Planning An Autumn Engagement Party

Engagement Party Ideas That Add The Wow Factor

Congratulations! The big question has been asked and answered—now it’s engagement party time! The best way to share the good news with family and friends is by throwing a party. This is a fun and exciting time in your life. An engagement party can be a fancy affair or a chilled out event to just share your happiness with family and friends. 


Here at Gifts Australia, we know it’s not required to have an engagement party, but why not? Engagements are the beginning of a wonderful journey for any couple, plus you might receive some fun and fabulous engagement gifts! Throwing an engagement party is a superb way to get everyone on board to play some part in that journey. 


You can opt for a venue party where professional organisers come up with the engagement party ideas, but that’s maybe an expense you don’t need! Check out our informal engagement party ideas to keep costs down, have fun and make memories. Here are just a few autumn engagement party ideas Australia style to get you thinking.


  • Backyard parties
  • Garden parties
  • Beach parties
  • Glamping parties
  • Fun ‘I do’ barbies
  • Wine & cheese parties


All of these can be organised with a low budget and still be something amazing to remember. If you want to keep your engagement party intimate with just a few friends, throw an elegant dinner party with some luxury food and wine. Shared memories are a great way of remembering your special day, so consider organising an experience day to share with the important people in your lives. These can be educational, adventurous or a visit to a place of interest. 


Try a fabulous wine tasting trip or a shared adventure activity like canoeing. There are no rules as to how your engagement party should be. So, you can have a black-tie event in your garden or a completely chilled out BBQ. Formal, informal, rustic or chilled out, the choice is yours.


Informal Autumn Engagement Party Ideas

Ideas for an informal engagement party at home can include a ‘come as you like’ dress code. This is an especially good idea if you decide to celebrate in your own backyard or take it to the beach. Hosting a barbie is a great way to host an informal engagement party at home. However, as this is a bit more special than the usual weekend grills, how about taking a few ideas from the Aussie BBQ Bible to ensure it stands out? Maybe forego the snags and opt for some rib-eye steaks, marinated prawns and delicious lamb skewers.


Hosting a garden party is slightly different. A bit more preparation is needed to organise menus and drinks. This type of party can remain informal or become a bit of a dressed-up soiree. They are perfect for shaking and serving cocktails - maybe some strawberry daiquiris or authentic lime mojitos? If you’re not sure which cocktails to make, gin-based ones are very on-trend at the moment or surprise your guests with a deliciously smooth espresso martini.


If you want to keep your party low key and the weather’s good, you could organise a picnic. Either head to your favourite spot on the beach or some of the picturesque sites Australia abounds with. Remember to pick easily accessible sites so you can transfer food and drinks to the area easily. Add a bit of decadence to this special occasion by taking luxurious hampers and picnic equipment.


Get Sassy With Fun & Creative Engagement Party Themes

If you want to try more creative engagement party ideas, how about throwing a themed event? All of the themes below will work for any Autumn engagement party at home. It’s time to think outside of the box and really create a celebration to remember.


We have some suggestions for engagement parties at home to get you thinking—from elegant affairs to downright quirky parties!

  • Hollywood glitz and glam engagement party
  • Black and white or one-colour scheme event 
  • A sassy, intriguing and mysterious speakeasy party 
  • Your favourite TV-theme party with fun costumes
  • Brunch with a buffet breakfast spread and champagne 
  • An elegant masquerade ball complete with masks 


Autumn Engagement Party Ideas


Engagement Party Decorations Ideas

The party and theme you decide on will dictate the decorations you choose. You don’t have to go overboard. String lights up around the backyard and garden or take battery-operated ones to the beach or picnic. If you haven’t got any, look into hiring bistro lights for nightfall or add a fire pit for a great party atmosphere.


Balloons are always a quick and effective way to decorate at any party to transform a verandah or backyard into a haven. Coordinate with your colour scheme and personalise them with your names or the date. Flowers add the romance that this party is all about, and nothing says special occasion as much as beautiful blooms. Use them as centrepieces on the tables, from elegant lillies to wildflowers; the choice is yours. If using your garden or backyard for your engagement party, set up distinct areas for the food and the drinks. 


Fun Engagement Party Gift Ideas

Have you been invited to an engagement party and are not sure what sort of gift to choose? You could take your engagement party gift ideas from the theme of the event. Opt for something that will be useful and maybe make the couple smile. Wedding presents are a much more serious business and something to think of later. For now, an engagement party gift can be many things, from a contribution of some excellent wines to something personal for the couple.


Then there are novelty gifts where you can add the couple’s name and engagement date - they will never forget you every time they use it! Money is always a practical gift for a young couple starting out too, so think about a handy gift voucher to purchase what they need. You’ll find a vast collection of ideas and inspiration at Gifts Australia, so take your time and enjoy the browse! 




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