A Candle For Every Occasion

Candle Gift Ideas To Match Personalities For The Perfect Gift

Candles have been around for centuries, lighting up people's lives from as early as 500 BC. But other than being functional, there’s more to candles than meets the eye. That's why, when you're thinking of a unique gift for someone, candle gift sets are a versatile choice. 


The gentle flicker of candles makes anywhere welcoming and cosy, creating an intimate atmosphere that’s hard to replicate. From block pillar candles to tea lights and tapers, they’ll instantly add style and softness to any space. Beautiful candles can build harmony, soothe the soul, decorate a room, create a bathroom spa, host a romantic dinner, or create a magical feeling in the bedroom. 


At Gifts Australia, with all our gifting experience, we know so many reasons why candles make the perfect gift. Far from being an unoriginal gift, a beautiful candle offers a sensory experience of sight and smell. We firmly believe stylish votives and candle gift packs can be very personal. So read on to find out how choosing precisely the right candle to suit the occasion that will subtly show how well you know someone.


Why Cute Candles For Gifts Are So Beautifully Versatile

Candles are symbolic, and their light and warmth reflect love and friendship. A candle is a beautiful solo gift for any special person. They can also be personalised, enriched or paired with other items to make anyone feel extra spoiled and special. The incredible versatility of candle gift ideas is the very reason why they are a timeless option for both men and women. 


  • Candlelight creates a calming atmosphere by adding light without harsh electric bulbs

  • They add aesthetic to any room and provide a stylish focal point whether unlit or lit

  • Candles offer a touch of sensual luxury at an affordable, pocket-friendly price

  • They symbolise romance and immediately create a cosy, intimate ambience

  • There are seasonal options to make candles the ideal all-year-round gift choice

  • Candles don’t spoil, so you can easily plan ahead and buy well before celebrations

  • Scented candles are known to boost our mood, create harmony and soothe our senses 

  • Aromatherapy candles have healing properties and are perfect for rest and relaxation

  • Long-burning candles create memories and can provide ongoing enjoyment for months

  • From birthdays to candles for grief or loss, there’s one to suit every mood and special occasion


Our Foolproof Guide On How To Light & Burn A Candle

If you think there isn't much to lighting your new candle, especially scented ones, you're mistaken. The technique can determine how long it lasts and how well it burns. Do it the wrong way, and you may not get to smell the wonderful aroma or finish the candle. So, here are the five invaluable steps to keep in mind for the best way to light a new candle! 


  • Create lasting memories - The first time you light a candle, you create a memory burn. That's the pattern the candle will use to burn until it's finished. The correct memory burn ensures you use your candle efficiently and maximises the aroma on scented options.

  • Always trim your wick - The length of the candle wick determines the temperature your candle burns at. A longer wick causes a hotter flame which can cause soot to line your jar. A short wick will eventually drown in wax, meaning you can't use the candle anymore. Use a wick trimmer each time to create a perfect flame.

  • Get a full melt pool - Whenever a candle burns, the entire top surface should melt to ensure you fully use your candle. Try to use your candle when you're sure it can reach its full melt pool, which is one hour for every inch of the candle's diameter. If it doesn't, the candle will start to tunnel downwards, leaving unmelted wax along the sides of your jar.

  • Keep away from draughts - As the candle burns, keep it away from windows, fans and air-con units. Any draughts or wind from these sources can disturb the air, making the candle flame flicker and burn incorrectly or blacken the votive jar.

  • Don't blow out your candle - Most people blow out their candles since it's easy and effective. This can damage your melt pool by having black carbon drop into it, and also cause an unpleasant smell. Instead, pinch the wick, or treat yourself to a candle snuffer to do the job right!


What Are The Nicest Candles To Choose From Gifts Australia?

No home is complete without at least one beautiful candle, and there’s a candle gift idea for every personality. It’s a simple thought, but the right style of candle needs to fit perfectly. Many people love candles, yet don't actually light them. The right candle will add a beautiful aesthetic to any space with their chic jars and subtle release of fragrance. So, to ensure you get the best candle possible, keep these tips in mind when shopping.


Consider unisex candle options

In many cases, men and women appreciate the same candle fragrances, as long as they’re not too flowery. However, chandlers (that's candle makers, in case you're wondering) have created some gender-specific scents. What candle scents are masculine? Anything smoky, spicy and sultry will create a more masculine vibe. Citrus and ocean scents are also popular candles for guys. But if you don't know which aroma the person you're gifting would like, choose one of the many gorgeous gender-neutral options. 


scented candles


Opt for multi-wick candles 

If you'd like an extra-wide, long-lasting candle, then ensure it has more than one wick. This way, it can still achieve its full melt pool. Any candle that's more than 10cm in diameter with only one wick won't give you much usage. There are some fabulous soy votive candles with double wicks which will offer up to 75 hours of relaxing burn time. With scents like cedarwood, citrus and leather, they’re musky options both men and women will adore. 

Double wick candle

Romantic candle pairings

If it’s a romantic gift for a special occasion, instead of going for ordinary choices, add in a taste of luxury. Choose a luxe candle gift set that combines candles for relaxation with beautiful diffusers, pampering skincare products, scented oils or pretty tealight sets. Or, for a nice candle for your girlfriend, go for the surprise element with a hidden jewellery candle. Concealed inside each chic candle is a stunning item of jewellery decorated with Swarovski® Crystals. Watch as the wick burns down!


Hidden Jewellery Candle


Heal with aromatherapy candles

Aromatherapy candles make the perfect gift as the aromas can heal and relax or stimulate and awaken the senses. Different fragrances have different qualities and can evoke feelings and affect our mood. For example, aromatherapy candles for stress relief use sweet fragrances like frankincense and patchouli for healing. Tangy and citrus fragrances are refreshing, and essential oils like lavender and chamomile are the best candle scents for relaxing and sleep.


aromatherapy scented candle


Go environmentally friendly

As an ideal gift for your green, eco-conscious friends, aromatic Feng Shui candles and botanical gifts sets are infused with nature-friendly scents. Choose hand-poured candles or votives made from sustainable and biodegradable soy wax, which burns exceptionally well. There are even fabulous vegan-friendly candles. With cotton lead-free wicks, recyclable jars and plastic-free and sustainable packaging, they’re guaranteed to thrill them.

feng shui candles


There are few gifts better than a beautifully presented or highly scented candle. For a housewarming, an office gift, end of year teacher gifts, to offer sympathy, show your love, give the gift of relaxation, to wish them well with a going away gift, and for so many other reasons, a candle is a thoughtful gift everyone will appreciate. Explore our full range to find the right candle for your special someone.


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