Adorable Gift Ideas for Your Dog's Birthday

It is time to spoil (wo)man’s best friend


When you had a long tough day at work and come home, who is there to greet you happily no matter how late it is? Your dog. When you’re going through a tough breakup and just feel miserable, who is there to cuddle you—no questions asked? Your dog. When life has just been rough and you feel very negative, who is there to make you smile and lick your face? Your dog.


Simply put, dogs are just awesome. Dogs are there for us, whenever we need them. Dogs are happy to take you for a walk any day, to any place, no matter what the weather’s like. Dogs motivate you to be more active, explore the world and make every day count. But Dogs are also happy to slouch on the couch with you all day if you’re sick or feeling like a Netflix binge day.


No wonder, dogs are called a man’s best friend—or a woman’s.


So, we like to spoil our furry four-legged friends every so often, to thank them for just being with us. Bring home a nice treat; some liver treats, some chewy roo sticks, some denta-bones to make their breath smell better or just a nice big meaty bone to put a smile on their face like they do for us all the time.


Once a year though, on our dog’s special day, we want to gift them something that’ll make their day. Something adorable, something unique, something that will make them as happy as they make us.


This is a list of the best dog gifts in 2020 to help you find the perfect present for any dog, no matter what size, breed or age.


Mug and bowl set


You are so in love with your dog, you are ready for some twinning. This is the perfect gift for you and your favourite pet friend. If you are looking for a novelty way to bring a smile to your or an animal lover’s face, this is the present you have been looking for. Drink out of the mug that reads 'I’m a dog person' while the pooch eats out of the 'I’m a people dog' bowl. Winner!


Dog Lover Bowl And Mug Set


A warming coat


It’s those cold and rainy days with howling southerly winds that really get our four-legged friends and chill them to the bones—especially the smaller breeds. Giving your dog the perfect warming coat with any cute pattern you prefer will guarantee a happy and content dog, day and night.


Dog coat


Grooming glove


Imagine if your furry friend could talk, what would it say. 'Pat me, pat me, pat me'? All dogs love cuddles, pats and attention. They love a good back pat, a scratch behind the ear, a long-lasting belly rub and will never turn down a full-body massage.


A grooming glove is the perfect gift for any dog, hairy or not. Even the non-shedding dog breeds love it, if you rub along and straighten out their little curls all over their body. This is the gift that will keep on giving and create a loving relationship with your best friend.


A fluffy white dog.


Toy gifts


You can’t go wrong with this. No matter what your dog is into, receiving a squeeky toy, a furry chew toy or a tennis ball is always a winner.


If you have a very energetic pet that loves a good fast run and a swim, you might want to go all out for your dog and get a Chuck it Ball launcher to throw up to 18m in distance. Dogs love to be challenged and rewarded upon return.


A dog running with a ball in its mouth.


Rewarding gifts


Most people know, you can’t disappoint a dog with food. Us foodie lovers can relate that anything is a winner. No matter if jerky, roo sticks, liver treats or a chunky bone, this will bring happiness and a fond heart for your favourite friend.


If you like to feed and train your dog at the same time, teach it some more skills and expand its horizon, a smart feeder is the perfect gift. The dog has to work for its treat, search and find, learn and improve and be rewarded at the end. The more they practice, the more clever they get.


A pile of bone-shaped dog treats.


Heated pet bed


No matter if your dog is small and bony or old and arthritis-ridden, they are a lot like humans who love their electric blankets. It’s wonderful after a long walk out in the rain or a big swim in the ocean to lie down and fall into a forever-sleep on a heated dog bed.


It relieves old dogs of joint pains and helps them feel younger and gives young tiny dogs the warmth they might not be able to create themselves. This way your dog feels permanently embraced and loved.


A cute sleeping dog half falling out of their bed.


Collar and lead


Ask yourself what is your dog’s favourite thing to do? I’m sure if your fur friend could talk, it would answer ‘going for a walk’. There is nothing in the world your dog would love more than walk time. The beach, the park, the town, visiting the grandma and meeting other furry friends, I bet your dog is always up for it.


Spoil your dog with a beautiful new collar and lead, go for a colourful one that is easy to spot if he is off exploring, or a pretty one so you can show him off. Soon enough, there is nothing more exciting for your best friend than you picking up that collar and lead and getting your runners out.


A pug wearing a collar and leash.


Spoil yourself with dog-lover themed accessories


Here at Gifts Australia, we love animals and support your passions. Why not treat yourself to a doggy-themed present today. We have plenty to choose from ranging from the Dog Selfies Book to have you in stitches to Spotty Dog Measuring Spoons to get your cooking right—your fur friend will appreciate it when it’s leftover feeding time. Woof.


Here at Gifts Australia, we love to deliver happiness—no matter if the present is for you, your human or animal friends. Make the most of our offers right now, with FREE shipping for orders over $99, EXPRESS delivery and premium gift wrapping available.


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