gifts galore. We hope it will motivate you to get your hands dirty and spruce up your outdoor space in no time!


Spark Your Imagination With Different Styles Of Garden

Gardening really can be as straightforward or as complex as you like, plus it’s extremely therapeutic. So if you’re about to get started, chances are there’s a buzz about spring on the horizon. If you’ve got green-fingered friends, it’s the ideal time to get them energised with an exciting new project. What to get a gardener that has everything? Treat them to a beautiful new gardening book and some unique gardening gift ideas to get them started. 


  • Succulent gardens - attractive and low maintenance, filled with colourful cacti

  • Vegetable gardens - where you can grow veg and fruit for your own delicious dinners

  • Therapeutic gardens - combining the healing elements of nature to help relieve stress

  • Herb gardens - for anyone who loves fresh and fragrant herbs for their kitchen

  • Container gardens - spruce up your deck with flowers to create a lush landscape

  • Indoor gardens - bringing the outside in by cultivating a year-round mixed collection

  • Raised gardens - work in larger spaces with unfertile soil by planting in raised crates

  • Rock gardens - take a different approach by adding rocks, stones and alpine plants

  • Hedged gardens - create lush hedges and use decorative topiary on green shrubs

  • Labyrinth gardens - design curving pathways with ornamental plants and grasses

  • Botanical gardens - great for plant lovers to display a variety of unusual plant species


Plant Lovers Gift Set


Creative Gardening With Smaller Outdoor Spaces

The joy of gardening is not just for people with expansive yards or green spaces. Nowadays, there are plenty of innovative ways to help you set up gardening projects in even the smallest of spaces.


1. Go Trendy & Tall

Instead of looking for wide spaces, go upwards with vertical gardening structures. You can easily have plants growing along your walls by repurposing items like old crates or canvas shoe racks. Many beautiful houseplants, herbs, flowers and shrubs work well in vertical spaces.


2. Get Planting Pots

So you can switch things up easily, use everyday household containers and small plant pots for a colourful flower display. This way, you can move them around from windowsills to the doorstep or balcony, depending on how you use your space throughout the day.


3. Plant Climbers & Creepers

If you've got a grillwork door or room for a wooden trellis on the balcony, then plant lush vines and climbing plants. Choose flowering varieties or attach pots as an added splash of colour. Slowly, they'll flourish and grow, creating gorgeous green walls to decorate your space.


4. Use Baskets & Boxes

There are a huge variety of small plant baskets and window boxes you can hang on the walls using brackets. They can be used inside or outside for a whole variety of seasonal plants and flowers. Window planters are ideal for small fresh herb or veggie gardens too!  


5. Step It Up

Wooden steps, shelves and ladders are all perfect to be utilised as growing spaces. They’re a simple solution for smaller spaces and look sensational with an arrangement of plants. The doorstep is another place that can be used for fruit trees in pots or larger leafy plants. 


Urban Gardening For Green-Thumbed City Dwellers

The dramatic growth of interest in urban gardening sees veggies and flowers planted in the strangest places. From wasteland and grass verges to the rooftops of buildings, it’s returning a little bit of nature to the cities. Urban gardening techniques enable us to set up green spaces in a variety of inventive ways. It’s taught us that we don’t need much space to grow healthy food all year round. 


If you’re looking for eco-friendly garden gifts, then this is the perfect solution. Urban gardening helps reduce the carbon footprint and is sustainable, plus it’s healthy and great fun. Like small garden spaces, this form of gardening can also be done in containers, raised beds or even natural fabric bags. Treat yourself to a groovy grow kit and gardening gift set, and you’ll soon be harvesting your own ‘cut and come again’ salads! 


Easy Pour Indoor Watering Bottle


The Joys And Health Benefits Of Gardening Regularly

There are tremendous benefits to gain from time spent gardening, not least gaining a lovely garden space! The hard work spent creating your area is worth its weight in gold when you can enjoy it and share it. Gifts for garden lovers are a wonderful way to pay it forward and let your plant-loving friends share in the many perks we can experience. 

If a friend is looking for a new hobby, then learning to garden and grow your own plants is wonderful. Help them to get started with gardening essentials like quality gardening gloves and a handy gardening multi-tool


Boost your health

Gardening can have positive therapeutic effects such as relieving stress, depression and anxiety. Easing these pressures leads to lower blood pressure and also improves brain health. 


Get a workout

The physical exertion necessary for outdoor gardening activities can help keep you fit. You can burn over 300 calories with just an hour of work and get those inactive muscles toned up.


Become more creative

By gardening regularly, you improve your focus and concentration, helping you stay mindful. As a result, artistic individuals can use gardening as a way to inspire their natural creativity.


Control your food

For veg and herb growers, this gives you some level of control over the quality of what you eat. It's good to know what you're putting into your body, plus homegrown food tastes fabulous.


Boost vitamin levels

Less than an hour of outdoor gardening three times a week can help keep your vitamin D levels on point. Improve your mood, skin, and general health, while enjoying the beautiful fresh air.


Invite nature in

By creating a diverse garden, you’re also making an excellent environment for bees and other visitors. Add a birdbath or bamboo birdhouse to attract your local feathered friends too! 


Hanging Birdhouse Feeder


The Best Gifts For Gardeners At Gifts Australia

To find the latest gardening trends and cool gardening gifts for men and women of all ages, take a browse at Gifts Australia. We've got unique ideas and cool products for kids, newbies and experienced gardeners. You’ll find awesome garden tool gift sets and gloves, birdhouses, starter kits, specialist gardening books and more. You can even treat your favourite flower lover to a botanical garden life experience.


Our superb range ensures you have an easy time shopping for gardening essentials to create lush living spaces. A well-loved garden, big or small, is always the cosiest spot for family get-togethers, alfresco meals and relaxing summer parties! 




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