Choosing Natural & Organic Products For Baby

The Benefits And Buying Tips For Safe Baby Care Products 

When you’re buying things for a cuddly new bundle of joy, you want the very best of everything. From skincare to toys and clothing, babies need natural products to soothe, nurture and protect. Going organic and choosing pure, gentle products can be a natural lifestyle decision to make. 


Babies have delicate, sensitive skin, and because they are still growing, they can’t detox from harmful substances in the same way as adults. Organic products are free of synthetic materials, toxins and chemicals. They are naturally safe products that babies will love, and parents can trust. 


So, join the Gifts Australia team to explore some of the benefits, and how to choose from the many products available. Whether you’re searching for eco-friendly baby shower gifts. Australian safety-rated baby products, or organic sensory toys for babies, we have the inspiration for safe baby gifts!


Why Parents Prefer Natural & Organic Baby Products

When it comes to looking after a baby's skin, hair and health, the more information we have, the better. Then when you’re shopping for little ones, there’s no worry and making safe decisions is a breeze. 


No Harmful Ingredients

Chemicals or additives of any kind in baby products can cause irritation to your baby’s delicate skin. Switching to pure organic skincare and clothing can help prevent irritation and rashes. 


Delicate On The Skin

Opting for clothes, bedding and blankets made from 100% organic cotton means they are super soft on the skin. They are airy, soft and breathable, keeping little ones comfy for longer.


Long-lasting & Durable

Most baby products made from natural materials, especially accessories and toys, are sturdy and stand the test of time. They can even be handed down to siblings, passed on, or recycled. 


Easy To Keep Clean

Choosing organic products also means they are super easy to clean. Crib sheets and playmats, for example, can often be wiped and dried in the sun while still holding their shape and style. 


Protects Little Ones

Cutting down on exposure to toxins ensures healthy living and a high level of comfort for new babies. Natural products are generally fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, breathable and cuddly.


Environmentally Friendly

Organic products are much healthier for our world. They reduce the number of chemicals and pesticides used in the environment, including the soil, air and surrounding groundwater. 


Our Tips On How To Choose Safe, Sustainable Baby Products

Teethers & Rattles

Young babies tend to grab anything they can and put it straight in their mouths to chew. Safety is the most significant factor, so you want to ensure there are no toxic materials included in the toy. BPA, phthalates, PVC and lead should all be avoided. An excellent choice for rattles is natural wood toys for baby or food-grade silicone, which are hygienic and resistant to bacteria.

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the most popular baby teethers in Australia, and there’s a reason for this. The thickness is perfect for babies to grasp and chew, and it’s made of 100% natural rubber. Coloured with only food paint, it’s completely non-toxic and safe to bite and nibble away. Babies can play safely without you worrying about harsh chemicals. 


Natural baby teethers


Soft Toys & Teddies

Babies and younger kids spend most of their time cuddling and snuggling with soft toys. It’s always good to investigate what they are made of, as many include loose parts that could be inhaled, or unsafe materials. Believe it or not, there can be some pretty icky materials like flame retardants or hormone-disrupting chemicals in kids stuffed toys! 


Make sure to choose toys that meet all Australian safety requirements and are suitable from birth. Choose gentle fabrics like wool, organic cotton, bamboo or hemp that are lovely to cuddle. Well-known brands that use non-toxic dyes and natural colours are also safe, natural choices. You will sleep much better knowing that the soft toys and teddies you buy don't have loose buttons or parts that might be dangerous, and are sustainably and ethically made too. 

soft teddies for newborns


Skincare & Bathtime

Baby soaps, shampoos, creams and lotions are essential to keep babies clean, massaged and moisturised. Their soft and tender skin needs gentle products free of any chemicals or harmful additives. Opting for organic and natural baby skin care with botanical ingredients will safeguard their skin and improve its overall health, glow and radiance. 


Look for ethical companies that use ingredients derived from plants, salts or minerals, and natural plant-based preservatives. Star & Rose Baby Care and Botany Naturals are two great examples. Their baby lotions and skin care gift sets are low allergenic, pH balanced and made with natural ingredients like olive oil, zinc lotion and goat milk. Gentle on a baby's skin, these are natural and soothing product ranges you will love. 


natural baby skincare gift hampers


Clothes & Wraps

When it comes to cuddly swaddles, wraps and clothes for babies, natural and organic products are also a must. Even traditional cotton production can require toxic chemicals such as petroleum, fabric softeners, brighteners, ammonia or formaldehyde. Steer well clear of any synthetic fabrics, polyester and darker colours altogether. 


Most top brands like Sheridan feature certified organic cotton in their adorable range of pure, soft growsuits, onesies and vests. Others like Bubba Blue craft beautiful muslin wraps from sustainable bamboo, which is both hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. You can even get high-quality leather baby shoes as vegan baby gifts for their cute little feet! 


vegan baby shoes


Pure Peace Of Mind From Gifts Australia

Parenting has to be one of life’s great challenges. With newborns and little ones, there can be constant worries about their well-being, from feeding to sleeping. Using natural and organic products takes away one of these concerns. After all, it’s reassuring to know you’ve chosen the safest, softest, most soothing items to nurture and protect them.  


Are natural products better for babies? At Gifts Australia, we think they most certainly are. So you can rest assured that our natural baby products are sourced from renowned Australian ethical suppliers. They’re all selected with thought, care and love. From natural wooden baby toys to bath time or bedtime snuggles, we know your babies always deserve the very best. 




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