Buying Gifts For Minimalists: Australia’s Top Tips


What Is A Minimalist Lifestyle?


Many Australians have asked themselves whether they should declutter or adopt a more ‘minimalist’ lifestyle. But what does that actually mean?


I asked myself the same question recently when refusing a collection of pottery cats due to the idea of them being ‘dust collectors’. This led to me being asked if I was a minimalist. While I would not expect to see a collection of pottery cats in a minimalist’s household, it turns out there is a lot more to the lifestyle than just keeping a tidy home.


Yes, it’s about a clutter-free lifestyle, but it also encompasses the way you think and how you spend your time and money. The benefits of applying a minimalist approach to life include:


  • Feeling less stressed and anxious by decluttering your work and living space. For many who choose this lifestyle, a visibly less cluttered environment creates a less cluttered mind, leading to a calmer and more relaxed sense of self.

  • This is evident in the workplace and the home, where chaotic clutter raises blood pressure and can create anxiety.

  • Less clutter helps create better focus and less distraction, especially in a workspace.

  • A more simple diet encourages the body to function better.

  • Being surrounded by fewer things or items has a beneficial effect on the mind. This, in turn, leads to not only the better focus but an opportunity to develop what is essential and necessary to your life. In this mindset, cleaning and shopping are not primary objectives on a day to day basis.

  • For some, a minimalist lifestyle equates to freedom. Freedom of choice regarding what you do, and when. Freedom to pursue passions and interests which you may not have had room for previously.

  • The minimalist approach changes how you view and value friendship. It encourages you to be with those that inspire and motivate you, not just people who you hang out with to pass the time.


Gifting In A Minimalist Lifestyle


Gifts are very much a cultural expectation, be that between family members, colleagues or friends. Shifting to a minimalist lifestyle does not mean you have to sit this tradition out completely. Maybe you just add an aspect of mindfulness to your gift giving; reassessing the intent and meaning behind this culturally significant ritual will only add to your joy.


For some, giving an expensive gift is a demonstration of how much they care, making the gift more meaningful. Others prefer handmade gifts or even gestures. Whatever your budget, gift giving is an act of communicating an important message to someone in your life. You may be celebrating a milestone, another year around the sun or a special achievement. Perhaps there’s no occasion, you just want to shower a person you care about with love and affection.


For a minimalist, gift giving is still important. The act can convey a message of thoughtfulness, trust and love. The gift does not necessarily have to be a physical one; experiences can be exciting gifts that will leave a lasting impression.


Minimalist Gifting


If you have family and friends who have adopted a minimalist lifestyle, you will know what I mean. Their preferred gifts to others tend to be gifts of time spent together, be that a simple walk to watch the sunset or even concert tickets. The value of spending time together and growing the relationship is just as valuable to them as a physical possession.


Gifts For Minimalists


Buying gifts for minimalist friends and family does not have to be stressful if you remember their core values. Don’t go for fuss; practical, simple gifts that display thoughtfulness are the best.


Tips For Minimalist Gifting


  • Buy from local community stores, artisan potters and producers.

  • Buy gifts that support the environment.

  • Gift your time, make a home-cooked meal, go on an unplanned walk, even visit!

  • Gift experiences to share 

  • Gift to charity, or support a local venture in their name.

  • Donate your time to them by going with them to a local soup kitchen or food hall.


You Want To Buy A Minimalist Gift?


It’s no secret that minimalist lifestyles are trending! You likely know someone who is trying to cut back on clutter and zen out. So what could you consider giving them?


Look into minimalist gifts from companies that offer sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Local artisans, growers and vineyards are great places to start. Our Hamper Emporium hampers contain craft beers and ciders from breweries who are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, wine from the Cape Mentelle vineyard with its recognised sustainable practices is always a hit. The Australian brand Jurlique is featured in many of the hampers. Their luxurious skincare ranges are well known for their sustainable and eco-friendly practices. This makes them great gifts for the minimalist men and women in your life.


More practical gifts could be simple, unfussy gifts for the home. Scandinavian style products are perfect! Look out for:


  • Plain glass storage jars

  • Notebook covers which you can have personalised

  • Monogrammed key rings

  • Simple, classy personalised necklaces and bracelets


Want to purchase clothing as a minimalist gift?


This is very easy in Australia with the emergence of stylish clothing stores that encourage and support the ideals of a minimalist lifestyle. For women check out The Undone. For men, there are not as many stores, but don’t worry. There are plenty of guidelines for what the minimalist gent wants in his wardrobe. For ideas, check out this article.


A minimalist way of life is one of simplicity. The aim is to function in sync with society, not to separate from it. Minimalists also want to live life to the full, but their path to it might be different for others. Respecting their choices goes a long way to maintaining your relationships with family and friends who have chosen to live this lifestyle.


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