The Best New STEM Gifts to Spark Creativity

Inspire Your Kids To Be Our Future Inventors!

Create your own STEM-powered adventure at home with awesome hands-on kits that kids will love. These are the latest and most popular STEM activity kits for creative kids who love to tinker. If your kids are always wanting to understand how things work, give them educational science, technology, engineering, and maths toys to make learning fun.


Inspire your kids to become the creators of the future and inventors of the next groundbreaking technologies with STEM kits that inspire them to explore, experiment, and think big! From crazy science sets, amazing construction kits, and hands-on discovery projects, every one of these fun educational toys would make the ideal gift for curious kids. If you're not sure what skills STEM toys teach, we break it down in our gift guide for hands-on project kits kids will love.


There's a gift idea for every budding scientist, engineer, or innovator in our range of STEM toys. We have science discovery kits for the littlest Einsteins, a huge range of STEM kits for primary school, and more in-depth educational toys for high school teens. They’ll learn about physics, engineering, chemistry, mechanics, electronics, and coding with great hands-on projects that encourage exploration.


Kid Friendly Chemistry Sets

Bath Bomb Factory By Wild Science

Discover kid-friendly chemistry with the Wild Science project kit to make your own bath bombs. Kids will learn about acid-base reactions and carbon dioxide while creating their own scented and coloured bath bombs. They’ll mix together baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, and food colouring, and then scent and shape their own mix of colourful bath bomb powders. The kit comes with shaped moulds plus enough materials for multiple experiments with floating bath bombs, foaming eruptions, and different coloured layered bath bombs.  


Chemistry Bath Bomb STEM toy


Wild Science! Zombie Blood & Guts FX Lab

Gross and disgusting science is the best kind! This fun chemistry exploration kit full of zombie eyeballs, zombie guts, boogers, slime, zombie blood and fart putty is a science lesson in disguise. Your kids will learn about gels and cross-linked polymers while grossing you out.  Upgrade to the Zombie Science Party Kit if you want even more paint and gooey goodies to entertain a crowd of science loving kids. STEM activities kids can enjoy with friends are a great way to encourage the sharing of ideas and collaboration – a great habit for any young scientist or innovator.


Zombie Chemistry Kit


STEM Kits All About Engineering

Wind Walker Machine Creator Kit

Strandbeests (or “beach animals” in Dutch) are the creation of Physicist-turned-artist Theo Jansen. He built an entire series of enormous kinetic sculptures on the seaside out of PVC tubing, zip ties, and string. With the Wind Walker Machine Creator Kit, your child can create their own wind walking beast and discover the connections between art and engineering, as well as mechanics and biology.

Standbeest Wind Walkers are also a fun way to learn about engineering, wind-powered vehicles, and sustainable energy. Kids can explore the engineering concepts behind the design of these wind propelled sculptures. Once your child has made their own Strandbeest, they can modify the design to see how changing different components impacts its overall functionality.

Mechanics Wind Science Kit

STEMFormer Windup Car & Robot By Smartivity

The project kit comes with instructions to build a wind-up car, and then transform it into a projectile throwing robot! This STEM construction kit is an ideal gift for kids who love robots, cars, construction, and imaginative play. They’ll learn about gears, wind-up mechanisms, and projectiles. 2 in 1 kits that can be used to create multiple different designs are a great way to encourage experimentation and get your kids to see what new ideas they can come up with on their own. Open-ended learning toys that encourage critical thinking make trial and error fun.

Mechanics STEM kits

Electronics STEM Kits For Teens

Generator Creator Kit

If your kids have ever wondered how electricity is generated, they’ll love this DIY build your own electricity generator kit. It comes with everything they need to build a hand-crank generator. No tools needed and, of course, no batteries needed! Your kids will discover the basic principles of electromagnetic induction and mechanical energy. After they build their machine, they’ll actually be able to see how mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy as they turn the crank. This kit is safe for kids aged 7 to 12, but is also ideal for those high school science projects that explore energy.

DIY Hand Crank Generator Project

DIY Robot Soldering Kit

For older kids who are ready for a challenge, they’ll love an introduction to soldering with a STEM kit to make their own robot on wheels. Teens will have fun learning about electronics, circuits, capacitors and resistors as they assemble a working circuit board to make a sound-activated robot car that changes direction when they clap. Safe electronic soldering kits for kids provide them with hours of hands-on learning opportunities. The clear instructions help to break down each step so your child will understand what each part does.

The soldering kits and beginners snap circuit range all great educational toys that would make fun introductory kits for all ages to explore circuitry, electronics, and safe soldering at home.


Soldering DIY Robot Kit

Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths Made Easy with Gifts Australia

STEM kits that encourage experimentation to understand how things work are great for kids aged 7 to 12 and curious teenagers looking for new things to do. Kits that come with clear instructions and explain the engineering principles or science involved give them the foundation to puzzle out new applications. Teach your kids to think outside the box with science projects that give them the tools to discover new ways to learn.


If you’re looking for fun Easter holiday activities to keep your kids entertained, or a practical project for adults and kids to do together, you’ll love our new STEM range. We have so many awesome projects to get your kids excited about learning. Explore the full range for wonderful solar energy kits, flying machines, DIY rocket building kits, maths machines, and so much more. Build smart kids with the great range of educational STEM toys at Gifts Australia.




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