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Do you consider yourself a book addict? If you've ever become absolutely consumed by your reading material, you can officially welcome yourself to the book lovers club. There is an invisible connection between all those that love and collect books. People who like to completely disappear into a new story and once finished are looking for the next great book fix. Those of us who love gifting books to others to share our reading joy and have a chance to talk about it afterwards. If this is you to a t, you’re part of a wonderful tribe.


You have come to the right place to find what you are craving for. Here at Gifts Australia we not only adore books, we also absolutely love gifting. Let us help you find your next book club addiction or the perfect gift for your book loving friends.


We have compiled the ultimate book gift guide for 2020 so you never get stuck in the last story. This is where you find your next great adventure, your next piece of inspiration and the ideal gift for a reader.


Make yourself a cuppa and enjoy the ride through our book library.


Special interest


Do you love gardening or cooking? Would you love to learn more about oracle cards or zero waste life? Well, you have found the right aisle in this online library. This section is for those that love to either indulge in their favourite hobby or those who like to acquire a new skillset.


Embroidery Now written by well-known Insta designer Jennifer Cardenas Riggs walks you through 30 of her best designs to get you started on your own beautiful projects.


If you are interested in creating a beautiful indoor garden in even the smallest spaces, Modern Container Gardening is just for you. Prepare yourself to be transformed into a compact green thumb thanks to author Isabelle Palmer.


Modern Container Gardening Book


Inspirational books


Life is meant to be lived and celebrated. Find a book that will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, to go out and explore life at the fullest.


Celebrating You is a gorgeous hardcover book filled with statements to remind you and those women in your life that you are loved, appreciated and incredible. This is the meaningful gift for your mother, sister, friend or yourself you have been looking for.


It’s never too late to learn a new instrument, travel or inspire those around you. Learn how to be more active with 99 Things to Do When You Have the Time and encourage yourself or those in your life to not spend time on mindless routines.


Celebrating You: And The Beautiful Person You Are Book


Coffee table books


People love browsing and finding exciting new things while sitting at the doctor’s office, the accountant’s waiting room or commuting to work each day. This aisle is all about being different, finding a book you wouldn’t normally pre-order or pick up from the library. These books are perfect to start a new spark or find a new interest.


The much-anticipated Humans of New York Stories book gives you a closer look into the lives of the people Brandon Stanton has photographed and interviewed since 2010. The streets of New York are full of interesting people and inspiring life stories and make for a coffee table book you won’t be able to put down.


Humans Of New York Coffee Table Book


Novelty books


Giving the gift of laughter is the best present going around. Finding a new paperback that will put a smile on those you love is priceless.


Who would have thought that a book full of images of wet dogs or dogs that jump could have us in stitches or warm our heart? The Dogs in the Air book will be a favourite with every age group and the Wet Dog hardback will make the whole family laugh and smile with delight.


Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo is wonderfully funny and incredibly honest. This bombshell of a book is full of sexy, hilarious and good old-fashioned opinions on love and marriage.


The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo By Amy Schumer


Cooking and recipe books


Find some more cooking inspiration and enjoy the new meals you’ll be creating in no time. If you are a real foodie, this is your section. Let either Jamie Oliver or Maggie Beer inspire you with their groundbreaking ideas or learn more about roasts, soups and cakes.


Carbs is the bread-lover’s bible. This recipe book will show you how to embrace the goodness of carbs instead of hiding from them. After all, life is too short.


CARBS Cook Book


Books for children (and their book-loving parents!)


This is where you will find your next perfect gift for your favourite nephew, your daughter or your best friend’s son. Gifting a book to a family is giving hours of reading fun, cuddles on the couch and learning all at the same time.


The Musical Nursery Rhymes book is perfect for newborns, babies and toddlers and those parents that love to teach classic nurseries while listening to delightful tunes and enjoying adorable illustrations.


The World Puzzle Book gives any curious child hours on end to read, learn and puzzle at the same time and explore the world from their home.

Notebooks and stationery


Let your thoughts and ideas flow, pick up a pen and write your own story, it’s that easy. Beautiful stationery and notebooks will help you create your best work.


The Kate Spade Colour Block Notepad, the personalised A5 Tan leather notebook holder and the red leather monogrammed stationery bag will help you have your essentials and writings organised, ready to change the world with your own words.


Personalised Tan A5 Leather Notebook Holder


There is so much more


Books for fashion and style lovers or travel addicts; books that are just so good and silly and those that help you get more organised. Browse aisles and aisles of our beautiful online shop library and be sure to find what your friend will love or you need in your life.


Every one of our books comes with a FREE gift card with your personal message and wrapped in beautiful FREE biodegradable packaging to make your gift shine. We offer FREE delivery Australia-wide for all orders over $99 so make sure you get enough reading material to get you through for a while.


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