Creative Indoor Activities & Play Ideas for Kids


How to Entertain the Kids During a Pandemic


If your circumstances have changed during the COVID-19 pandemic you may have found yourself suddenly at home with the kids. If they’re school-aged, this is probably a major change from your usual routine.


It’s likely you’re coping with other changes in your life as well: the loss of familiar routines, the threat of financial uncertainty, a rapidly changing job market and feelings of isolation. With all these factors at play, it’s no surprise that you might be feeling overwhelmed. Navigating these changes while managing the fears of your children can be a daunting task.


During these times, small wins can have a major impact. That’s why activities that double as entertainment for the kids at home are absolute lifesavers. Here are our favourite tried and tested strategies to keep the smaller members of your family occupied all day long.


Get the Little Ones Gardening


This is a wonderful way to occupy the kids at home during the pandemic. Who knows, you may have little green thumbs in your midst! Encourage them to learn all about indoor gardening. They will be fascinated as they tend to their growing plants, especially if they are fruits or vegetables that can then be used for cooking.


If they want to know more about how and why things grow, turn it into a lesson! For young ones, this is a great video to help them understand. To start them on their eco-conscious journey early, why not teach recycling in a fun way? With your help, they can use plastic drink bottles to grow mung beans, herbs or flowers. Get some ideas here.


Kids Gardening Set

Kids' Gardening Set


Inspiration for Budding Builders


Have you ever noticed that kids seem to be fascinated by how things are put together? From building blocks that keep babies occupied to intricate mechanical objects for older kids, once they’re hooked, you won’t be able to tear them away!


Stockpile some age-appropriate building games for a rainy day. That way, the next time they’re begging you for something to do, you’ll have a stash of screen-free activities that they’ll actually enjoy. Our favourites are:


Uncle Goose ABC Wooden Blocks And Wagon

Uncle Goose ABC Blocks and Wagon


Make Your Own Cardboard Bugs 

Make Your Own Cardboard Bugs


Nanoblocks Motorcycle

Nanoblock Motorcycle


Games to Play with the Family


A great way to pass time on weekends is to play games the whole family can get involved with. No matter what age your kids are, there are plenty of exciting options that will keep them engaged. Here are a few we love:


Sloth in a Hurry

Eeboo Sloth In A Hurry Board Game


Catch! Board Game

Peaceable Kingdom Catch! Board Game


5 Second Rule Tin Game

5 Second Rule Tin Game


Host Your Own Escape Room

Host Your Own Escape Room


Little Bookworms


For those of us who grew up in an analog world, the options for entertainment weren’t quite as… electronic. We got lots of our stories from books. You can encourage this in your kids as well, even if they’re devoted to their screens.


Set aside time for silent reading. To include everyone, you could even set up a family book club. This will help them stretch their imaginations and use their comprehension skills. Introduce them to new and exciting genres. Who knows, it may be their next favourite!


In My Heart Book

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings


Some Parting Wisdom


Occupying your kids during the pandemic does not have to be about filling every hour of their time. It is about having options. Take the opportunity to teach them the value of quiet time—it’s a skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.


Discover more imaginative games and activities for kids here. You can send them to another family, or even delight your kids at home as they open their gift package. Above all, remember to stay safe!


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