Awesome Good Luck Gift Ideas To Cheer Them On

What Do You Get Someone To Wish Them Luck?

Does someone in your life need positive vibes and lots of luck for an important event? Wishing someone luck is a tradition we’re all accustomed to, even for the small, everyday things in life. It’s always a lovely gesture as most people secretly believe in good luck charms and place significance on luck as much as hard work. Even if they are not superstitious, a good luck gift never hurt! It's nice to know our loved ones are cheering us on with their fingers crossed!  


Sometimes, crossing your fingers and offering a lucky wish doesn’t seem quite enough, especially when it’s a big event. Starting a new job, starting college, moving away, and getting married are all occasions where a gift is given as a way to wish them well. But there are so many other little occasions where small good luck gifts are a good a way to cheer someone on and let them know we hope everything goes well.  


So, the Gifts Australia team has put together everything you’ve ever wanted to know about good luck and ways to wish someone the best. Along with this, you’ll find some awesome and spellbinding ideas for good luck gifts guaranteed to send positive energy and good vibes!


Best Times To Give A Good Luck Gift

Before an important job interview

If someone you know is going for a promotion at work, or has put in an application for an awesome new job, settle their nerves and wish them lots of luck before the big job interview with a good luck gift. It's handy to make your gift something they can take with them either in their pocket or as something to wear. One of the best ideas for a new job good luck gift is a pair of empowering socks they can wear to the interview. Other cool ideas include stylish jewellery to boost their confidence or a new pen.

girl power socks

Good luck before a sports competition

Good luck gifts for athletes are a nice idea before a big game, an important race, or the grand finals. After all that hard work training, it's nice to know that friends will be on the sidelines cheering them on. Some of our favourite good luck gift ideas before a game or gifts for runners before a race include inspirational sports biographies from famous athletes, motivational gifts, or yummy treats to enjoy after the big event.

The Storm Within

Good luck gifts for opening night

In the theatre world, it's actually bad luck to say "good luck" on opening night, but a good luck gift says "break a leg" the best way possible. Musicians and theatre people are often very superstitious with lots of backstage rules. Whatever you do, don't give jewellery as a good luck theatre gift, but you can give anything with a cat theme (including a black cat!). If they've got the jitters, make sure to include an encouraging message to give it their best shot. Inspirational and creative gifts are all good ideas.


Art Oracle Cards


Good luck before exams

Exams are nerve-racking! After a year of study it all comes down to one big examination... wish them well with a gift to inspire confidence and strength. Some of the most popular good luck gifts for students before exams are personalised necklace charms, travel mugs, insulated water bottles, pencil cases, or stationery they can take with them into the exam centre. It's also nice to reassure them with a good luck message to let them know how proud you are of what they have achieved so far. Unicorns are associated with good luck, so we love these unicorn erasers for a cute good luck gift for students.

Unicorn Rainbow Scented Erasers


Good luck gifts before surgery

It's not unusual to be a little nervous before an operation, even if the surgery is routine. A little good luck gift before surgery is always appreciated, especially if it's something they can take with them to hospital or use during recovery. The best ideas for good luck gifts before surgery are books, solo puzzles, tea sets, or calming feng shui and aromatherapy candles.


candle gifts


Good luck before a driving test

Learning to drive is such a big step for a teenager! Wish them luck before their driving test with a small gift that says, "You've got this!". For a friend, an inexpensive gift like chocolates or novelties to make them laugh would work. If it's your own child or grandchild who is going for their license, then a nice idea for a good luck gift and congratulations gift all in one would be a personalised keyring.


Personalised Keyring


Good luck gifts for new business

Starting out with a new venture is a big deal! If someone you know is starting a business, then a good luck gift of support will definitely be appreciated. Along with sharing their new business details all over social media, you could give them something tangible to say good luck on your new journey. A personalised business card holder is a great idea for a good luck gift for someone starting a service-based business. If they are opening a new store, then something motivational or decorative to brighten their shop is a great idea. Be sure to have a bottle of champagne on hand to give them when they land their first client or meet their first sales goal.


Personalised Leather Card Holder


Fun Facts About Superstitious Ways To Say Good Luck 

What is a symbol of good luck? From elephants to shooting stars, we are surrounded by lucky symbols and rituals for good luck, and we often even design our own. Crossing your fingers, knocking on wood, keeping an old coin in your pocket or rubbing a Buddha’s belly are just some. We all have fun ways to ensure life is full of good luck when we need it.


Nearly everyone has lucky numbers, weird and wacky lucky charms or good luck symbols that make us feel good. But did you ever wonder where some of the worldwide traditional and most popular gifts to wish good luck world came from? 


Four-leaf Clover

This lucky charm comes from pagan Ireland, where legend says it was used to explain the Holy Trinity. A normal three-leaf clover represents the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, while the rare fourth leaf represents the grace of God.


Lucky Horseshoes

An English legend told the tale of a blacksmith asked by the devil to fit horseshoes on his hooves. When the devil wanted them removed because they hurt, the blacksmith made the devil promise he would never enter homes with a horseshoe over the door.


Modest Goldfish

These have been symbols of good luck for nearly 1000 years in China, where the colour represents wealth. Portuguese traders in the 1600s took goldfish to Europe, where they became popular gifts as first wedding anniversary gifts from husband to wife. 


Cute Ladybugs

These are traditional good luck symbols in many cultures around the world. In Sweden and the UK, they are instant good luck if they land on you, and in France, they bring good weather for the harvest. In many countries, a ladybug with 7 spots signifies extra good luck! 


Mystic Knots

In Chinese Feng Shui, this lucky charm is made by tying 6 infinity knots, representing never-ending good luck. The Chinese also believe that whenever you give gifts, they should be in pairs. The more gifts you bestow, the more luck they will bring! 


Thoughtful Good Luck Gifts That Will Wish Them Well

Whether or not you and your loved ones believe in lucky charms, it’s always nice to give small tokens to wish them all the best. From handmade cards to practical or fun lucky gifts, they’re a delightful way to say good luck on your new journey. It might be a new job or even a new life, but the sentiment will always remind them they have your love and support.

Here are a few simple ideas to send good luck wishes for future health, wealth and happiness!  


Lucky Gift Homeware

  1. Salt sends the good luck wish that relationships or life in a new home will have added flavour. A graceful salt and pepper set with handy pantry spice jars would fit the bill perfectly.

  2. Wood symbolises stability for people, so anything wooden is an excellent choice of good luck gift. For the home, think salad bowls, breakfast trays, cutting boards or even a whisky flight set.  

  3. Wine gifts signify wishes of joy and prosperity, so they’re ideal as good luck gifts for a new business. Anything wine-related like decanters, glasses or even a wine tour can bring those lucky vibes.  

  4. Candles represent a lifetime of harmony, happiness and light as good luck gifts. Choose relaxing scents, multiple wicks or pretty accessories. You can even get candles with hidden jewellery!


wine gifts


Personalised Good Luck

  1. Leather represents warmth, security and safety, and it’s perfect for good luck wishes for new jobs. A monogrammed leather wallet, card holder or keychain will give loved ones a little style as they go off to work. 

  2. Jewellery is always a special gift, but adding their initials can bring good luck. Choose birthstones and lucky symbols, or go for classic name bars and cufflinks or charm bracelets and necklaces.

  3. Personalised pencil cases, notebook holders, folios and Mac Book cases are a great choice as good luck gifts for students. Or chase away those leaving home blues with accessories in lucky rainbow designs and colours. 

  4. Just like Chinese fortune gift bags, any kind of bag is a magic choice and can be filled with other lucky gifts. Messenger bags, totes and overnight bags will always attract good luck for travellers of any kind.


Personalised Charm Necklace


Alternative Lucky Charms

  1. Champagne symbolises celebration and happiness, so why not give loved ones all the tools they need to toast success? There’s nothing that quite symbolises good luck like keeping a coin pushed in the champagne cork!

  2. Motivational quotes can also serve as lucky charms encouraging them to keep moving towards their goal. Treat them to some window art, a love plaque or wall sign that will send positive thoughts and motivate them every day.

  3. Books always make beautiful keepsake good luck gifts for any kind of life adventure. Choose a title that fits the occasion or a call-to-action book like The Daily Oracle. Remember to inscribe your good luck wishes on a blank page! 

  4. If you prefer to send fun good luck gifts or best wishes for a new job to friends, you can get as creative as you like. Why not send them a lucky cat game, oracle cards or a cool pair of socks with a fun note saying ‘sock it to them’?


Lucky Cat Game


How can I send good luck with Gifts Australia?

Whether they are starting a new chapter in life, or the day has arrived when all they have learned and worked for is being put to the test, Gifts Australia has ideas to wish them well along the way. When you want to say, "Good Luck! I've got my fingers crossed", what better way than with thoughtful good luck gifts wrapped and delivered with a personalised good luck message from you.




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