The Perfect Personalised Teacher Gifts

Show Appreciation After A Challenging Year

2020 has certainly been a challenging year. Not just for businesses and the economy, but also for families. With parents losing jobs or working from home and fighting hard to keep afloat there’s been huge changes in our daily lives. It has been a year to make us all dig deeper and think outside the box. Even while trying to juggle our own zoom meetings, parents tried to become teachers overnight. And as soon as that homeschooling stint kicked in, we were frantically trying to keep up with our kids. Realisation hit hard. This teaching gig was asking a lot more of us than we expected. Right across Australia, and especially in Melbourne, parents gained a whole new appreciation for how hard teachers work and how important a good teacher is for our kids.


Teachers help our children learn and grow. Teachers are there to listen and inspire. Great teachers form strong bonds with their individual students and show that they care about them on a personal level. More importantly, teachers know if you're supposed to add the numbers in the brackets or multiply first.


Even with all the uncertainty of school closures, so many teachers just stepped up to hold it together for our kids. They were the teachers who we always knew were wonderful at their job. But they suddenly showed themselves to be amazing people who are warm, friendly, passionate and kind. Despite ups and downs, and changing rules, and all the confusion, our kids’ teachers were on the other side of the computer screen every morning with their pets for show and tell, and their extra maths help, and their patient explanations, and their big smiles (even when they probably wanted to cry). Those are the kind of people we want around our children. And the kinds of teachers we want to reward with more than just a ‘thank you’.


Thank you, Teachers!

As we are nearing the end of this tough year for parents, children, and teachers alike, it’s important that we don’t forget what a difference teachers made for our families earlier this year. Term four has begun and this one is the shortest of the whole year. There’s only a few more weeks until summer is upon us and we starting counting down until the end of the school year. As the holiday season begins and we approach the end of the school term, it’s time to say, “thank you, teachers”.


This year, it’s even more important for us to choose the right teacher gifts to say thank you. Teachers are often selfless and get a great deal of joy out of gifts they can use in the classroom, like a selection of great books for kids. But an original gift or a personalised present shows we’ve put some thought into selecting something special for each teacher. But what is a great gift to show gratitude to your son’s teacher after all the extra time they spent helping him learn online? And what’s the best way to say an extra big thank you to your daughter’s favourite educator as well as the school librarian who went above and beyond to help with homework?  


Books for Teacher Gift


Make it unique and give from the heart

The best presents come from the heart. These are the personalised gifts that show you put in time and effort to choose something just for them. A gift that is unique and special shows you tried to find a fitting gift for each teacher on an individual basis.


Personalisation is the best way of making someone feel special. A personal gift for teachers lets them know you see them and their efforts, and that you recognise their personal commitment to their students beyond just doing their job. When it comes time to choose the ideal gift, this guide will help you find personalised teacher gifts in Australia for your child’s teacher.


1. Ground check: What do you know?

It depends how good your own relationship is with your child’s teacher. In rural areas across Australia, parents are often friends with their children’s school teachers or may even play sport together. For those in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, or other larger cities, it might be harder to know what your kids’ teachers like. If that is the case, try quizzing your children to find out some extra information to help you decide on the perfect gift.


2. Get the kids involved: Check for personal interests

Does your son’s school teacher like the outdoors or prefer reading a book? Is your daughter’s teacher interested in cooking, gardening, or movies? Sit down with your children and ask them about their teachers. Try and see how much they know. Ask what their teachers might have shared about their spare time. Get a piece of paper and brainstorm together to create a list of things each of their teachers loves.


3. Find out about the teacher’s quirks

Not every school educator teaches in the same way. Ask your children what’s special about their teacher and how they help them learn throughout the day. Is the teacher very organised and likes notebooks, or do they just go with the flow, enjoy outside playtime and teach from experience? All this will give you inspiration for an excellent Christmas teacher gift.


4. Match their personality

Once you have established what each of their teachers likes, you can start finding gift ideas to match their interests or personality. If someone loves going camping, why not find a new torch or wireless speaker for their next adventure? If they adore cooking up a feast, consider getting them a set of unique measuring spoons for their kitchen.


5. Make the gift extra special: Personalise it!

Once you’ve chosen a gift for each of their school teachers, ask the kids what they would like to say to thank their teacher personally. Their message can be simple, so long as it comes from the heart. Some good ways to thank teachers include mentioning something specific they did that meant a lot to your child. A simple, “Thank you Miss Collins for helping me with my drawing” is a sweet way show your gratitude. But if your child can’t think of any one thing to say in their message, a general, “Thank you, Mr Hendriks for being a great teacher” is all you need to put a big smile on any teacher’s face.


Top Picks For Personalised Teacher Gifts 2020

Here at Gifts Australia, we offer a wide range of beautiful and unique personalised gifts perfect to thank a hard-working teacher. For the teacher who loves being organised and stylish at the same time, consider a leather notebook holder monogrammed with their name or initials. Our personalised A5 Leather notebooks are available in a range of colours to suit male and female teachers including a light tan, tiffany blue, burgundy, black, and a stunning blush pink with gold embossing.


Peronalised teacher gifts Australia


The beautiful Blood Orange Saffiano Leather Card Holder will keep her organised in style and you can add up to four embossed letters for a truly personal teachers’ gift. Show your appreciation to a male teacher with a practical but stylish gift like a monogrammed Black Leather Buckle Strap Keyring.


Christmas gift for male teacher


Our personalised Tan Leather Cosmetic Pouch isn’t just handy for travel as a touch-up cosmetics case. It’s also the perfect size for a teacher to use as a large pencil and texta case or for organising their stationery. A gorgeous leather pencil case is an absolute dream gift for a teacher. The personalised slimline Saffiano Leather Pencil Case is another stunning teacher gift that’s all about elegance. It’s available in black, taupe, and blood orange. Keep it simple and get personalised leather teacher gifts for all your kids’ teachers!


Monogrammed Pencil Case Teacher Gift


Organise Your End of Year Teacher Gift Before The Holiday Rush

Make the most of your time and enjoy the comfort of online shopping from your own couch. No more hectic last-minute dash to the shops for a box of chocolates on the last day of school! Order early to beat the rush. We offer FREE delivery Australia-wide for all orders over $99 plus gift wrapping and gift cards. Your child might even like to include a drawing on the gift card to make your thank you gift even more personalised. Let’s make the end of 2020 special for our kids and their favourite teachers with the best gift ever.   


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