Top Tips To Revamp Your Home Office In 2021

Handy Home Office Ideas To Help You Rethink Your Workspace


Has your home become more than a place to live over the last year? If homeworking has become the norm, then it’s time to revamp your office space and get cosy. It’s a place where you probably spend far more time than any of the other rooms in your house. As the weather gets cooler, it's the perfect time to rethink your office decor.  


It doesn’t have to cost a lot of cash to turn your office into a comfortable and inviting space where you enjoy spending the hours. It can be both super functional and stylish with a little bit of careful attention and thoughtful home décor touches. So, if you’re looking to improve your office surroundings and make the most of your space, read on. 


The team at Gifts Australia have a few creative ideas for adding warmth, comfort and style with just a few tweaks to your home office. Not only can it improve your well-being, but it can increase productivity and boost your mood. 


How To Create An Inspirational Space That’s Entirely Yours


Your chosen décor should fit your personality, inspire creativity and encourage you to get things done efficiently. Get creative and design a space you really enjoy spending time in, however small. If you love rustic, shabby-chic, then add bold colours and accessories that make you feel completely at home. If you want a modern, contemporary feel with minimalist use of your space, then do it! Then get painting and create the canvas for the extras that come next.


Choose the kind of environment and décor that relaxes you and helps you to work consistently. If you need to concentrate and think, maybe a minimalist style and neutral shades will help you focus well. Creative jobs might need colourful artwork and books around for daily inspiration. Some workers require a large working surface, while others can cosy up in a comfy chair. Put in some thought on ways to revamp your office to make it a beautiful space you can really call your own.


7 Ideas For Decorating Your Home Office With Panache


Once the basic decorating is done, you can really have some fun revamping your home office. Theming around your interests and surrounding yourself with items that make you happy is a great way to start. Choose pictures or inspirational quotes, candles, bohemian cushions, or a fluffy rug. If background music or the TV helps you concentrate, then find a clever way to include speakers in your office setup. Here are some essentials to help you on your way to the office revamp you will be proud of.


office decor


Let the light shine

Maximise as much natural light as you can and keep your curtains open while you work if possible. If your windows are south-facing, it’s a good idea to have some thin blinds to filter out any direct sunlight. Task lighting is also an important feature. Add a selection of desk lights, standard lamps or wall lanterns as alternatives to bright overhead ceiling lights. This will ensure you always have just the right level of lighting for any time of the day or evening.


Bring nature inside

Some beautiful indoor plants and living greens in your work environment have many benefits. They not only maintain the air quality but can help reduce your stress levels. Plants also alter the acoustics and absorb distracting noises; plus, they look fabulous. Ask your local nursery for the ideal house plant choices which are easy to care for. Even a corner dedicated to nature is a powerful way to increase creativity and make you feel relaxed and happy. 


Keep it beautifully simple

A classic decor design that provides storage space and clean lines is always welcoming and encourages ease of use. When you revamp your home office, try to achieve a spacious, comfortable feeling while allowing enough productive workspace. Choose practical office furniture and storage items with simple lines, however much space you have. Then adding the furnishings and final finishing touches will be straightforward and fun. 


Happy Space candles


Add unique accessories

While your home office needs to be functional, you want it to capture your own spirit and loves. So be sure to incorporate some nice touches that are unique to your individuality. Be as creative as you want, especially if you have a low budget. DIY ideas like recycling old pallets into storage or making a desk from antique wood can add a big splash of personality. Mix and match all the things you love, from vintage accessories to a feature photo or art wall. For office essentials, like a water carafe or desk calendar, choose something with style to complement your space.


A room with a view

If you can, position your work desk where you have an interesting view. It’s better to be staring out into the garden or street than at a boring blank wall. A window is the natural option, but if you can’t move your desk, use a standing mirror to create a lovely reflection. If your home office is a windowless space, there are still some solutions. Hang a beautiful wall accessory above your desk, create a picture gallery of favourite prints, or move your chair so it’s facing the door. 


wall art


Clear your clutter

One of the easiest things to make your office better is to collect and organise any clutter. Make some small storage boxes and tidy away papers and files, books and computer equipment. Make use of height with multi-level shelves. Use trays or pen organisers to keep your small essentials on hand without cluttering your desk space. Untangle cords and cables that take up valuable space and wrap them using Velcro strips. It’s the little things that will make your home office a place to linger and feel inspired to work.


Make a statement 

A fabulous addition to your new home office is one multi-functional centrepiece you adore. It will add the ‘wow’ factor and be a special item that makes you happy while you’re working. A big, beautiful armchair is a perfect choice or a colourful ottoman which doubles for extra storage. It can be as simple as a large sheepskin rug for your work chair or an impressive candelabra instead of a standard lamp. They all create a warm space that's cheerful with a hint of luxury. 




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