Fun Ways To Catch Up With Old Friends

Friends Are The Glitter And Glue That Hold Our Lives Together


There is a saying that “people come and go, but friends stay.” As we wend our way through life, we may make new friendships, but the treasured old ones are never replaced in our hearts. These are the mates who stick with us like glue, through thick and thin. 


Sometimes, busy lives can take over, and months can pass by before we have a catch-up. The real beauty of old friends is that time ceases to exist, and when we meet again, it’s like we saw each other yesterday. 


Here at Gifts Australia, we think it’s time to stop texting, make a cool plan for a get-together and go with the flow! Catching up with buddies makes priceless memories. So, here are our ideas for meaningful ways to catch up with old friends and fun things to do that you’ll be giggling about for years.  


5 Fun At Home Ice Breakers To Reconnect With Old Friends


Hold a costume barbie

There's nothing that beats an informal BBQ in the sunshine for a relaxed atmosphere. To celebrate being together after so long, one of the best ice breakers is dressing up. Choose a theme connected to your time as friends and get everyone in the mood by awarding funny novelty gifts as prizes. Pile food on the grill, lay on some drinks and music and get ready to mingle the day away.


Have a crazy photoshoot

Reuniting with old friends means capturing new memories together, so why not hold a photoshoot? Enjoy a makeover with new make-up and hairstyles - you can all be as wacky as you want. Pop open some champagne or rose sparkling wine to get the photo party started and get clicking away. Cute and funny photos are as priceless as your friends.  


Host a murder mystery

Guaranteed to be a fun event, a murder mystery will keep conversation and laughter flowing. Pick up a board game and send your mates invitations in advance - dressing in character is a must. Add a themed spread or order a delicious food and wine hamper. Everyone will need some food while figuring out who’s responsible for the body.


Hustle a poker game

Whether it’s for fun or money, an afternoon or evening of cards is fail-safe fun. Choose a game like poker where everyone’s an amateur, and you will never stop laughing. Add in all the casino accessories you can find and some fun drinking games like Shot Glass Roulette. You could even all go card pro and wear sunglasses! 


Plan a treasure hunt

Everyone loves the thrill of a treasure hunt and solving cryptic clues. Leave them hidden around the house and garden, with each one leading to the next. It’s nice to catch up with old friends by working in teams, and everyone can get a novelty prize, even if they don’t win. Make them yourself or buy some lovely accessories and have a fun lucky dip.


Games Night Ideas With Friends


Fun Daytime Activities To Do With Old Friends


Informal get-together

If you've been out of touch for a while, then a cosy catch up is in order. Plan a casual coffee or lunch at a restaurant or fill your baskets and take off for a relaxed afternoon picnic. Use the time to fill in the gaps in each other’s lives and keep it fun and casual. 


Share common interests

Stir up nostalgic feelings by doing something you all used to love. Catch a matinee, take off for a drive or dance the afternoon away to your favourite tunes. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to make you all experience the incredible connection that makes your friendship tick. 


Go shopping together

It’s great to catch up with old friends on a shopping spree if time is short. Trying out new styles, clothes, or home decor is always more fun when shared with friends and getting their opinions is invaluable. You might even find a satisfying bargain or two to admire over coffee and cake.


Volunteer at a charity 

A helping hand is always needed and if your mates have a favourite local initiative or cause, then volunteer alongside them. Or gather up your old junk, pool unwanted items and head to the local markets with a trash and treasure stand. You will all have a fabulous day, make a positive impact and feel rightly proud.


Step back in time

Taking a walk down memory lane is always a fun thing to do when you reunite with an old friend. Visit the places where you met, share stories, and bring back memories from years ago. Reminisce over the great times you had together and take photos at every stop so you can recreate them in another ten years. 


Catch Up With Friends


Thrilling Things To Do With Friends On The Weekend


If you’re lucky enough to have a whole weekend together to catch up with close friends you haven’t seen for ages, then take a trip with a difference. Go apple picking, hike up a mountain, or travel to a city you’ve all never seen. You can use alternative methods of transport to make it even more fun. Spend the day taking in the sights, sample the local eateries, and be sure to watch the sunset and the sunrise. Stargazing and catching shooting stars will make unforgettable memories with your besties. 


Alternatively, have a blast with a bucket list adventure together. Think of something you’ve all not done yet and share a unique experience gift. This kind of fun weekend allows you not just to relive memories but to create exciting new ones. If you don’t all have a bucket list then now’s the time to make a “things you’d like to do together” list. You can spend your reunion doing anything from a rally drive or ocean safari to a bungy jump or hot air ballooning!


Things To Do With Friends


Make Plans To Stay In Touch And Keep Connected


You’ll never run out of inventive ideas for fun things to do with friends, but it’s equally important to keep the momentum going. You could create a social media group so you can all keep up to date. Hold regular Zoom meetings to raise a glass and plan your future adventures. Compare schedules and make a firm date every few weeks to get together for coffee or a leisurely lunch. Make some reunions truly memorable with shared adventurous activities.


Wondering how to reunite with an old friend that you’ve lost contact with? Pick up the phone, write a letter or send a beautiful surprise from the Gifts Australia collection. Do it today. Make the most out of these amazing relationships and vow to live life to its fullest.




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