Mother & Daughter Ideas To Celebrate Mother's Day

Make Mother’s Day A Time Filled With Love And Laughter


Mother’s Day is always a special time, but this year, above all, we need to honour our mums and show some extra love. Many of us have family traditions and look forward to a big get-together and celebrating together. Are you counting down to a fun day spent with your mum this year?


Here at Gifts Australia, we can’t wait to make the day special for our mums, whether we catch up in person or online. With a little creativity and forward planning, the day can be extra special and even more fun than usual. The only important thing is to do something she will enjoy together, even if it’s using video technology. It’s her day, and she deserves the gift of your time as well as gorgeous Mother’s Day gifts


We thought it would be fun to come up with some activities and creative things to do on Mother's Day with your one-in-a-million mum. Get sentimental, get silly, get inventive and saturate the day with pure love! 


10 Quick, Easy And Awesome Mother's Day Activity Ideas


Every mum is different, so when you’re choosing what to do for Mother's Day, combine several things you know she will love. Showing your appreciation is the main one, even if you can’t do it in person. 


Give a personalised gift

Giving a gift especially for her adds to the day’s sweetness. Along with her lavish Mother's Day bouquet, give her beautiful personalised gifts monogrammed with her initials. Choose something useful and timeless or opt for a fun, humorous item. You can even make a unique jigsaw puzzle from your favourite photo or a beautiful bespoke family photo book.


Add life to her garden

Most mums adore their garden, and it’s just the right time to add some autumn colour. If you can be together, it’s a great way to do something she loves. Plant a lovely new rose bush, shrub or tree to cherish as it grows and remind her of you. Finish the day’s work with an indulgent picnic, or order her a tempting gourmet food and wine hamper! 


Make a memento box

For any mum who loves collecting souvenirs, a special thought is to create your own memory box. Choose a lovely container and fill it full of memories. You can add small notes from the family, photographs, dried flowers and a surprise piece of sparkling jewellery. You can even fill it together on the day and create some new memories.


Mother's Day jewellery

Plan a mum daughter party

If you’re able to be together, then invite your bestie and her mum to the occasion! Throw a fun themed mothers and daughters day. You can cater for their favourite foods from a cheese and wine lovers lunch to garden party cake tasting. Add in some fun activities, sentimental films or hilarious games, and you will have a Mother’s Day to remember. 


Take a holiday together

Grab a travel voucher and enjoy a taste of weekend adventure. Whatever her dream destination, plan the day around it. Organise breakfast and lunch with tasty local food and drink and take a tour of the area together. For extra fun, treat her to some Mother’s Day travel gifts or accessories and a holiday with extra pampering! 


Have a spa day

One of the best ideas for Mother’s Day is to include some pamper time. If a local spa is out of the question, then create her very own at home. Set the atmosphere with mood music and aromatic candles. You can make your own skincare treatments or treat her to a wonderful pamper hamper brimming with luxury products and treats. All that’s left is to relax.


Mother Daughter Spa Day


Brunch all day together

Who doesn’t love a long leisurely brunch or afternoon tea, or both? Treat your mum to an all-day feast of her favourite breakfast savouries - with fresh orange juice and a bottle of sparkling champagne, of course! Forget calories for the day and carry on munching in the afternoon with mouth-watering cream cakes and a table full of decadent desserts and pastries. 


Create a herb garden

If your mum enjoys spending time in the kitchen, she'll be thrilled with an indoor or outdoor herb garden. Buy her some fabulous homeware pots and a selection of culinary herbs. Label each one and include care instructions and all the accessories she needs to plant them. You can share in watching them bloom and creating a host of tasty dishes together. 


Go on a virtual tour

A staycation is one of the virtual Mother’s Day ideas which is great fun to share. You can explore all your city’s attractions or go on a world tour of museums and art galleries. Visit the zoo, explore the sights of Uluru or take a trip to see the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef. Treat her to a beautiful book on your chosen place or a handy gift voucher to book a real trip!


Gin-tasting or cocktail shaking

If your mum enjoys a little tipple, then arrange for some fabulous cocktails to be sent to her door. These expertly mixed favourites contain all the ingredients she needs for an afternoon of fun mixology. Organise an event at home or plan a Zoom get-together on the day. Mix and shake your own recipes and liven up her Mother’s Day. We’ll definitely drink to that!


Gin Cocktails Mothers Day


Send Your Special Thoughts To Her Door With Gifts Australia


This Mother’s Day, there’s no better time to celebrate those wonderful women in our lives. Mothers, sisters, friends and grandmothers could all certainly use some extra TLC, fun and festivities. Whether you’re planning Mother’s Day ideas at home, Mothers Day online activities, or planning a day to enjoy together we hope you’ve found some inspiration.


You can browse our full collection of gift ideas, but your time is the one thing that will always bring happiness. Whether you send a smile by video message, drop off her favourite meal or watch a film together, it’s the thought that counts. Think of what these special women love most, and do it this Mother’s Day!




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