Romantic Gifts for Your First Valentine's Day

Make Your Very First Valentine’s Day A Fun Tradition

Valentine's Day is creeping up on us all, and if it's the very first one with your new beau, you might be wondering how to celebrate and if you should buy a present. Celebrating a day that’s all about love can be a lot of pressure if you just recently started dating. But there’s no need to feel stressed just because you don’t have a ton of history together.


If the relationship is just finding its feet, then V-Day and Valentine gift ideas for a new boyfriend or girlfriend can be a whole lot of fun. There are no expectations, and you can be as creative as you like. Every relationship is different, and it’s fine to play it cool. But when your heart says you feel ready to make a statement, then go all out and embrace the romantic spirit of the day.


Here at Gifts Australia, we have some cool ideas for cute things to do together, some fun Valentine's Day gifts for him, plus sweet ideas for gifts for her. Even if you're not sure what to choose as your first Valentine's Day gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s important to get them a little something. After all, you don't want to disappoint them! 


If Valentine’s Day Gifts Are Your Love Language

If gifts really are your language of love, then a first Valentine’s gift idea of anything heart-shaped will win the day. If you’ve just started dating, then lavish gifts really aren’t necessary. Anything small and thoughtful, without being too extravagant, will add that romantic personal touch.


Even if you decide not to go all-out on a first Valentine gift for your boyfriend, you can still have a romantic day. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and a date night is a wonderful idea. Send him a Happy Valentine’s Day message with an invitation!


The very best idea for Valentine’s presents are shared activities that create intimacy. Everyone makes connections when they experience something or engage in a task together. Doing something active together on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s not overly romantic, is much more fun than sitting politely at a table together! 


12 Cute Things To Do For A Guy On Valentine’s Day

With all this in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites for simple, low-key Valentine's Day gift ideas and suggestions for things to do. They’re sure to be a hit for any new couple, and they’ll certainly be a whole lot of fun to enjoy!  


1. Cuddle Up Under The Stars

Pack some blankets, favourite treats and a bottle of sparkling wine and head off on a romantic date for two. Cosy up on Valentine’s Day and enjoy spectacular views of the night sky. Cloudy day? Spending Valentines in isolation? Then treat your partner to a Galaxy Star Projector and watch colourful twinkling stars at home!


2. Pack A Tasty Picnic

Treat yourself to a Whitsundays Picnic Rug and arrange a basket of his favourite delicious snacks and drinks. Set up an intimate spot in the garden or park and prepare yourself for romance. Bring along a Bluetooth speaker for some music or read your favourite love poems together in the fresh air. It’s a first Valentine's Day gift idea for your boyfriend he will never forget.


3. Have Wine-and-Paint Fun

Get creative and organise a wine-and-paint evening and try to copy a painting or photo. Order in a wine gift pack with your favourite style of red or white wine and pour each other a glass for inspiration. "Draw me like one of your French girls." It doesn’t matter if you’re not artistic, it’s a fun Valentine’s gift for him. Perfect for spending quality time together and laughing the evening away.


Wine gift for Valentines Day


4. Satisfy His Sweet Tooth 

Any Valentine’s Day idea should be about indulgence, and sweet treats can be the way to any man’s heart. Spend the evening together experimenting in the kitchen and trying out each other’s dessert creations. Top it off with a Valentine's Day delivery of a chocolate-packed Sweet Epicure Hamper - there’s nothing sweeter!


5. Make A Date Jar 

Spend Valentine’s Day planning your first exciting trip together on an interactive map of Australia. Or plan ideas for romantic dates you would love to share. Write them on pieces of paper and put them in a heart-shaped jar so you can enjoy picking a surprise date every week. You’ll never argue about where to go, and it makes a cute Valentine’s Day gift tradition.


6. Have A Take-Out Contest

Good Valentine’s gifts always have a fun twist, so instead of cooking, try a takeaway contest. You both order your favourite starters and meals, then share the flavours and vote on the best. Finish the evening with a bottle of bubbles and dessert for two with a sweet hamper! This makes a fun idea if you are spending Valentines at home.


Sweet Sparkling Hamper


7. Put Up The Tent

If your new love is the outdoor kind, but it’s too soon for spending Valentine’s Day together in the wilderness, do it at home. Pitch your tent and go on a garden camping trip! Be sure to have all the essentials handy, including a grill and some juicy steak. Treat him to his very own BBQ accessories, a fun, personalised Valentines gift idea he will love while exploring the great outdoors!


8. Swap Favourite Hobbies

Choose activities you can do at home and spend half the time trying out theirs. You might find something new you can start doing together. It’s an enjoyable Valentine’s date idea which will get you both laughing and out of your comfort zone. Buy a couple of inexpensive underwater cameras, take heaps of photos, and make a scrapbook to remember the fun forever.


9. Serve Romantic Waffles or Pancakes

It doesn’t have to be brunch time to enjoy a new favourite meal together. Waffles and pancakes are made to be eaten at any time! Make heart-shaped pancakes or build the delicious layered waffles of his dreams stacked with all the romantic toppings you can think of. You could even surprise him with breakfast in bed.


Valentines Breakfast


10. Hold A Games Night

Put romance aside and get competitive by bringing out the fun board games or host a trivia evening! This is an easy-going idea if you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a more relaxed way. Try his hand at a tabletop game for two. Pick a traditional favourite or challenge him to a new card game or something light-hearted. Anything goes!  


11. Cheese And Wine Tasting

The quickest way to any date’s heart is cheese and wine. Both delicious on their own, they’re a match made in heaven. Choose some easy wine pairings, present him with a fabulous Cheese Knife Set, and get ready for a marathon. Alternatively, melt their heart with a mouth-watering, gooey cheese fondue feast of your dreams!


12. Escape Room Challenge

If you’re ready for taking the relationship a bit further this Valentine’s Day, then find a local VR Escape Room Experience. Prepare to work together as a team for the first time and have a really good laugh figuring out all the puzzles. Once it’s finished, share the sense of accomplishment and raise a romantic glass to the future. 


Couple's VR escape room


Gift Shop For Valentine's Day At Gifts Australia

Once you’ve decided what to do for your first Valentine’s Day, the planning should be easy. If you need some creative gift ideas or a cute gift to surprise your boyfriend with, then browse our full collection. There’s something sure to catch your eye from classic Australian wine to fun, quirky games and accessories. Gifts Australia offers free standard delivery Australia-wide on orders over $99. If you're planning to make an all-out romantic statement, make sure you order early so your gift arrives in time for Valentine's Day delivery. Remember, it’s the romantic thought that counts! 




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