Naughty But Nice Christmas Gifts 2023

What is Christmas Day without a little chuckle – the kind that comes from opening a Christmas gift that pushes the boundaries of appropriateness or leaps right over them? Some people on the nice list prefer a gift that's naughty, and it's those loved ones that we're here to help you shop for in this blog post.

We've scoured our collection and compiled a list of the 13 best naughty but nice Christmas gifts for Christmas Day presents, Santa stockings, and Kris Kringles.

Let's begin.

13 naughty but nice gifts for Christmas

Here are some naughty and nice gifts for the resident joker in your family (and as a reminder, these come with gift wrapping and a card):

#1. Choose Your Own Apocalypse With Kim Jong-Un & Friends

Choose Your Own Adventure With Kim Jong-Un & Friends

This first gift is sure to spoil the Christmas Day mood, but it's fun in an existentialist sort of way. It's a humorous look at how troubled the world has become and at the major threats facing humanity like pollution, climate change, and war. Like a traditional choose-your-own-adventure book, this book gives your giftee the ability to decide the world's fate one page at a time. Whether they nuke it all or try to save us, they'll adore this quirky gift.

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#2. *Uck Mug

*Uck Mug

Coffee mugs can be a sort of expression of the soul, and this one is perfect for those who want to show a hint of the rage they're feeling under the surface. Helpfully, it's dishwasher and microwave-safe, so your giftee will have one less thing to swear about. This naughty gift goes great with a bar of our Jesus soap so your giftee can clean their mouth out after drinking from such a rude mug.

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#3. Jesus Soap

Jesus Soap

If there was really a nice list, the man, the myth, the legend Jesus would be on it. With this gift, Jesus can help your giftee wash away their sins – what's not to love? This soap features his holiness against a background of more soap, and as it measures 11cm x 7.5cm x 2.5cm, there's plenty of suds to go around.

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#4. Is Your Cat A Psychopath?

Is Your Cat a Psychopath?

Cats can be funny creatures. They like to keep you on your toes… you never really know if they're going to love bite you or hate bite you. Your giftee will be in the dark no longer. With this humorous book, your giftee can tease out whether their cat really is a psychopath. This 128-page book features illustrations, a psychopath test for cats, and tips and tricks for cat guardians.

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#5. Sh*t Towns Of Australia

Sh*t Towns of Australia

Every town can't be a winner, and in fact, the number of garbage towns in Australia is much higher than the number of good ones. This practical gift will help your giftee steer clear of 60 of the worst, dirtiest, and most depressing towns in Australia. Who knows, maybe their hometown is even featured!

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#6. Rude Coasters

Rude Coasters

There are certain things we often wish to say to houseguests that we simply can't because they're rude AF. These coasters can say it for you – and they'll probably get away with it, too. This is a good gift for those who want to be a bit naughty with their gift but still give something practical. They're cork-based and feature white absorbent ceramic made to look like white marble. They can simply be wiped clean with a damp cloth if they get dirty.

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#7. *Ick Mug

*Ick Mug

This is a great gift for someone who's a bit of a duck – the kind of person who's always quacking about others. This quality ceramic mug is white and features black letters with a 'D' shaped handle. It holds 300 ml of liquid, and it's the perfect mug for making everyone laugh on Christmas morning.

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#8. Motherf*cking Girl Power Crew Socks

Motherf*cking Girl Power Crew Socks

Who runs the world? Girls. These fun socks are sure to hype your giftee up every time they look at their ankles. They're 50% nylon, 48% combed cotton, and 2% spandex, and they feature pink, yellow, and brown. They're a crew-style sock and they fit women who wear shoe sizes 5-10. As the saying is on the top of the sock, they can be rolled down to make them everyday wear.

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#9. Arse/Face Soap

Arse/Face Soap

We use soap to clean ourselves, but what cleans the soap? This handy soap has labels to denote which side is suitable for the face and which side is suitable for the arse so your giftee doesn't end up with bum germs in their eye. It also comes in a jumbo-sized 160g bar, so there's plenty of suds to go around. It's a nice gift on its own or paired with other self-care gifts from Gifts Australia.

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#10. World's Biggest Piece of Sh*t Award

World's Biggest Piece of Sh*t Award

Attack their self-esteem and get a self-deprecating laugh out of your giftee with this Christmas gag gift. Featuring a polished golden turd on a stand with a sign that reads "World's Biggest Piece of Sh*t", it's the perfect gift for their bookshelves. Fingers crossed it's out of the view of the camera next time they're working from home!

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11. Ring Bell For Sex

Ring Bell For Sex

When it comes to naughty gifts, this one is peak naughtiness. As the label on the bell suggests, your giftee should ring it when they're looking for some special time with their special someone. One ring says "I'm ready", two rings say "Hurry!" and three rings say "I'm desperate". This is a good gift for a spouse or a very awkward gift for a parent, sibling, or grandparent.

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#12. Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt

Feed All You F*ckers Oven Mitt

When it comes to gift ideas that are useful and inappropriate, it doesn't get more practical than this. This super-insulated oven mitt will help your giftee feed their family members on Christmas Day while insulting them at the same time. It's 100% cotton, features quilted insulation inside, and the design is screen-printed with water-based ink. It can even be hung from a hook for easy storage.

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#13. Live, Laugh, Loathe Stitch Kit

Live, Laugh, Loathe Stitch Kit

This stitch kit puts the fun in home decor and dials the sassiness right up. It includes everything your giftee needs to cross-stitch the phrase "live, laugh, loathe", including thread, a needle, a pattern, an Aida cloth, and a bamboo embroidery hoop. Once your giftee finishes the kit, they can use the pattern to spice up their t-shirts or other pieces of clothing.

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FAQs about naughty or nice Christmas gifts

Now that we've shared our top naughty but nice presents for Christmas, it's time to answer your questions about them.

What are your best naughty Christmas gifts?

Our best naughty Christmas gifts include the following gifts:

  • Five Star Review Game
  • How To Give Zero F*cks
  • Jesus Soap
  • Sh*t Towns of Australia

What are some naughty but nice Christmas gifts?

Here are some other naughty but nice Christmas gifts that weren't featured above:

  • How To Swear – A dirty gift for the girls
  • Classic Whoopee Cushion – A great gift for a family with kids
  • Five-Star Review – A good Xmas gift for a husband or wife
  • How To Give Zero Fucks – A gift that's only for adults
  • Stupid Deaths Game – A good gift for a friend who lives a fun life
  • This Meeting is B*llsh*t Socks – A good gift for a coworker

What are the most popular naughty but nice Christmas presents?

Here are our most popular naughty and nice Christmas presents:

  • Jesus Soap
  • Arse/Face Soap
  • Toilet Timer
  • Sh*t Towns of Australia
  • *Uck Mug

What is the most underrated naughty but nice Christmas gift?

Our most underrated naughty yet nice Xmas gift is a bar of Jesus soap. This funny gift is suitable for just about everyone, young or old. It's humorous, but you don't need to be a sarcastic atheist to get a kick out of it. It's one of our top-selling gifts, so it's clearly humorous to a lot of people.

What is the best Secret Santa gift for someone who loves naughty but nice things?

A copy of the game Stupid Deaths is the perfect naughty yet nice Secret Santa or Kris Kringle gift.  This family board game has players guess whether a crazy death is true or false. It comes with 90 playing cards, game pieces, and instructions, and is suitable for ages 12+. This gift is a little bit naughty and it will give your giftee a few hours of fun.

Gifts Australia makes it easy to send naughty but nice Christmas gifts

Gifts Australia's inappropriate gifts are both naughty and nice, making them perfect for that silly family member or friend who's always pushing the boundaries. We wish you a safe and merry Christmas, and before you go, we'd like to remind you that our gifts come with gift wrapping and gift cards. Shipping on orders over $99 is free, and same-day deliveries are available in the Sydney metro area on express orders placed by 11 am Sydney time.

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