Naughty But Nice Christmas Gifts 2021

Hilarious Gift Ideas for Adults

If Santa is busy checking off his list of naughty and nice in your household, and you’re not sure what category everyone in your family will fall in to, we have you covered. There’s no need to choose between a nice gift or a naughty gift when you can have both. We all like a bit of a mix of sugar and spice. Don’t be boring this year. Get a gift to make your loved ones smile.


Get inspiration for naughty but nice gift ideas for adults this Christmas from Gifts Australia. You’ll find unique novelty Christmas gifts for work mates for an office Secret Santa, a funny gift for your husband’s Santa stocking, silly gifts to make your wife laugh, or a slightly inappropriate gift for a friend. From board games to books, rude socks and NSFW coffee mugs we have bad Santa gift inspiration for everyone.


Each of these naughty Christmas gifts under $50 makes it easy to surround the tree with rude and wonderful presents this Christmas. Plus we have naughty and nice gift ideas for adult children if you still love to get something for your grown-up kids at Christmas time.


13 Naughty But Nice Gifts For Christmas

We’ve rounded up our favourite list of nice but naughty gift ideas for 2021. There could be swears! So, cover one eye if you’re the nice type.


*Uck Mug The clever design of this novelty mug turns an Uck into a strongly worded statement for any situation with its F shaped handle. Another great cheeky gift idea for an office Secret Santa if you can get away with it, or a joke stocking filler gift for a friend.


*Uck Mug


Jesus Soap If you know someone who's been a little naughty, this will make them smile. Wash away their sins with the Jesus Soap. Best of all, they can use it again and again if they just can't resist being a little bad. This is a funny novelty gift for anyone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.  

Jesus Soap for Sinners

Ring Bell For Sex Sometimes you can’t be subtle. If you have a significant other who just doesn’t get the hint, you need to take it one step further. Aim for a little less nice and a little more naughty. Romance is optional with this funny gift for couples.


Ring Bell For Sex

Drink Your Words Game Adult card games and novelty board games are a great naughty but nice gift to share with friends. Get a group of misbehaving mates over for a hilarious party game over the Christmas holidays with this fun drinking game. Recommended for dirty minds only to make it even more fun.


Novelty Adult Games


Cactus Mug Don’t be shy. Tell it like it is with this Don't Be A Prick Cactus Mug. Sarcastic novelty mugs are great joke office gifts. You could politely ask someone to be nice, or just give them this coffee mug instead.


Don't Be A Prick Joke Mug



The Voting Game Adult Party Game  Not quite naughty, but not quite clean enough to make it onto the nice list, this adult card game is a great addition to the party cabinet. Find out who your real friends are and discover things about your friends you’ll wish you didn’t know. The ideal game to have a laugh with your naughty friends.


Adult Party Card Games


Feed All You Fuckers Oven Mitt When the whole tribe is rocking up for Christmas lunch and someone has to cook, this is the oven mitt they'll want to be wearing. Nothing brings a family together like turning up uninvited on Christmas Day. If that's what you're planning, then bring this slightly inappropriate gift with you. This also makes a great gift if you’d like to insinuate that a bunch of free-loaders on Christmas Day is actually something to look forward to.


Feed you novelty oven mitt


Motherfucking Girl Power Crew Socks Don’t hold back with the compliments this Christmas. If you know a woman who is absolutely killing it with her awesomeness, these naughty but nice socks will cheer her on through the day. This might even be a nice gift for a grown up daughter.

Girl Power Socks

Things To Do While You Poo Toilet Roll The perfect almost-rude gift to give to anyone who spends forever on the toilet. You know who they are... You're probably even looking at them right now... A subtle dig to hurry up to the person on your naughty list, and actually a useful gift they'll use.


Novelty Toilet Roll


Vladimir Poo-Tin Toilet Spray  While we're on the subject of toilets, this hilarious adult-themed gag gift is recommended for people who won't take offence. Or perhaps for those that will... This gift is fun! But certainly not in the nice category. Have a dig at your stinky mates, whether that's at home or in the office.


Novelty Toilet Spray


Fuck This Shit Men's Socks We’re not even being subtle anymore. These joke socks will make him laugh! This will be his new favourite pair of lucky socks when heading into a day that he just knows is not going to go well. Slightly inappropriate socks are great to wear under a business suit at the office for some quiet rebellion.

Novelty Mens Socks


Release Your Anger: Insults & Swear Words Adult Colouring Sometimes, you just have to swear! If you have a sugar and spice friend who loves to be creative and swears like a sailor at the same time, this is the gift for them! They’ll unwind and be stress-free in no time with this restful and calming swear words adult colouring-in book.


Swear Words Colouring In Book


The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*Ck Need advice on how to live your best life? This is it. True self-help genius advice for living a nice but naughty life. Reevaluate your happiness this Christmas. A practical gift that still manages to be a little bit naughty.


Not Giving a Fuck


Need A Laugh This Christmas?

Not all Christmas gifts have to be too serious. Share a laugh with your adult friends these summer holidays as we brush ourselves off from a challenging 2021 and look forward to a more normal New Years and 2022. If you want more great novelty gifts for him for a light-hearted stocking filler or fun gifts for her for a bit of a laugh, browse our full range for more bad Santa gift ideas Australia. Don’t forget, shipping is free when you spend $99 or more.





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