New Hobbies For Adults To Start in 2021

How To Find A Hobby You Truly Love

It’s never too late to broaden your skills and try new things. If you’re stuck in a rut with boring weekends and nothing fun to do, you need to find a new hobby that you love! There are so many different hobbies for adults to try, but if you’re not sure if you’ll actually enjoy your new interest, then try a few new things before you spend too much money on hobby equipment. Buying a kayak and a heap of new fishing rods only to discover that you don’t like to fish is an expensive waste of time.


If you’re looking for hobby inspiration for something new to do or a new skill to learn, there are plenty of inexpensive hobbies to try that don’t need much gear. Some of the best hobbies for adults to try in 2021 are those that reconnect you to your local community. Look around and see what interests people around you might share that you can get involved with.


Some good ideas for new hobbies for adults

  • Learn to paint
  • Upcycle old furniture
  • Learn to work with resin or enamel
  • Learn a new language
  • Make cards or papercraft
  • Get hooked on podcasts
  • Make your own candles
  • Take up hiking
  • Try scrapbooking
  • Join a poetry club
  • Take up yoga
  • Learn photography


Things you can learn from books

If joining a club isn’t your first choice, or you’d like a hobby you can teach yourself, then you need ideas for hobbies you can learn from a book. Make a list of things you’d like to do. You might want to start out with hobbies to do at home to help you discover a new passion. From arts and crafts hobbies for adults to practical life skills, there are so many things you can learn from a book!


Learn to Cook

Cooking is a fun hobby for adults and there are lots of cooking classes you can do if you’d like a hobby to meet more people. If cooking isn’t your strongest skill, or you need easy meal inspiration to feed a family, then start with the basics. Not everyone needs to cook like a professional chef. Learning a selection of fast and easy meals makes dinner prep a breeze. Set yourself the goal of learning a new cooking technique every week. Learn how to cook the perfect steak, learn some fancy knife skills for chopping and dicing, or perfect your pork crackle technique.


A cook book with visual recipes that are easy to follow is the best way to learn the basics. Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients, Quick & Easy Food cook book is the perfect place to start. Whether you’re cooking for one and want nutritious, low-fuss meal ideas, or you want ideas for delicious family friendly meals, you can learn to cook everything from salads to main meals and desserts. Start with a cooking for beginners cook book packed with over 130 no-fuss, budget-friendly dishes that you can cook in under 30 minutes, with 5 ingredients or less, any day of the week. Plus, Jamie Oliver shares his cooking tricks and hacks to make learning to cook easy. Go one step further and learn to make heavenly desserts and cook from scratch for perfect after-dinner treats with the Ready To Eat 10-Minute Desserts recipe book.


Learn to cook


Live A More Sustainable Life

We all know the top tips to start living sustainably: reduce food waste, say no to single-use plastics, swap to re-usable keep cups, buy Australian made, install a water-efficient shower nozzle, use your air-con or heater more efficiently, walk or use more public transport, switch to energy-efficient lights, recycle household rubbish... but it can be hard to know where to start. If you want to make 2021 the year you finally take action, then you need a good guide book on how to live sustainably.

Sustainability books about recycling, homesteading, and growing your own food can all teach you how to live a more sustainable life. It will also get you started with ideas for healthy outdoor or active hobbies for adults. If you’d like to learn about gardening, Isabelle Palmer’s Modern Container Gardening Book is all about growing your own food on a small scale. Even if you only have a terrace or a small balcony, you can still take up gardening as a new hobby.


Learn gardening


If you're new to the idea of sustainable living and want to move towards a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle, Anita Vandyke’s A Zero Waste Life book is the perfect guide to start. In a thirty–day challenge, Anita shares the tips and tricks you need to make a difference, eliminate plastic, and live a cleaner, eco-friendly life. This will set you up for more of a lifestyle change that will spark ideas for new hobbies. 


Book about sustainable living


Learn To Crochet

If you’ve ever looked at the socks your grandma crochets and wondered how it all worked… you’re not alone. Crocheting is becoming more and more popular, and there are so many fun and beautiful things to make with crochet! But, if you never even learnt to knit, you might think it’s too difficult to learn to crochet, or you might wonder if it’s easier to learn to crochet or knit? Both are wonderful arts and crafts hobbies for adults.

Everything you crochet begins with one simple slip knot, add in the chain stitch, and then there’s just a handful of basic stiches that you’ll need to learn to be able to create all sorts of amazing things from a cute crocket necklace, to a beanie, crochet blanket, or super adorable soft toys.  

If you’re ready to learn to crochet, you need the perfect book to get started. The Crochet Workshop, Learn How To Crochet by Erika Knight is the best crochet guide for beginners and anyone wanting to expand their skills. It includes 20 fun and practical crochet projects for handy things you’ll use around the home from a simple dishcloth, to a notebook cover, and an extravagant rug.

Learn Crochet

Learn Embroidery

If the idea of crocheting is too much but you want to start a new creative hobby, then embroidery might be the perfect new artistic skill for you. Embroidery has traditionally been a popular hobby for women and, thanks to Instagram, it’s becoming trendy all over again. Jennifer Riggs’s Embroidery Now, Contemporary Projects Book has a whole range of modern hand embroidery ideas and a simple guide for beginners to get started. With so many fun patterns and pop culture embroidery patterns online, it a great hobby idea for young adults and kids.


Learn embroidery


Interior Design and Home Decoration

Some people are naturally creative. And some people just aren’t! We all have that one friend who knows just how to decorate a room and pick the right décor. They’re the one finding the most amazing bargains at the op shop that somehow manage to look just perfect together. If you’ve always wondered how interior designers manage to mix and match styles, or choose the best things to go together when decorating a home, it’s time to learn.

Do more than just click through Pinterest looking for home décor ideas, and actually learn how to co-ordinate colours, choose the right art pieces, and create welcoming rooms to live, dine, and sleep in. Keeping House, Creating Spaces For Sanctuary and Celebration by Emma Blomfield will help you learn about interior design and how to decorate your home for that ‘wow’ factor. Find your own decorating style so you know what style best suits your home and personality. Transform your space with chic home decoration ideas, and learn tips and tricks from the experts. Starting with home design opens up so many wonderful creative hobby ideas for adults.


Learn interior design


Learn To Be More Creative

If you’ve always wanted to learn to draw or paint, but you keep putting it off, make 2021 the year you get inspired. Painting and drawing are wonderful artistic indoor hobbies for adults to do at home or share in a group. There are plenty of learn-to-draw books if you need to learn technique or improve specific skills. But if it’s inspiration and that creative spark that you seem to be missing, then it’s time to unlock your creative potential. Learn how to let go of your artistic and creative inhibitions, experiment, be more playful with your art.

A fun book to encourage creativity for adults is Lorna Scobie’s 365 Days of Creativity. This book is designed to inspire your creative passions and help you find your own means of artistic self-expression. You’ll look at the world in a new way with fun, relaxing, inspiring and stimulating daily exercises and goals. Turn your doodles into works of art, play with colour, and nurture your creative self.


Learn To be Creative


Learn How To Brew Beer

If you’ve always wanted to learn to make home brew, then jump on the lockdown bandwagon and start brewing your own beer or spirits. From ginger beer to rum, brewing is a fun hobby for adults. It has a slightly higher setup cost than arts and craft hobbies, but you’ll save money by not having to buy a carton of beer! Do your research before you make any purchases to decide what kind of alcohol you want to make.


Christopher Sidwa, the owner of Sydney’s craft brewery, Batch Brewing Co, has released a book about home brewing. The Brew A Batch book is a great way to learn about home brewing equipment, evaluating home brews, and making beer to suit a particular taste. If you’re interested in learning about home brewing as a hobby, this step by step guide is a great place to start.

Learn Home Brewing


Find A New Hobby At Gifts Australia

With so many fun new things to learn, we can’t wait for you to get started. Grab a book, get inspiration, and try something new today. Gifts Australia has a whole range of hobby books for adults, and interesting books to help you learn something new. Give a friend a book as a birthday present along with some essentials to get them started with their new interest.




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