Choosing Colour Themed Gifts To Suit Every Personality

How To Create Unique Colour Themed Gift Baskets

Do you know your loved one's favourite colours? Maybe they are automatically drawn to specific shades for their clothes or home décor. Certain colours will evoke emotion or hold fond memories of the past. This love of colours is universal and, while our associations or responses to colours are subconscious, there is something totally fascinating about the way coloured gifts can send a message. 


Colour is an integral part of our lives and can be a source of great pleasure and joy. Surrounding ourselves with certain colours can change our mood, soothe tensions, create excitement, and even add a romantic atmosphere. That's one reason why colour-themed parties are so great. So, if you’re searching for uniquely fun gift ideas to suit their aesthetic, colour-themed gifts are a fabulous solution. From pretty pink gifts to fun yellow gifts, soothing green gifts, or classic black, you'll find ideas in our guide to choosing colour-themed gifts to suit someone's favourite colour or their personality.


Join the team at Gifts Australia in exploring the wonderful world of colour. To get started, either pick their favourite colour, get inspiration based on personality, or start with one item you know they’ll love. Then work with the colour and create fabulous colour themed gift baskets. Whether you start with a book cover or a bottle of wine, you can add luxury items, cute accessories and unique gifts. You will have an absolute blast choosing the best things to put in their colour themed gift! 


What Does Your Favourite Colour Say About You?

We are surrounded by colour and often feel an affinity to one or more colours over others. Our bodies physically respond to different colours with changes in blood pressure and breathing, and we subconsciously attach meaning to different colours. For example, if you said you were excited and ecstatic but visually represented your words with brown, friends might be a touch confused. Brown?


Company branding has used colour psychology for years to stimulate a particular response, and studies have provided insight into what people think about different colours. Personality plays an important role and can change a person's opinions of colours. So, exactly what do different colours mean in personality traits?


Red personality traits - Passionate, Bold, Adventurous, Thrill-seeking & Impulsive
Yellow personality traits - Cheerful, Optimistic, Adventurous, Calming & Infectiously Positive 
Blue personality traits - Strong, Dependable, Trustworthy, Loyal, Gentle & Compassionate
Green personality traits - Practical, Helpful, Down-to-earth, Caring, Creative & Nature-Loving
Pink personality traits - Open, Playful, Fun, Sincere, Loving, Innocent & Transparent 
Orange personality traits - Energetic, Vital, Creative, Determined & Enthusiastic
Black personality traits - Mysterious, Elegant, Powerful, Rebellious, Sophistication & Authority

Colourful Gifts To Suit Their Personality Or Mood

While our perception of colours is not always the same, most people interpret them in a similar way. So, if you don’t know their favourite, you’ll find plenty of fun examples you can use. Yellow gifts will always create happiness, and calming blue gifts are always guaranteed to soothe. Whichever one you pick, you can customise them with fun colour quotes and they’re perfect for any occasion or colour-themed party. Let's explore some colourful examples of beautiful rainbow gifts! 


Pink Gift Ideas

Does it get any more charming than sweet all-pink gifts? Pink is the colour of universal love, representing affection, friendship, harmony, tenderness and approachability. Although traditionally associated with little girls, it’s perfect for anyone of any age as pink means ‘sugar and spice and everything nice.’


Pink Things To Put In A Gift Basket

Perfect pink gift ideas are super simple to find and put together. You’ll find everything from pretty pink lounging robes and bath bombs to a whole host of blush pink coloured leather accessories. For an alternative, a 1000 piece jigsaw or summer beach essentials, towels and hair wraps are a unique choice. Pink champagne with a blush candle with hidden jewellery will make any special occasion extra fabulous! For even more ideas, browse our range of pink gifts.

Pink Roses 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Dusty Rose Muslin & Bamboo Bib Set


Green Themed Gifts To Uplift

Green is relaxing and restful and known for its gentle healing powers. The colour of nature, renewal and life, green hues are associated with new beginnings, growth and freshness. Green gifts are an ideal choice for any occasion, especially a housewarming, and are also things your green-fingered and eco-warrior friends will adore. 


Green Things To Put In A Gift Basket

There’s no end of ideas for green gifts for outdoor lovers, including foliage plants, rustic gardening gloves, plant lovers' essentials or even birdhouses. You can get more creative with a luxe chess set, lunchboxes, a pair of cool socks or even a new game in a green box. Mix and match green-themed gifts or go the pampering route. With green tea and aloe candles paired with chic skincare products, they’ll be relaxed in no time! For even more ideas, browse our range of green gifts.


Hulk Smash Heroes & Villains Card Game

Green Tea & Aloe Candle


Yellow Gifts To Grab Their Attention

The cheerful colour yellow makes us think of warm sunshine, spring daffodils and laughter-filled days. Yellow is connected to happiness, invigoration and hope. Because it’s bright, most people love the colour, making yellow gifts an uplifting choice guaranteed to cheer them up.


Things To Put In A Yellow Gift Basket

Inspiring yellow gifts for friends could include a creativity book, cool new weekend planner or a word game with yellow covers. Beauty products packed in a sunshine bag make awesome ideas for a yellow themed party. Deeper hues are a great colour choice for men, too, with no end of unique ideas to choose from. Try a handy homebrew guide, luxury Glenmorangie taster pack or even a NASA rocket construction kit! For more fun ideas, browse our range yellow gifts.  

L'Occitane Skincare Discovery Kit

Bananagrams Word Game

Blue Gifts To Inspire

The colour of the sea and sky above us, blue is also most people’s favourite shade. From dark blue to light blue, this hue is associated with calmness, coolness, serenity and relaxation. While known for being peaceful and spiritual, blue is also a gloriously regal colour that is both easy to match while giving a pop of colour. 


Things To Put In A Blue Gift Basket

Because of its popularity, blue gifts come in all shapes and sizes, from happy socks to a fantastic Jelly kite. Start with the Big Book of Blue, and add some exciting or fun extras to suit their personality. A name a star gift set, cute summer tote or sleep well kit are fabulous for people who love the colour blue. For guys, you can’t go wrong with novelty items or quirky ideas like blue dominoes, a roll-up dartboard or challenging Mensa IQ challenges. Explore our range of blue gifts for more ideas.


Navy Baby Boy Shoes

Sunnylife Sun Light Everything Bag


Red Themed Gifts To Warm Their Heart

Vivid and vibrant, the colour red represents seduction, danger, and adventure in equal measures. Bold red is also well known as the shade most intensely associated with passion, love, warmth and comfort. It’s one of the reasons romantic red roses are given on Valentine’s Day. Be inspired with our selection of red gifts ideas.  


Red Things To Put In A Gift Basket

Red gifts are guaranteed to make a powerful and lasting impression, but they’re not just about romance. Bold products like a vibrant leather wallet or luxurious lounging robe will spice up their style. A full-bodied, decadent red wine hamper will always evoke warm feelings, and lush red soy candles are the ultimate treat. For more quirky friends, what about an on-trend backpack, a novel retro punch game machine or a fun ‘No’ button?


The Cove Jervis Bay Soy Wax Candle

Home By Stephanie Alexander


Find The Pot Of Gold With Rainbow Gift Ideas At Gifts Australia

These fun, colourful gifts are sure to become one of your favourite ways to spoil loved ones whenever you can. You can get creative with green gift ideas for her new office or red-themed gifts to show love or black coloured gifts to suit their aesthetic. They’ll work perfectly for anyone on any occasion and are great for a colour themed party too. Just choose a shade, then browse the collections at Gifts Australia to find ideas, and you’re good to go. Our handy colour filters let you view our range of gift ideas in each of the most popular colours so you can create a colour themed gift basket that everyone will love, from your bestie to your granny!  


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