Fun Ways To Encourage Kids To Read

Fostering A Love Of Reading That Will Last A Lifetime


Children are like mini sponges, always ready to suck in new information whenever it's within their reach. There is no greater gift to give your child than introducing them to the wonderful world of books early in life.  


We think there’s nothing lovelier in life than storytime with your young child. Especially when it’s bedtime, and you can snuggle down together and go on a wonderful adventure. Getting completely lost in a book at any age is a completely enchanting experience.


There’s so much fun and joy to gain from a lifelong love of reading, so kids need to have a positive attitude and feeling towards books. Encouraging them to grow up to become avid readers starts with how to promote reading at home. If we treat our books like they’re full of magical moments, our children will follow in our footsteps. 


Why Reading With Kids Fuels More Than Their Imagination 

Introducing your child to rhymes, words, and stories does much more than turning them into little bookworms. The importance of reading to your child is that it helps them make sense of the world and what they see and hear. Reading is a gateway that helps kids develop several other skills that they'll need as they grow.


1. Reading builds cognitive abilities

Through reading, children can start analysing the world around them more consciously. They develop reasoning abilities that help them process information relating to their real-life experiences alongside a story's events.


2. Reading helps emotional development

Stories offer different topics and views. Good children’s books allow your child to put themselves into the action and imagine interacting with the characters. This helps them begin to understand different emotions, how they come about, and how to deal with them. 


3. Reading broadens a child's vocabulary

Through books, your child will find words they're familiar with as well as those they aren't. Reading more encourages them to build their knowledge and use newly discovered words and phrases in their daily lives.

Kids book about feelings

10 Essential Ideas To Encourage Reading At Any Age


How can I encourage my child to read? Well, sometimes, it isn't something you can manage overnight. To turn it into a family culture, the practice has to be done often. Keep family reading time fun, light and cosy. Choose books that make you smile, take you on adventures to faraway lands, and fire your own youthful imagination. 


Here are just a few tips to guide you as you embark on this amazing journey to encourage a love of reading:


1. Make it special time

Try not to use reading as a reason to take kids away from the TV or other activities. Help your little one develop the right attitude to reading by planning time for it regularly. If possible, always have a bedtime session, and regular daily times you can stick to.


2. Create a cosy space

Turn a room or cosy area in your home into a reading sanctuary for the whole family. Add a bookshelf and comfy seating, or even blankets and beanbags for the kids. Whatever corner you choose, you can take time out and do some fun storytelling together. 


3. Give your child options

Don't be rigid with what you'd like your child to read. From a very early age, they will soon have their favourite stories. Allow them to have a say in what they feel they are capable of reading, and if they want to reread the same book, so be it!

Books for babies

4. Take turns with storytelling

Whether you have an infant or toddlers, reading aloud with them helps them build their confidence and vocabulary. Whichever words they've been pronouncing wrong can quickly be corrected through reading aloud in fun storytelling sessions.


5. Repeat popular stories 

If your child has a particular book they love reading together, then use it as often as possible. The fact they have developed preferences means they've already started appreciating the content within the book. Embrace that incredible milestone! 


6. Play word games

Word games are a great way to get your child interested in the next reading session. Remind them of a story or book of facts they like or that you've recently read. Then you can ask them which words they remember that start or end with certain sounds. It’s fun! 

Ocean Fact Book For Kids


7. Connect reading to life

If your child likes swimming, find them a book where swimming is the main focus. Ask them questions to help them relate their own experiences to the main characters. It will encourage a love of reading and help them become more analytical.  


8. Consider reading levels

As you search for interesting books, age limits are important. Stretch them by choosing one age-appropriate and one higher-level book. If you’re wondering how to help a child struggling with reading, then try a lower level and see how well they fare.  


9. Ask exciting questions

Asking them questions on what a book will be about based on its cover. This is a great way to inspire your child's creativity. As you read it together, keep asking questions throughout to ensure they understand the storyline. 


10. Make reading creative

Enhance your child's developmental skills by adding a creative element to their reading time. If the story is about a race, set up a competition afterwards to get your child moving. If it’s a party story, bring out craft supplies and get designing some decorations!


Activity Book For Kids


Make Reading A Priority With Gifts Australia


Setting aside daily reading time means your little one will start looking forward to it. It’s a cuddly, personal time when they can exclusively bond with you. Try to have plenty of colourful books available in your home in places they can easily reach. Keep some in their room so they can look through them and read whenever they want.


Many parents start a library of famous kids books from the minute a little one is born and top it up with new ones often. You can always source a ready supply from the local library, and they are the perfect gifts from family and friends. Here at Gifts Australia, there is a great collection of kids titles for both escapism and learning. You are never alone with a good book by your side!




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