Our Favourite Vegan Leather Handbags For Women

New Season Handbags That We’re Loving!

We’re so excited to be adding these gorgeous new season handbags for women from Louenhide to our collection of fashion accessories, that we wanted to take a moment to introduce our favourites and tell you why we love them! The latest range of Louenhide women’s designer handbags is just on point, and we can’t wait to share them.


If you’re looking for a nice women’s handbag to treat yourself, or you’re shopping for a new designer bag for a thoughtful gift for someone special, we know you’ll find your dream handbag in this new range. Made with vegan leather and designed with the attention to detail you’d expect from one of Australia’s best fashion designers, these are stylish and functional handbags for women worth getting excited about.


If the joy most women find in their handbags is a mystery to you, it’s possible you just haven’t found the right bag. Or perhaps you long ago managed to find bag-nirvana by discovering the most perfect bag for you, and you now take for granted the utter bliss of being able to tote your gear stress-free. If it’s the former, then we’ll happily reveal the secret of why women love handbags. If it’s the later, hopefully you’ll share your gems of wisdom with us!


Why do women love handbags?

A woman’s handbag is her survival kit for daily life – whether that’s surviving motherhood or life in the urban jungle. A good handbag will contain everything from her money, keys, and mobile phone to her sunglasses, make-up, tissues, hair accessories, and a pen, or even her laptop and a change of clothes. The right handbag for any occasion will depend on a woman’s lifestyle and will even vary according to what she’s got planned. The best handbags for women are those that adapt easily for workday to weekend, and professional to playtime.


What’s in a woman’s handbag?

If you want to be prepared for any emergency, whether that’s on a first date or for a travel adventure, then it’s essential you pack just the right gear in your handbag. No matter the occasion, we’ve put together a list of things every modern woman should carry in her handbag.


USB Flash Drive – You never know when you’ll need to save a file or photos.

Snack Bar – A lifesaver for work emergencies when you need to skip lunch or a sanity saver when travelling with kids.

PowerBank – There’s nothing worse than a dead phone battery. A powerbank to keep your phone charged might just save a life.

Mints – For a quick pick-me-up, or for before that important client meeting.

Headphones or Ear Buds – For taking a private call, listening to an audio book, playing that latest mobile game on the sly, or for when you just don’t want to talk.

Hair Ties – For those occasions when you just need to tie your hair back and get to work.

Travel Tissues – Apart from the obvious, a pack of tissues can wipe up messes, and will double as blotting paper for make-up sheen emergencies.  

Slim Water Bottle – Stay hydrated! If a heavy stainless-steel bottle is too much, grab a light, slimline bottle that fits in any bag.

Tampons or Keep Cup – For yourself (because sometimes the calendar lies) or to help in an emergency.

Panadol – Because sometimes you just have to get on with it.

Notebook or Journal – Stay organised, jot down notes, make a list, or tear off a message.

Pen – There’s always a form to fill in, and your notebook is useless without it!

Bandaids – From a shoe that rubs to the world’s worst papercut, or just because ‘kids’, you should always carry a few assorted bandaids.

Make-Up Pouch – Even if it’s just for lip balm and foundation, a separate zip pouch keeps things organised.


handbags for women 2021


Find the perfect bag for every occasion.

Bags are so much more than just a way to carry all your handy essentials from A to B. The perfect handbag is a fashion accessory, a personal style statement, and just makes life easier. The best handbags are comfortable, have all the right little pockets and hidey-holes for stashing your supplies, and will transform from everyday use to evening glam in a flash.


Different styles of handbags

Women like different styles of bag depending on their plans for the day, what they’ll need to carry, and to match with different outfits. A good everyday office handbag will clearly be different to a sleek and sexy bag for a formal event. The most popular different types of handbags include a small clutch purse, shoulder bags, satchel bag, tote bags, crossbody bags, larger duffle bags, bucket bag, backpack purses, and a casual hobo bag.


What is a crossbody bag?

Crossbody bags are the most versatile of women’s handbags. Stylish and practical, crossbody bags are so simple to adapt for casual and professional occasions. If you need a bag for work and play that makes it easy to multitask, make phone calls, carry kids or shopping, then a crossbody bag will be your go-to handbag.


The crossbody style purse or handbag is made with one long adjustable strap that crosses over the body so the bag rests comfortably at the front of the hip or waist. A crossbody satchel bag is great for travel and makes accessing the bag’s contents easy with one hand or while walking. With a crossbody bag, you can carry your purse and keep your hands free for important things, like a morning coffee!


If you’re choosing a leather handbag for a woman and you want something practical and stylish, choose a mid-size crossbody bag with at least two main compartments and either an internal zip compartment or a small slip compartment to suit those smaller essentials. The new Louenhide Andrea vegan leather crossbody bag in stunning pomegranate is an absolute favourite and will be a gift she’ll love. The eye-popping colour and super cute contrasting clasp and tassel make this ten out of ten for looks and personality. 


Cute Crossbody Bag


If she needs a larger main storage pouch, then a saddle-bag style crossbody bag like the Baby Blaze is still small enough to be a lightweight everyday bag, but large enough to carry a water bottle, her lunch, or even a change of clothes. Choose a neutral tan colour bag to match with everything, or go evening formal with a classic black crossbody bag.


Crossbody satchel bag


For something a little more elegant, we love Louenhide’s Baby Daisy range. If you need a bag that will easily transition from day to evening wear, and match with every outfit, this little baby is perfect. The detachable strap means it can be worn as a crossbody bag, or used as a super cute evening purse. It has enough room for your phone, charger, keys, and other essentials, with the internal slip compartments making it easy to find a pen, lip stick, or hair tie. In addition to neutral camel, the Baby Daisy also comes in a stunning navy bag with light gold detail.


Vegan leather handbag for women


What is a tote bag?

Women’s tote handbags are those magical carry-alls that transition from the office to the beach depending on the day of the week. If she needs to carry all those essentials from file folders to beach towels, a tote bag will be the perfect bag for her. While technically a mid-sized handbag, the extra-large, open top of a classic tote, and its two parallel handles, makes it easy to carry heavier items. Tote handbags are great for a student or someone that needs to transport a laptop or work files, and are a more comfortable and stylish alternative to plastic shopping bags.


If you’re buying a handbag for a woman who needs a versatile bag to use for shopping or for carrying folders to and from work, the Louenhide Kentucky Tote Bag is ideal. The wide base means it sits flat without falling over, it has heaps of room, plus those essential inner pockets women love. The minimalistic, neutral mouse colour will style up any outfit, or choose pure elegance with a black tote bag.


Tote Bag


Large women’s handbags for travel

The best travel handbags for women blend luxury and practicality. If she needs to be ready to anything, then the Louenhide Alexis Weekender travel bag makes the ultimate style statement. This is the perfect bag to take to the office on gym days, and is just the right size for a compact weekend travel bag. If you’re buying a large duffle handbag for a busy mum, this is the right blend of style, comfort, and practicality. It has enough room for all those essential mum things while still managing to look ultra-chic.


Overnight travel bag


Shop our range of leather handbags for women

Gifts Australia has a range of women’s natural leather and vegan leather bags for all occasions. From vintage inspired designs, cute women’s handbags, and gorgeous quality designer bags with matching accessories. If you're searching for the best ideas for Mother's Day gifts, you'll find something your mum will love in our fashion range.


Browse the new season Louenhide collection at Gifts Australia for the latest in women’s designer handbags. Impress her with the ultimate in stylish design and gorgeous in-season colours. Made for every woman, every day - uncomplicated designs with all the features women love. Plus, every bag is made from stunning vegan leather for the ultimate in sustainable fashion.  




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